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By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

At Fusion, Greenlee asks Jonathan if she thinks he's sabotaging Ryan. He tells her to forget it. She says that there's been something wrong between them for some time. If there's a problem, they should have it out now. Jonathan says her actions show that she is not taking care of Ryan. And he asks her when she became Kendall's defender. Greenlee says Ryan is only keeping his promises to a dying man, and Kendall saved her life on the roof. Jonathan says they should just agree to disagree. Maggie arrives and tells Jonathan he was so right about Bianca. She says she went to the hospital to see her. Before she can say anymore, Jonathan asks her how she could do this and walks away.

Mary arrives and greets Greenlee, telling her she's so happy she's not going insane. She says she has to vent to somebody. She says she can't put up with that man anymore. Greenlee asks her if Adam finally kicked her out. Mary says it was mutual. She now has an opportunity for new challenges. Mary shows Greenlee some fabric swatches and proposes redecorating her house. Greenlee says she likes the place the way it is. Mary promises to do it for next to nothing. Greenlee assumes she would expect to live there as well. Mary says she hadn't thought of that, but it's a nice offer. Greenlee says there is no offer and she will not allow her to move in with her and Ryan. Mary asks what will happen to her. She asks at least for a monthly stipend. Greenlee tells her that Ryan is turning over Cambias Industries to Miranda so they have to watch what they spend. Mary tells Greenlee that while she has failed at times, she tried to be a decent mother and always loved her. But she's kinder to a panhandler on the street than her own mother. Greenlee tells her that her message has been received and she writes a check for a room at the Valley Inn. Mary is satisfied for now.

Jonathan goes to the Fusion roof and sits down, looking glum. Maggie follows. He asks her if she has any idea what it means to him when she's with Bianca. He asks her if Bianca was protective and loving. Maggie says it wasn't like that at all. She says Bianca did ask about her bruise but she lied and wouldn't discuss it. Jonathan tells Maggie to go ahead and push him off the roof now. He tells her she's all he has left, and if he thought she didn't love him he would jump. He asks if she knows how he feels when he turns to someone else. Why does she hang out with people who want to trash him? Maggie says she loves him and would never hurt him. She hugs him. They return to the Fusion office, kiss and Maggie leaves.

Krystal arrives at Chandler mansion on the request of Adam. She asks him why he bailed her out of jail on the condition she visit him. He says it has to do with their grandson. Adam tells her he knows all about what happened with Paul Cramer and that Babe and Jamie have JR's son. He proposes making her an attractive offer, saying he wants his grandson. He threatens to find Babe and punish her to the fullest extent of the law. Or they can make a deal to turn over his grandson and she and Babe can stay out of jail and be set up with a new home on the west coast. All Krystal needs to do is tell him where they are. Krystal tells him that was a smooth performance. He tells her to think very hard before blowing him off. He wants his grandson. Krystal says that precious baby was killed and he needs to find a way to deal with his grief. She says even if the baby did survive, she would not give him to Adam or sell her daughter out for a west coast home. Adam tells her that boy will be playing with toys at Chandler mansion before she gets a chance to blink. Krystal says JR has enough to deal with without having a father that can't accept fact. He warns that he can influence the law to look for Babe, shoot first and ask questions later. She says if he thinks his money can get that baby back, he's sick. Adam says he will never give up.

In New Orleans, Babe, wearing a dark wig, is holding James at a restaurant. Jamie, disguised wearing glasses, arrives and informs her that they now have a different car. All they have to do now is wait here for their new ID's. Babe comments that she can feel JR's hate all the way from Pine Valley. A strange woman approaches, shows them a business card and offers her services. She is a fortune-teller, and offers to tell both their fortunes for $5. Jamie says they're not interested but Babe says she'd like to hear what she has to say. The woman sits down. She looks in a teacup to read tea leaves and tells them everything she sees. She says she can tell there is trouble at home and danger ahead. She asks if they're running from something and tells them to be very careful. She sees a disappointing end for them. She says something has been stolen. Jamie pays her $5 and she leaves. Babe is nervous and wants to leave now. A man stops them.

JR is at Bianca's hospital room carrying a gift for her baby. He apologizes that he didn't believe she was her's. He softly laments that if he could only have a miracle like she did. If only he could get his son back like she got Miranda back. Bianca says she's so sorry. JR tells her he was devastated when she got hurt. Bianca has a flashback to when she fell off the balcony, and remembers JR pushing her. "You pushed me," she charges. JR says he never meant to hurt her, but he had to protect Bess. He says everything about that night was awful. She asks about the incident where he tried to kill his brother. JR says he sees Tad got to her. He explains that Jamie was holding him prisoner while Babe escaped with his baby. He says anyone would have done it to protect their child. Anita brings Miranda into see Bianca. Miranda looks at JR, waves and says "da da." Tears glisten in JR's eyes as he sees the baby, and Anita agrees to take her out of the room. He apologizes to Bianca and speaks of indescribable pain. He tells her she must understand why he wants to get his boy back from Babe. Bianca only nods until it sinks in what he just said. She realizes he knows about his son being alive and she confirmed it. JR calls her a hypocrite. Bianca says she was going to tell him, but she was scared. She had to figure out what was best for that little boy. He asks her where they are but Bianca says she doesn't know. He tells her she's as bad as Babe. She says she was going to tell him in Florida but he pushed her off the balcony before she had a chance. She says she fears what will happen to that boy if he gets him. JR tells her she's going to hell like that bitch he once called his wife, and he'll do what he can to make that happen. Bianca says he should not raise that child. JR pledges to get his son back and walks out.

Anita brings Miranda to Bianca, who says she thinks she made a terrible mistake. Maybe she should have kept the secret.

The man working to get Jamie and Babe their new ID's has arrived with them. He says the cops are hot on his train and he doesn't stay. Jamie is relieved with the new ID's and tells Babe there is no reason to be paranoid. He suggests they pack up and head north to Hope, Arkansas. The fortune-teller approaches them, pointing a handgun at them. She says she told them they would have a disappointing end.

JR returns home to Chandler mansion. Adam tells him that Krystal didn't reveal the truth, but he can tell she knows the boy is alive. JR says it doesn't matter because Bianca just confirmed it. Adam says that's wonderful. Adam's phone rings. It is from JR's private investigator in New Orleans. Adam hands the phone to JR, who asks the investigator what she has. It is the fortune-teller, who tells him that she has both of them in front of her. The baby is fine. She asks what he wants her to do with them.

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