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By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Edmund and Maria are at the hospital, and when Edmund sees Zach nearby he kisses Maria's hand and asks her if he's mentioned how happy he is that she's still his wife. Zach approaches them and says hello then walks away. Maria tells Edmund what happened between Zach and Ethan. Edmund tells her she needs to go talk to him so they don't take Zach's baggage with them to dinner. Maria goes to see Zach.

Bobby wakes up suddenly to find Edmund sitting in his room. Edmund tells him he just saw Slater and asks if he has some information for him. Bobby asks him if he has the money that he wants. Edmund says he'll authorize a transfer. Bobby doesn't like that idea and Edmund prepares to leave, saying "nice knowing you." Bobby blurts out that he knows who shot Ryan Lavery. Edmund asks if it was Zach. Bobby says it may as well have been. He says Zach hired a woman named Edie to be the hitman. Edmund tells him that when he gets the money, he needs to tell Maria about this.

Zach tells Maria that Ethan pointed a rifle at him and all he could see was a brave, strong man – his son. Maria says they need to talk about how he feels about this. Zach says when he saw Ethan standing there he remembered how much he hated his own father and wanted to kill him. Maria says he's not his father. She says Ethan just needs time. Zach tells her she didn't see the hate and the rage in Ethan. Maria says he'll get through it with his father's help. Zach asks Maria about Edmund, and Maria tells him that Edmund wants to try again. Zach says maybe Edmund just doesn't want him to have her. Maria says she knows Edmund wants this, so she can't be with him. Zach says he respects her decision, but he hopes she doesn't regret choosing something that doesn't exist. Edmund comes to the door and asks Maria if she's ready. Edmund and Maria leave together.

Kendall and Greenlee are at Fusion and Kendall is worried about Ethan. She asks Greenlee why Ryan hasn't called to tell them anything. Greenlee tries to calm her down. Kendall tells Greenlee that when Ryan comes back she should tell him her suspicions about Jonathan being the one who drugged her. Greenlee says she can't do that as Ryan adores Jonathan. Kendall asks if she's changed her mind about Jonathan. Greenlee says she's just considering the possibilities. Kendall decides to go find Ethan when Ryan walks in. Kendall tells him she's going to go find him but he tells her she can't go to him ever again. Ryan tells her that Ethan threatened to shoot Zach and calls him a psycho. Kendall defends him, saying he just learned that Zach is his father and Ryan should cut him a break. She tells Ryan that he has no right to tell her who she can see. She asks Ryan where Ethan is, but he says he wouldn't tell her if he knew. Ryan says he sees that she is swinging six floors above the pavement and he can't let her fall. "Yes, I still care about you," he tells Kendall. Greenlee urges Kendall to let Ryan help her, then Greenlee leaves to take care of something.

Ethan, now at the beach, angrily shoots his rifle into a sign. He has flashbacks to his confrontation with Zach. He imagines seeing Zach shot down.

Ryan continues his attempt to pull Kendall away from Ethan. He says Ethan is a Cambias who pulled a gun on his father. Is this the kind of guy she wants to cuddle up with? Kendall says the guy she knows is not the same one he sees. He asks her why everyone but her sees Ethan as bad news and reminds her of her last boyfriend – Michael Cambias. She attacks him for bring up Michael and continues to defend Ethan. Ryan tells her if she stays with Ethan her heart will be trashed. Kendall says she found somebody and it's no business of his. She won't get hurt by Ethan, she says as she walks out. Ryan, out of her earshot, says he didn't mean to upset her. Just then a businessman Ryan calls Mr. D walks in and Ryan says they need to get this over with. He signs some papers handing Cambias Industries over to Miranda and Ethan.

Ethan is still at the beach when his cell phone rings. Kendall is calling and wants to know where he is. Ethan is acting strangely and tells her he's sorry he couldn't move the ocean for her. He says he's sorry for everything and hangs up. Ethan's comment about the ocean makes Kendall think to look at the beach.

Maggie is knocking at the door of her apartment but Jonathan, guzzling a bottle of beer, won't let her in. When he stops hearing her knock, he calls her name and goes to the door. He is greeted by a punch in the stomach from Reggie. Jonathan threatens to call the police. Reggie tells him to go ahead since he'd be the one arrested for hitting Maggie. Reggie confesses he was over at Bianca's when Jonathan lied about the origin of Maggie's bruise. He says they should have gotten their stories straight. Jonathan backs down and tells Reggie he can't lie anymore.

A furious Maggie goes to Bianca's condo and tells her that she has done it now. It's all over. She says that joke that they called friendship is over. Bianca doesn't know what Maggie is talking about and asks her to tell her what's going on. Maggie tells her she hurt Jonathan by pulling a Cambias power play on him. Bianca says she called him over to see how she got that bruise. Bianca tells her that she and Jonathan lied to her about the bruise.

Jonathan tells Reggie that Maggie has been drinking a lot lately. He came home and found her passed out on the floor. When she woke up the next day she had the bruise and doesn't know how she got it. Reggie doesn't believe him, but Jonathan continues with his story. He says whenever Maggie gets that wasted, it's right after returning from a visit with Bianca. Jonathan says he knows how it looks, but he'll do anything for Maggie. Reggie tells him that if he sees any more bruises on Maggie, he'll be back. After Reggie leaves, Jonathan angrily throws his beer bottle against the wall.

Bianca tells Maggie that she hates that Jonathan hit her. Maggie insists they're not friends anymore and she has no right to talk about Jonathan to her. Bianca says that won't stop her from caring about her. Maggie tells her she's wrong. She's trying to make her boyfriend sound like a criminal. She blurts out that Jonathan will never do it again. With that confirmation, Bianca tells Maggie that she can't trust Jonathan. Maggie tells Bianca she can't trust her. Bianca urges her to leave Jonathan and move in with her. She can't go back home to him and his fist. Maggie says she'll pass on being her newest charity case and tells her she has incredible nerve. She says Jonathan was right in calling her a toy that Bianca can toss around. Bianca tells Maggie she helped her through the worst days of her life and pleads to let her do the same for her. Anita comes to the door and Maggie sees she has a brochure about the abuse of women in her hand. Maggie grabs it from her and calls it ridiculous. Bianca tells her she's afraid for her and afraid of Jonathan. He could hurt her again. Maggie gets teary-eyed and tells Bianca this is all about her hating men. She says Jonathan isn't vicious and won't do to her what Michael did to Bianca. Maggie mockingly reads through a list on the brochure of signs of abuse. When she gets to one about an abuser cutting a woman off from her friends, Bianca asks her if Jonathan has done that. Maggie says only that Jonathan loves her. Anita leaves and Bianca tells Maggie it's safe here. Maggie says this brochure describes a sick guy and a pathetic girl. That is not her and Jonathan. She tells Bianca she's not going to take this away from her. He loves her and she loves him. Bianca tells her she can't go back to Jonathan. She tells Maggie she loves her.

Greenlee uses a key to enter Jonathan and Maggie's apartment. It is dark and no one is home. Talking to herself, she says if Jonathan has something to hide, she'll find it. She gets on the computer and tries to figure out what Jonathan's password is. She is startled by a slam of the door. It is Jonathan, who tells her she'll never get his password.

Kendall finds Ethan at the beach. Ethan, seemingly dazed, points the rifle at her.

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