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Jonathan enters the Fusion office, seeming happy until he learns from Ryan and Greenlee that Ethan is Zach Slater’s son. Ryan announces that he will now officially sign his company over to Miranda. It’s obvious that Jonathan is not happy knowing that.

In Bianca’s room, she’s getting ready to leave. Jack and Erica are with her, very happy that they are ready to go home. Right at that moment, Bobbie is rushed into the E.R. looking like he’s been badly injured. Anita notices her ex-husband and wonders who could do this to him.

Kendall notices Ethan’s less-than-happy expression after finding out the DNA test results prove that he is Zach’s son, Michael Cambias’ nephew and Miranda’s cousin. She tells him she noticed throughout the night that he was having trouble sleeping and asks him what he plans to do about it.

In the hospital, Joe and Maria rush Bobbie into the OR. Anita says she wants to be with him. But they say they’ve got it covered. Aiden is there and informs Anita that he saw Bobbie unconscious while he was running. She tells Aiden that she can tell that he knows something. He tells her it may not have been a random assault by a stranger. She says she wonders if Bobbie could have brought that on himself.

Zach enters the hospital and gives Erica a gift. She inquires why he’d do such a thing. She tells him that all she’s done is appreciate his “help” in getting Babe, Krystal and David in trouble. She tells him she’s not about to give him a gift just because he’s offered to help her with that. He gives her a key to the office space she wants for her new company but asks him what he wants in return for it. He tells her nothing but she is suspicious and tells him she knows there are more strings attached to Zach Slater than there are to Pinocchio. She tells him that she still does not want him around her daughters or her granddaughter but thanks him for the key. He promises to keep his distance and she takes the key. When Zach goes out the door, he runs into Edmund who tells Zach he’s just the man he wanted to see.

Kendall tells Ethan that he needs to face his feelings about knowing that Zach is his father. He asks her why they can’t just go back to flirting over espresso. She tells him she wishes he would not shut her out. She tells him he was there for her when she needed him and she understands all too well what it’s like to find out that one’s father is a monster. She asks how he would imagine she felt when she found out what her biological father did to her mother? And she tells him she cares about him and wants to be there for him.

Jonathan “acts” to Ryan and Greenlee like he is ok with their decision to sign over their company to Bianca and Miranda. They sound surprised and not really ready to buy it. He rationalizes that he has no control over their decision and that losing his temper will not change it. He tells Ryan he’s a “principled guy”, he admires that and wants to be more life his brother. Ryan tells his brother he must not believe he’s Mr. Rogers, revealing he doesn’t really buy Jonathan’s sincerity or “support” of his decision. Greenlee and Danielle overhear with suspicion. At that moment, Danielle asks Jonathan what she should do when her computer freezes up. He tells her she should reboot it and immediately assumes that she’s too stupid to know how to work a computer, or to work there at all. He says she’s the stupidest person he’s ever worked with. She inquires whether he’s “comparing” her to all the people he’s worked with before or after he dropped out of school. He points his finger at her in a very threatening way and tells her she better not talk to him like that. Hearing that, Greenlee intervenes and tells Jonathan he has no right to talk to Danielle in that way. Greenlee asserts to Jonathan that because she is the major stockholder in this company, he needs to realize that he takes instructions from her. And she will not allow him to talk that way to anybody. She instructs him to apologize to Dani. He apologizes and is ready to go out the door. But Greenlee asks Jonathan what’s going on with him. Today, before finding out that Ethan is Zach’s son, he was really happy. Now he seems really upset about something. Jonathan responds to that, by telling him that Danielle must be really insecure about all the mistakes she’s making. Greenlee tells him that it’s funny he should be judging Danielle. Because the only person she sees making mistakes right now is him.

Ethan becomes happy while having an intimate moment with Kendall and tells her he does not want to be stressing over someone like Zach Slater when he has someone as wonderful and sexy as her right there with him. She goes off and takes a bath. And he sits alone, lost in thought about his fate knowing his true family heritage.

Edmund tells Zach that he must realize that Maria is still legally married to him. Zach asks Edmund where his sudden possessive tone comes from. Edmund does not answer but just reiterates that Maria is still his wife and it is by her own choice. Zach asks if Edmund is telling him that because he really wants her or if there’s some other reason? At that moment, Zach gets a call.

Right when Kendall gets out of her bath, she goes looking for Ethan and discovers that he’s gone.

When Bianca, Miranda, Erica and Jack return home, they are surprised by Opal and Myrtle with a belated Chrismas celebration. Erica tells them that Adam has sent over all of Miranda’s things from the mansion and there are many presents under the tree waiting for them. Bianca says they are so lucky to be blessed by so many people.

Maria informs Anita and Aiden that somebody beat Bobbie really bad. He has many concussions and contusions. Aiden informs Edmund that he found Bobbie in the park bleeding and unconscious. Edmund inquires what Bobbie would have gotten himself into this time. Aiden says he found lots of cash with Bobbie and believes that the beating and the cash must be connected to some shady deal that went bad. Edmund says he bets it’s connected to Zach Slater.

Zach Slater is outside looking for someone who’s asked to meet him there.

Kendall goes to the Fusion office and tells Ryan she needs his help. Ethan suddenly vanished on her after finding out Zach is his father and she believes he’s gone after Zach. She says she’s tried to contact both Ethan and Zach but neither are answering their cell phones. She says she believes Ethan might be going through the same thing she found herself going through at the casino with the gun and understands all too well what he’s feeling after discovering what kinds of human beings he has for biological family. Ryan says he will not help her and does not consider that to be his fight. And, of course, Jonathan has to open his mouth and tell her she must be nuts to ask Ryan to help the guy who shot him. Kendall goes out the door, assuming nobody will help her, runs into Greenlee and asks Greenlee to get out of her way. But Greenlee tells Kendall she will help her.

While Bianca is opening her Christmas gifts, she opens what Jack gave her. It’s a baseball mitt that was Travis’ (Bianca’s father) He tells her he has memories of playing baseball with his brother and knows Travis is watching over all of them and wants Bianca to have his memoir. Erica gives Miranda a picture of Mona so she can see her great grandmother smiling down on her every time she goes to sleep and wakes up. Bianca also reveals to the others that she may have discovered another “member of the family”. She says that Miranda gave Ethan a DNA sample. Erica asks why he’d go through with it when Zach has already “confirmed” that Ethan is not a Cambias. But Bianca reminds them that she doesn’t believe Zach and that Ethan had the right to find out for certain.

Ethan takes out his assault rifle and tells Zach that he will pay for all of his crimes.

Edmund tells Aiden that Bobbie is his son’s biological father and a good guy. But he’s weak and an easy target for people like Slater. Aiden says he realizes he does not know anything about Slater and wants to wait to find out from Anita what’s happened before making a judgment. But he’s getting suspicious.

Anita gets Bobbie to wake up and asks him to tell her what has happened to him and what he might remember. But he tells her she better not even pretend to care. And he demands that she gets out, and like he’s not about to tell anybody what happened.

Noticing Greenlee ready to go out the door with Kendall to help look for Ethan, Ryan tells Greenlee that Kendall has just informed them that some crazy guy is going around with an assault rifle and he’s not about to let either of them endangering themselves getting involved in this. Greenlee protests that Kendall saved her life and she owes her. Ryan offers to go by himself and deal with it and asks them both to stay in the office. But Jonathan tells Ryan that he can’t go. When he’s alone with the women, he tells Greenlee she’s a terrible person to be putting his brother in danger going after some dude with an assault weapon who tried to kill him and who drugged her. Kendall tells Jonathan he can’t talk to Greenlee like that. He tells Kendall she’s just as stupid as Greenlee.

Erica asks Bianca how she could offer to help Ethan with the DNA. Bianca tells her mother that ever since Ethan came to Pine Valley, all he wanted was the truth. And he’s been lied to too many times. And she says she ought to know what it’s like to be lied to with having Miranda kept from her. Opal protests that it is not Bianca’s responsibility to help Ethan. But Bianca says she chooses to right the wrong by helping her friend with the truth and doesn’t believe any harm was done in that.

Ethan asks Zach why he lied about DNA results when he knew that Ethan was his son. He says he demands to know what Zach’s concern is about Bianca and about Miranda. And it especially makes no sense why Zach would be so concerned about him and his life. He asks Zach just what his interest is in him, especially after being so adamants on not wanting Ethan to be his son in the first place.

Anita goes outside Bobbies’ room and tells Aiden that Bobbie refused to talk to her, seemed very angry at her and like he didn’t even want her in the room. Aiden tells her that he will help and try to get the truth out of Bobbie, although Bobbie is not his favorite person. She says she doesn’t want to ask him to get involved in this. He tells her that he will because he cares about her.

Edmund privately admits to Maria that he does not want to end his marriage to her and wants to give them another chance.

Greenlee tells Kendall that she really needs to know who she might suspect for drugging her besides herself, Zach or Ethan. Kendall asks Greenlee just whom she might have in mind. Greenlee replies that she thinks it might be Jonathan.

Zach tells Ethan that he wonders why Ethan is so angry with him for his “crimes” against Ryan, Greenlee and Kendall. Ethan admits that those “crimes” are very small. Zach’s biggest crime was his falsifying his own death. Zach says it really doesn’t matter. He is not a Cambias, nor is Miranda. Ethan replies that he knows he is. And he will use this gun. Because he now knows that Zach is his father.

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