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Ethan holds the assault rifle on Zach and asks him to confirm that he is not really his father. Having no clue that Ethan just ran the DNA test and affirmed that he is Ethan’s father, Zach tells Ethan he should know that he’s not. Ethan informs Zach that he got a DNA test that proved that Zach lied. Zach inquires if that is the reason why Ethan is now holding a gun on him.

Reggie goes to see Bianca in her apartment. She hugs him and tells him how she’s missed him. They have a pleasant conversation until he informs her that he’s very concerned about Maggie’s involvement with Jonathan. Bianca is very surprised to learn that Jonathan has prevented Reggie from getting to Maggie the message that she was in the hospital and almost died and he’s been preventing Maggie from seeing her. She informs Reggie that she believes that Jonathan is beating Maggie. He’s very surprised to hear that. The two of them conclude that they must somehow attempt to save Maggie from Jonathan.

In the Fusion office, Greenlee informs Kendall that she believes that Jonathan has some major “issues” with her.

Edmund tells Maria that he wants to get back with her and work things out. He tells her he’d like to visit Bobbie in his hospital room if it’s all right for Bobbie to have visitors. Ryan approaches Maria and asks if she’s seen Zach. She says she hasn’t and wonders what is up. He informs her that he believes that Ethan has gone after him with a gun. He also discovers that Maria knew all along that Ethan was Zach’s son and kept the secret for Zach. She protests that Zach lied for a reason. He demands to know why she’d take Zach’s side. She says it’s not about “sides”. Ryan tells Maria that he could care less about Zach or Ethan. But he wonders how she could care about somebody like Slater. He tells her that she’s a doctor, she saves lives, and she removes cancers. And can’t she see that Slater is malignant. She tells Ryan that she does not want Ethan to go after Zach and she does still care about Zach.

Ethan tells Zach that he owes him some answers as his father. Zach tells Ethan that in this world nobody is “owed” anything. And he would deny Ethan again if he had the chance. Ethan tells Zach that he ruined Ethan’s mother’s life. And he deprived Ethan of the memory of his mother. So much pain and injustice and corruption could have been prevented if Zach had just admitted that he was Alexander Cambias Jr. and that Ethan was his son. Zach has no excuses or justification for himself and tells Ethan that he may shoot him right now if he wants.

Reggie tells Bianca that he believes guys who beat women are trash and he knows of so many cases like that where woman put up with that. He asks Bianca how certain she is that Jonathan is beating Maggie and she is denying it. Bianca says she is pretty certain but cannot confirm it by 100%. Reggie tells her he has all the proof he needs to go after that worthless creep Jonathan. But she urges him not to do anything until they absolutely know for certain. She tells Reggie that since Maggie is covering for Jonathan and denying it to them and to everybody else, they need to outsmart Jonathan. Otherwise, they will lose.

At the Fusion office, Jonathan presents a box which he believes will save them money and do the damage control for the company. Greenlee and Kendall tell him they will consider his idea and run it by Ryan. At that moment, Jonathan gets the phone. It’s Bianca. She tells him she’s calling to talk to him. He tells her he’s busy. But she tells him it’s important that he comes to her apartment to discuss some business issues. Reggie watches as she makes the call. When Jonathan leaves the Fusion office to meet with Bianca, Greenlee tells Kendall that maybe she jumped to a false conclusion assuming that Jonathan drugged her.

Edmund tells Bobbie that he will be in prison real soon unless he comes clean with him in regard to what he knows and is keeping a secret.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she cannot completely blame Jonathan for his attitude about her. She says that Greenlee ratted Jonathan out to Ryan and he believes she’s behaved very controlling to him. Greenlee informs Kendall that she is not the only one on Jonathan’s hate list. Greenlee informs Kendall of all the things Jonathan says about her behind her back. Including that he’s demanding that Greenlee and Ryan press charges against her for drugging Greenlee and shooting Ryan. They argue and discuss how many people hate both of them. Greenlee concludes at the end of the conversation that they are in agreement that there is something “freaky” about Jonathan. And she inquires how they should go about investigating and finding out what his problem is.

Edmund tells Bobbie that he will be in grave danger and his life will not be worth anything if he does not admit to what is going on. He says that when Bobbie works with Zach Slater he could be paying with his life. And Edmund tells Bobbie that if he comes clean and helps expose Zach Slater, then he will do everything he can to help Bobbie.

Zach tells Ethan that when he discovered that Ethan’s mother was pregnant with Ethan, he went away and kept the secret from him and from his father. And he tells Ethan why he can’t just forget about the Cambiases and about him and just be Ethan Ramsay. But Ethan tells Zach that he will never forgive him for lying about being his father.

Kendall and Greenlee try to find ways to uncover secrets on Jonathan. Realizing that since he’s not a girl he has no purse, they attempt to get to his locker but discover that it’s locked. Kendall tries to pick the lock. At that moment, Maggie enters and demands to know what they are doing with Jonathan’s locker.

When Jonathan arrives at Bianca’s, she seems courteous and offers him a drink. He says he cannot stay long. She promises she will not keep him long. He asks what’s up. She informs him that Maggie came to see her. She says she has not seen Maggie in a long time. He admits that Maggie is busy with school and with him and tells her that that is “how love is”. Bianca tells Jonathan that although the two of them have had their differences in the past, she completely supports his relationship with Maggie. She admits that things are different now that the Cambias estate will be given to Miranda. Jonathan informs Bianca that it has now been “discovered” that Ethan Ramsay is Miranda’s cousin and will also inherit. She sounds like she’s never heard that news before and tells him that that is fantastic news to know that Ethan is Miranda’s cousin and an heir.

Bobbie tells Edmund that he does not buy his sincerity about wanting to help him and that Edmund’s only concern about Slater is to keep him away from his wife.

Zach tells Ethan that he wanted to “save” him but Ethan did not want to be saved. He gives him a shovel and demands that he digs if he really wants to uncover all the is involved in being a Cambias, all he needs to know about his uncle and everything else. Ethan says all he wanted to know is where he fits in. Zach says that the only place where they fit in is with the garbage and all the negativity in the world. Ethan tells Zach that he wants to make him pay for what he did. Zach says that was spoken like a true Cambias. And he again encourages Ethan to go ahead and make him pay. Ryan finds them and tells them he will just sit there and watch Ethan shoot Zach. Zach tells Ryan he should leave. Ryan says he doesn’t want to miss seeing both Cambias’ disappearing with all the grief they’ve both caused him ever since the came to town.

After being caught by Maggie, trying to pick the lock for Jonathan’s locker, Kendall and Greenlee make it sound to Maggie like they are really impressed by Jonathan’s brilliant boardroom ideas and want to offer him a promotion. Maggie goes to leave but asks them to tell Jonathan that she stopped by. When Maggie leaves, Kendall resumes picking the lock and suggests that Greenlee goes and watches the elevator to know who else might be entering unexpectedly.

Bianca informs Jonathan that she noticed how awesome Ethan and Miranda were together. She thinks it’s just great that they will both be heirs and have control over the companies. And she tells Jonathan, still sounding so happy and friendly, that she just wants to make certain that they are on the “same page” about Maggie. Bianca again, “bluffs” about Maggie’s telling her about being clumsy in hitting herself on the kitchen cabinet. He confirms that that is what happened. And right away, Bianca is satisfied that she’s caught Jonathan in a lie, remembering that Maggie’s “story” was that she hit her head on the gym locker. When Reggie comes out of hiding, he is discouraged and afraid that Bianca didn’t learn anything new. But she informs him that she knows that Maggie had a completely different story for her bruise than what she just now confirmed with Jonathan.

Maria informs Edmund that she needs to tell him something else. She says there’s another secret which she must reveal before they get back together. She tells him that Ethan is Zach’s son; she’s known it for a long time and kept the secret for Zach. And she will understand if Edmund does not want to “try again” because of her keeping that secret.

Ryan gets really involved in the business of Zach and Ethan. Zach asks what business that is of Ryan’s. Ryan says because of Ethan, he signed over everything. He asks Ethan if he’s just going to stand there or if he’s really going to kill Zach. Ethan walks away but says it isn’t over. Ryan says to Zach that he just saved Zch’s life. So where is the gratitude?

Jonathan returns home to Maggie. She notices he’s very upset about something. He asks her how she can hate him so much. He rants and raves. She tells him she has no clue what he’s talking about and tells him that she loves him. He tells her he’s just “discovered” that she’s “sneaking around with her bed buddy”. He informs her that he just had a conversation with Bianca where she assured him that she is his friend, and knows all about Ethan being an heir and everything. Maggie inquires what would be wrong with his reconciling his differences with Bianca? But he goes on about how Maggie must think he’s such a loser to have to go behind his back to Bianca and act as though he can’t take care of himself. He goes on about whether she thinks he’s “less of a man”. She edges away afraid he will hit her. He doesn’t at that point. But he’s behaving just like a possessive, obsessive egotistical nutcase. And he locks her in the bedroom. She bangs on the door demanding he lets her out, asking what did she do? And she cries.

Kendall and Greenlee open Jonathan's locker and are discouraged to find nothing but Pepto Bismol. Greenlee smells it and tastes it and notices nothing special in the bottle. Kendall gets ansie waiting for Ryan and Ethan to return and notices they've been gone a long time. And she tells Greenlee she wants to get to the bottom of this mystery about who's been drugging her and trying to kill her and Ryan.

Reggie tells Bianca that he cannot rest knowing what's going on and wants nothing more than to bust Jonathan really bad. But she tells him that she's concerned about Maggie, first and foremost. They both realize that they need to save Maggie but she does not want to be saved.

Zach tells Ryan that he is an idiot. Ryan tells Zach that since they are on the subject of intelligence, he is not the one who falsified his death and his identity and got busted for it. And it's not his son who's trying to kill him. He, again, asks Zach what the big mystery is. But again, Zach will not reveal it.

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