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By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Asa and Kevin Buchanan are at Chandler Mansion talking to Adam and JR about JR’s son. Adam tells them he knows it must be a shock to learn that Ace is really JR’s son. Asa asks Adam how he has the guts to claim that Ace is a Chandler. JR says he is his son. Kevin says when Ace is found he will be with him because he has custody. Not if Kevin isn’t around, JR says. Asa tells JR to take that threat back. Adam tries to calm the tension by offering everyone scotch. He suggests they settle this in a civilized way. Asa tells them they are not going to steal his great-grandson. Adam says the baby is a Chandler. Asa says Ace is a Buchanan. JR says his name is Adam Chandler III. Kevin says he sympathizes with JR for his son dying. JR says he didn’t die. Kevin suggests he’s in denial. He says there’s no proof for what they’re claiming. They can’t prove it because Paul Cramer is dead. JR hints that maybe Kevin had something to do with the murder because he knew the baby was stolen. Kevin asks JR if he thinks he killed Cramer and kidnapped his own son. JR says he doesn’t care who killed Cramer. He just wants to get his son. Kevin says he knows JR has a police record, having been arrested for drugging his wife. Adam says that case was dropped. Asa says there’s no reason it can’t be reopened at the request of the lieutenant governor, Kevin Buchanan. Adam says it will take one DNA test. Asa says there will be no DNA test. Kevin says he’ll tell the attorney general’s office to block any test. Adam says he can call his buddy the governor, who will listen to him. This may have to be tried in the court of public opinion, Adam says. The public will side with JR. JR says Chandlers fight to the death for their children. Kevin tells them to prepare to die.

Jamie and Babe are in New Orleans with Liza. They’re listening to a television report that says an arrest is near in the kidnapping of the Buchanan baby. There is a knock on the door. It is a man dressed in a priest outfit with his head down. Jamie starts to shut the door on him until he identifies himself. It is Tad. He says there are private investigators out there and he didn’t want to take any chances. He tells them they have been spotted. Babe says they’re cooked. Tad says not if he has anything to do with it. He tells them they’re going to Argentina, leaving tomorrow on a ship. He tells Jamie that when he gets on that ship he’ll probably never see American soil again. Jamie says he probably won’t see him or his mother again either. Babe asks Tad if he’ll take a letter and pictures and give them to her mother. He agrees and they both go into the next room. While there, Babe asks Tad if he’ll convince Jamie to go home with him. She says he has given up enough for her and if something happens to him because of her, she’ll never forgive herself. Tad asks Babe how much Jamie means to her. Babe says she loves Jamie, but he can’t know that. He has a life to get back to, she says. Tad says Jamie will have to hear this from her.

In the other room, Liza asks Jamie about his involvement with Babe. Jamie says he didn’t get involved in anything he didn’t want to be involved in. Liza suggests he say goodbye to Babe and wish her luck. Jamie says he’s doing this for the same reason she took Colby away. Liza says something tells her there’s more to it than that. Jamie admits he’s in love with Babe. But he says he can’t tell her that because she needs to be free. So they can only be friends for now. Liza tells him he needs to be honest and tell her how he feels. Jamie says he might.

Maggie is surprised by Bianca’s declaration of love. Bianca tells her things have changed. Maggie rejects Bianca, saying she’s with Jonathan and that’s where she wants to be. Maggie tells Bianca that just because her relationship didn’t work out with Lena doesn’t mean she can trash her relationship. Maggie tells her to butt out of her life. Bianca begs Maggie not to go back to Jonathan and put herself in danger. Maggie says she and Jonathan have a future together and don’t expect to be a part of it. She walks out.

Greenlee has been discovered by Jonathan in his apartment. She admits that she let herself in with a lock pick from Ryan. Jonathan says this is his place and asks her why she broke in. She says she didn’t think he would mind. Greenlee says she came for a file. She didn’t find it in his apartment so she figured she would look on his computer. Jonathan says he didn’t think it was that important. He gets on his computer and finds the file. Greenlee tells him she’s been going crazy trying to figure out who drugged her. He tells her it has to have been Kendall. Greenlee says maybe Kendall did drug her and she just doesn’t want to believe it. He says if someone wants to get close to Ryan, they’ll probably have to get rid of Greenlee. Greenlee says she has to go but Jonathan tells her to kick back and have a beer with him. Maggie knocks on the door and Jonathan lets her in. Greenlee leaves.

Maggie asks Jonathan why he locked her out. He says he wanted to make sure he had control of his temper and it was his way of protecting her. He tells her sometimes she puts him down and hurts his ego. She asks what she has said that hurts him. Jonathan says she told him she was disappointed in him and called him an idiot. Maggie says she’s sorry and won’t do that again. Jonathan lights candles and they dance. He tells her she’s an incredible woman and incredible in bed. He can’t believe she thought she might be gay. She says that was a mistake. Jonathan picks her up and carries her to the bedroom.

Anita goes to Bianca’s and asks how it went with Maggie. Bianca says it was a total disaster. She says the Maggie she knows would not let a guy abuse her. Bianca says maybe Jonathan won’t hurt Maggie again. Anita says abusive guys aren’t predictable. They can be a Jekyll and Hyde. Anita says abusers make their victims believe that it’s their fault. Bianca says she wants to go to Maggie and pull her out of there. Anita says all she can do is be her friend. If she pushes her, she’ll run.

Ethan is pointing a gun at Kendall at the beach. She realizes he’s not in his right mind and tells him that it’s Kendall. He looks at her, drops the gun and hugs her. He tells her he almost killed her. Kendall tells him he doesn’t have it in him. He says he didn’t know who he was until he looked in his eyes. He says he wanted revenge against Zach. What’s happening to him? He says he feels like he took his first step toward being a Cambias and he doesn’t want that. Kendall gets a call from Greenlee, who tells her that she broke into Jonathan’s apartment. She says Jonathan creeped her out. Kendall tells her she’s in the middle of something. Greenlee figures she must be with Ethan and reminds her about Ryan’s warning about him. After Kendall hangs up, Ethan asks Kendall to promise him that he won’t change. He can’t lose everything he loves. He can’t lose her.

Tad leaves with Liza and Colby. Jamie tells Babe that he can’t do this. There’s something he has to tell her. Babe says there’s something she has to tell him too. She doesn’t want him to go with them to Argentina. She says they don’t have a future. She has her life and he has his. They need to say goodbye now.

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