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By Jenn
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Kendall corners Krystal at SOS and tells her she wants nothing more than to see her and her daughter suffer for what they’ve done to her sister. Krystal tries to apologize and walks away. But Greenlee tells her she cannot walk away and must hear Kendall out. Krystal protests that they cannot blame her “baby doll”. But Kendall says there is no excuse or justification for Babe taking Bianca’s child. Krystal protests that Babe got caught up in Paul Kramer’s lies and meant no harm. But Kendall and Greenlee tell Krystal that they will never forgive her daughter for what she’s done to Bianca. At that moment, David enters and asks the two of them to leave Krystal alone. Greenlee tells David that she knows how he and Leo have been such great protectors of Bianca and she cannot understand how David could betray Bianca. Kendall confirms the same thing. Ethan and Ryan are right behind their women and escort David out the door. Krystal asks Kendall and Greenlee what their men are going to do to David. Greenlee tells Krystal she may forget David and instead worry what she and Kendall are going to do to her.

Bobbie Warner is on the phone revealing that he knows who really shot Ryan and who framed Ethan Ramsay for the shooting.

JR gets a call from his PI, confirming that she’s caught Babe and Jamie red-handed. JR asks to talk to Jamie and gloats to him that he will pay for what he did. Adam listens gleefully. But right when the PI is ready to nail Babe and Jamie, they get an unexpected visit from Liza who tries to protect them. She successfully gets them away from the PI and helps them get to her home so she can harbor them. She informs them that Tad told her about everything and motivated her to help them. She asks to be introduced to the baby. Babe tells Liza this is her son and although JR is his biological daddy, Jamie is his father in every way that matters. Liza asks his name. Babe tells her his name is James.

Tad walks into the Chandler house. JR asks him how he could know that his son was alive but not have the courtesy or compassion to tell him. He asks Tad how he could hate him that much. Tad says he does not justify what he did and does not hate JR. But he is very afraid of what JR is capable of. He saw him almost murder Jamie. He realizes that JR is losing it and violent and vindictive and he’s worried for the baby and he doesn’t believe that Dixie would want him to be with his child any more than he does. JR lashes out at Tad telling him he must never quote his dead mother. He tells Tad that he only “used” him by acting like he was JR’s father in order to piss Adam off during JR’s childhood. But he sold him out and proved he only cares about Jamie. Right at that moment, JR gets a call from his PI informing him that Babe and Jamie got away and were helped by a woman. JR, at first panics but asks the PI to describe the woman. She identifies a blond in her late thirties. Right away, JR identifies Liza as the mysterious woman who has prevented Babe and Jamie from getting their due.

Greenlee tells Krystal that what she has done to Bianca has caused her irreparable harm. But there are more casualties to others besides Bianca. They are numerous She tells Krystal that Erica lost it and ruined her sobriety because of it. Kendall suffered an emotional breakdown because of it. Her father, Jack whom she’s never seen emotionally unstable lost it and broke down and lost his child when he believed that Miranda died. Her brother Reggie was devastated and shut down because of it. Kendall tells Krystal that she should think of what would happen if her daughter were brutally raped and traumatized, the found out she was pregnant, but she believed that the child she had would be her hope and salvation. Then, the child is cruelly snatched away from her. She asks Krystal how she would feel if that happened to her precious Babe. She says she knows that Krystal would want the person who caused this to happen to her daughter to be locked up and suffer for the rest of their lives. And she says that is what Bianca’s family and friends want to happen to her and her daughter.

Ethan tells David that Bianca was willing to make a sacrifice for him which involved having her clothing torn apart and destroying the last bit of evidence and ties she had to her child. And he knows that David was willing to “help” her tear up her clothes when all along, he knew that her baby was alive and well and living with his worthless daughter. Ethan is ready to hurt David. But Ryan urges him to calm down and not add an assault charge to his record, stating that David is not worth it. He tells Ethan that he need not hurt David Hayward. He will take great pleasure of doing that himself. He and David have a long history and a long score to settle.

aaaaaaaJR tells Tad that he is the one who kept his son from him and he will never forgive Tad. Tad says he never enjoyed doing that and throughout the whole time he knew that Ace/James was alive, he kept looking for some shred of decency or humanity in JR And if he’d found it, he’d have put JR’s baby in his arms in a heartbeat. But he never found it. All he found was somebody heartless and cruel and dangerous and just like Adam. JR tells Tad he’d rather be like Adam than like him.

David tells Ryan that he can do whatever he wants but he will never get him to apologize for putting his daughter first. Ryan tells David that he kept Bianca’s baby from her and acted like he cared about his daughter only to pump up his ego. Ryan also lists David’s history of treachery, including blackmailing Gillian into sleeping with him, all that he’s done to the Martin family and his habit of drugging and manipulating people. Ryan says he saw a glimmer of compassion and honor in David when he helped Bianca through the rape, the pregnancy and the loss of Bianca. But he now knows that even that was all a lie.

At SOS, Greenlee and Kendall ask Krystal to get on the dance floor with them. Greenlee gets on the mic and asks for everybody’s attention while she and Kendall make a very urgent public service announcement. Kendall announces that throughout the last 9 months the entire town believed that her sister, Bianca Montgomery lost her baby in a helicopter crash. But all along, the baby was being kept by this woman. Her name is Krystal Carey. Kendall tells the people at SOS that this woman is a liar and a predator and they must all protect their children from her.

Adam tells Tad that he’s not worried about anything. He says he looks forward to seeing Tad suffer. He admits that he used to “dismiss” Tad as a harmless buffoon. But now he knows how despicable Tad is. He attempted to take three of Adam’s children. He took Colby, he took JR and he kept JR’s son from him. Adam tells Tad that he doesn’t buy for a moment that he loves JR when Tad saw what happened to JR while he believed his baby drowned. And he tells Tad that he will pay for what he did to JR.

Liza assures Babe and Jamie that everything will be ok as long as they stay calm and lay low. She tells Jamie that his dad did her a tremendous favor and she wants to help them. Babe tells Liza she’s an angel and gives her a hug. She says she regrets never seeing until it was too late, what kind of a human being JR Chandler is. Liza says she was equally foolish being married to Adam and needs to protect her daughter just as they need to protect Babe’s son. At that moment, Tad calls and tells them that JR and his PI positively identified Liza as the person who helped Babe and Jamie. And he tells them they must stay put and not go outside of Liza’s home until he can figure something else out.

JR goes to Llanview and walks into Police Commissioner Bo Buchanan’s office demanding that Bo talks to him. Bo tells JR he has bad manners but he is listening. JR announces that his ex-wife and Jamie Martin have kidnapped the Buchanan baby.

Outside, Krystal goes to find David after Ethan and Ryan have taken care of him. She notices he’s been injured and urges him to go home with her so she can help him. She assures him that she had an equally unpleasant confrontation with Kendall and Greenlee. Right when they leave, Bobbie Warner is sneaking outside the building, looking like he’s eavesdropping and spying upon Ryan and Ethan.

Ethan, Kendall, Ryan and Greenlee all sit at a table, feeling satisfied to have confronted David and Krystal. Right at that moment, a messenger comes and delivers Ethan’s DNA results. Ethan opens the envelope, reads the letter, and shows it to Kendall. Ryan and Greenlee both look at it. They all look sullen and not happy but nobody speaks.

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