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Greenlee returns home to see Ryan sitting by the fire lost in thought. She calls to him and turns on a light. But he asks that she keep the light off. He informs her that he has just signed over all the legal papers so that Miranda and Ethan will own Cambias. She asks if they could talk about Jonathan. Ryan admits to his wife that he knows his brother is losing it now that the he’s signed away the company. But she informs her husband that he might not know the whole story about his brother.

Reggie goes to Bianca’s home, very encouraged and excited about believing he’s successfully put Jonathan in his place. But she tells him that maybe things have gone bad from their efforts to intervene in Jonathan and Maggie’s relationship.

David and Krystal are walking with flashlights in a deserted place, after receiving an email, which Babe allegedly sent to them, asking them to meet her there. David tells Krystal he’s suspicious that they are being set up by somebody claiming to be Babe sending them the email. She tells him that she believes their daughter would have had to have really contacted them because nobody except Babe would know their keepsake code. At that moment, JR appears.

Jamie tells Babe that he will not abandon her. He tells her that no matter what anybody says, he is going with her to Argentina. But she protests to him that he cannot risk his life and give up his entire life in order to be with her. She urges him to go home with his father and let Tad get him out of this big mess before it’s too long. But he tells her that he is not walking out on her. He will stay and fight with her and face whatever they have to face together.

JR tells Krystal and David he knows his son is alive and with Babe and Jamie. He also tells them that the cops, the Feds and authorities everywhere are on their trail and will catch their daughter and make her pay for what she’s done.

Tad tells Liza that he realizes he was very foolish to fall in love with Krystal and trust her. She admits to him that she did a very similarly foolish thing with Adam. She says Adam was her “Krystal”, the king of betrayal. Knowing that she and Colby have to relocate, yet again, she admits to him that her daughter really liked it where they are currently living. He tells her he knows that and is very sorry that Liza’s efforts to help Babe and Jamie have caused her to have to move again.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he remembers how good he felt about having full control of Cambias throughout this time. He tells her that he felt as though it was a tough act to follow and a “serious revenge” against his old man. She tells him that what he’s gone through could make somebody either weak or strong. But he turned his life around. He tells her that Jonathan really thrived in the same way he did, with his opportunity at Cambias. And he tells his wife that he can relate and understand how his brother freaked to have all that power and respect taken from him.

Reggie informs Bianca that Jonathan lied to him about Maggie getting her bruise by saying she was drunk and he said that she was drunk because of Bianca. Bianca asks Reggie why Jonathan would say that. She asks Reggie what he has done. He admits that he once told Maggie that he believed that she and Bianca had something going on, beyond what Maggie could ever have with Jonathan. And he asks Bianca if she believes he was wrong in thinking that.

Greenlee reveals to Ryan that things have not been great between herself and his baby brother. In her attempt to tell her husband what she’s discovered and what she believes, she has difficulty spitting it out to him. But he tells her that she must know that she can tell him anything. He informs his wife that if she has a “problem” with his brother, then he shares that problem, since she and Jonathan are the most important people in his life. She responds by telling him that is exactly why it’s so difficult for her to tell him what she’s about to tell him.

JR tells Krystal and David that their daughter has done a despicable thing by lying to him and to Bianca about Miranda. He says the world needs to know what a bitch she is and that he wants his son.

Jamie tells Babe that he will love her for the rest of their lives. She tells him that she cares about him too but wants to convince him that she does not return his feelings. She sounds like she does not want to admit to Jamie that she really does return his feelings and instead talks about her innocent baby boy. But he protests to her that he loves baby James just as if he were his own and he can tell that she loves him too.

Right when Ryan and Greenlee are in the middle of their uncomfortable discussion about Jonathan, they are interrupted by a knock on the door. It’s a surprised birthday visit from Jonathan and Maggie. Greenlee appears sociable to her brother in law and his girlfriend and admits that she must be the worst wife in the world not to remember her husband’s birthday. Ryan tells her he forgot his own birthday also. Jonathan surprises Ryan with a gift, an automated airplane and a radar toy. When the two brothers go outside, Maggie tells Greenlee that Jonathan is “the sweetest” to remember his brother’s birthday and also with how good he’s been to her.

Reggie tells Bianca that maybe she needs to wash her hands of Maggie’s problems, just like Jamie did. He reflects that Babe is trash to have kept Miranda form her and anybody that gets mixed up with her is very foolish. She reveals to him that there is a lot he does not know. She informs him that very soon, Babe and Jamie will be caught and in serious trouble and she would not wish what will happen to them upon anybody.

David and Krystal tell JR that he maybe shouldn’t be so confident that he will get his son back and get Babe and Jamie in trouble. They tell him he might have to be prepared to lose his baby all over again.

Tad admits to Liza that he is not as courageous as she thinks. He admits that he is terrified for his son. He also tells her that he feels really bad about causing her and Colby to have to pull up stakes and move again. He tells her that because he is a father, he must do whatever he can to give Jamie a shot at life without going to prison, and do whatever it takes.

Babe keeps urging Jamie to see that he must not put his life and his freedom on the line for her. At that moment, he surprises her by telling her he will just shower and then soon be out of her way. Hearing that, she reveals to him that she really doesn’t want him to do that. He tells her he does not want to leave the woman of his dreams. He kisses her but tells her if she wants him to go, he will. But she reveals to him that she does not want him to go. She admits to him that she loves him like she’s never loved any man in her entire life and she kisses him.

Reggie tells Bianca that she of all people cannot forgive what Babe did. She admits that she would not but that it’s not that simple. He tells her that Babe’s behavior actually made him feel sorry for JR. He realizes that it was not JR’s fault that he believed Miranda was his. She reminds him that Babe and Jamie will be in major trouble with the cops, the Buchanans and the Chandlers. And no matter what he wishes upon them, it cannot be worse than what they are already at risk for. Knowing, but not revealing to Reggie that they are keeping JR’s baby from him, she realizes that it’s very complicated. He tells her that after what Babe has done, she and Jamie deserve what they get. But she tells him that she still remembers that night when she and Babe got caught in the rainstorm by the river, and how things went terribly and tragically wrong that night and from then on.

JR demands to know what information Krystal and David have about his son. He asks what they know about how the Buchanan’s have treated him. They evade his questions. But he says they cannot leave without the “party favors” he has for them.

Outside Ryan’s home, Jonathan tells his brother that he needs to know that he’s totally cool about losing Cambias to the rightful heirs. But he says he’s still confident that the Brothers Lavery will rule the world. Ryan responds very positively to his brother and reveals that they are still as close as ever.

Greenlee acts friendly and positive to Maggie in their discussion about their men and their lives with the Lavery brothers. But she inquires to Maggie if Jonathan is taking medication and/or having emotional problems. Hearing that, Maggie immediately knows that Greenlee is judging her boyfriend and tells her she needs to keep her mouth shut.

Tad tells Liza that what never fails to amaze him is Adam and JR causing so much grief for themselves by getting married. They both laugh at the thought of that. He admits to her that he cannot believe how JR has changed, how he no longer recognizes him. And he says that all he now sees in JR is Adam and no more of Dixie. She tells him that it’s very peaceful for her to be away from the Chandlers. He tells her that he just wishes the same peace for Jamie and for Babe.

Babe and Jamie declare their love and have a romantic encounter.

JR tells David and Krystal that his “party favor” for them is to look inside his mind. David says that’s a scary thought. Krystal agrees that she cannot imagine how sick his mind is. He asks them how they feel about the thought that they will never see their grandchild or their daughter again. David tells JR that he better not even go there. JR talks about their daughter getting a bullet thorugh the brain. Krystal tells JR that he is going to hell. JR looks at his watch and tells them they must not count on their daughter living much longer.

When Ryan and Greenlee are alone, she tells him that she wants to continue celebrating his birthday. But he tells her that he has a plan to go into business with Jonathan. And that way her brother in law will be out of her hair. Ryan obviously has no clue that Greenlee believes Jonathan drugged her, nor that he beats his girlfriend and is a major concern for Bianca and Reggie.

When Maggie and Jonathan return home, she happily tells him that she could see by the look on Ryan’s face that he was surprised and really happy. But she notices he is unhappy about something. He asks what she was privately telling Greenlee about him. She says that she showed Greenlee the bracelet he gave her and only told her what a wonderful boyfriend Jonathan is. But he keeps ranting about how she’s taking away all of his friends and still trying to “get sympathy” from Bianca. He looks like he’s ready to hit her again. But he stops when he sees her backing away. And he walks off.

Liza tells Tad that it’s now time for her to start packing. But he asks her to do him a favor and hang out with him a while longer. They talk about letting the good times roll and enjoying what happiness they have, because you never know about the future.

Jamie proposes to Babe. He tells her he wants to be her husband and the father that James deserves, for real. She says yes, yes, yes.

JR tells David and Krystal that “their baby” is in big danger. With the cops, the Feds, and with something even worse in store for her if he gets to her first, Babe will wish she dies if in fact she lives. Hearing that, they reveal that they are very worried for their daughter.

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