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By Lori
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Bianca calls JR but doesn't immediately speak. When he prepares to hang up she identifies herself. She says she knows their last conversation didn't go well. He speaks to her coldly. She tells him parents belong with their children. He tells her she won, now leave him alone. Bianca says he needs to hear the whole story, not just half of it. JR continues to rebuff her and hangs up.

Adam tells JR that someone is coming over who could help answer their questions about Paul Cramer. JR tells his father he's on his way to Llanview to see Kelly Buchanan. JR walks out.

Greenlee and Ryan are working at Fusion. Danielle, who is working there as an assistant, expresses concern about the future of her job due to the uncertainty of the company. Jonathan walks in and listens to the conversation. Ryan tells Danielle that if the DNA test shows Ethan to be a Cambias, he'll take over the company. That's why he pushed him to do the test. Jonathan asks Ryan why he pushed Ethan to take the test. Ryan says everyone connected to Cambias has to know the truth. Jonathan tells him this stuff going on with Ethan is nuts. He accuses him of putting Kendall and Ethan ahead of him. Ryan says this isn't personal. Jonathan tells him whoever is pushing him to do this doesn't have his best interests at heart. Ryan says he made a promise to Alexander Cambias Sr. that he would give the company to his grandchild if there was one. He's determined to keep that promise. Jonathan says he remembers a promise that Ryan made to him long ago that he would take him with him if he left the family. He says some promises must be meant to be kept and some just made to make someone feel better. Ryan says he wanted to take him but didn't know how it would work. He was 15 and Jonathan was just a kid. He says they are a team now. Jonathan tells Ryan that he doesn't listen to him. He says Kendall and Ethan won't stop until they bury him.

Kendall is trying to keep Ethan company while he waits for the results of his test. Kendall tells him he'll still be the same person regardless the outcome. She says while their waiting, they can be whoever they want to be. She calls herself Ashley. He plays along and calls himself Ahab. Kendall gets a pair of cards and suggests they play strip poker.

Dorian arrives at Chandler mansion and asks Adam why he summoned her. He congratulates her on her release from jail and tells her she'll have sanctuary from bad publicity at his house. He says he's on her side as he holds before her a tray with two martinis and a handgun. She picks up the gun and tells him he's full of surprises. She puts it back down and asks why it's there. He tells her he trusts her with his life as he brings up Paul Cramer and tells her it must be hard that her nephew was murdered. She calls Paul a "toxic little maggot" who deserved to die. Adam tells her she's very sexy and she replies she's very much spoken for. He says she deserves an equal. She asks who that would be, him? He says yes, if it weren't for his family crisis. She realizes he's about to get to why he called her to his house. Adam tells her JR fell victim to a crime by Paul and her niece Kelly profited. He tells her how the helicopter crash allowed Paul to switch the babies and his grandson was given to Kelly. He tells her she doesn't seem surprised by this story and suspects she already knew. He says he wants his grandson back and thinks she has information. She says his accusations are farfetched and asks if he has proof. He says they're working on it. He tells her they could be unbeatable if they work together. Dorian gets closer to Adam and touches his tie, then Mary walks in and says Adam is already spoken for. Dorian tells Adam she now knows why he gave her a gun. She tells Mary she didn't come here to steal her meal ticket. Dorian starts to leave and while Adam tries to stop her, she tells him his theory is interesting but rebuffs his suggestion they work together. She walks out. Mary demands to know what was going on but Adam says Dorian was there on business. Mary reminds him they had an agreement and he violated it. She says unless he swears she'll never walk in on something like this again, she's leaving. He just stares at her and then gets her coat. Mary says she didn't mean she would leave this second. Adam tells her to leave while she still has her pride. She says she doesn't have any place to go. "But up," Adam replies. Mary says she was being hasty, but he tells her to "go, proud Mary." He says the staff will pack her things. She continues to protest but he pushes her through the door and shuts it. He tells himself Christmas came a little late this year.

JR finds Kelly in Llanview and introduces himself. She tells him she heard about his loss and he must miss his baby. He says as much as she misses her's. That's why Babe told him to come talk to her as he places a picture of Babe down. Kelly says she can't help him. JR asks her what Kevin Buchanan do when he learns she is helping Ace's kidnappers. Ace's nanny Karen walks in and sees the photo of Babe. She calls her Mrs. Carey and suggests she must be equally worried about Ace. JR asks her what she knows about Bella Carey. Karen says she is sweet and thought Ace was adorable. She asks Kelly how Mrs. Carey is taking the kidnapping of Ace. Kelly, wanting Karen to leave, tells her they can talk about it later. Karen leaves and JR threatens Kelly. She tells him to take a number as the Buchanans are breathing down her neck as well. Kelly leaves, and JR has a flashback to Bianca telling him she can help him with his child.

Maggie arrives at Bianca's hospital room and brings a small stuffed horse for Miranda. Anita walks in to check Bianca's blood pressure and Maggie gets nervous. She leaves the room to take the toy to Miranda. Anita asks Bianca if Maggie is still with Jonathan. Bianca says yes, is something wrong? Anita tells her she saw Maggie on New Year's Eve at SOS with a bruise on her face. Bianca asks if she thinks the bruise was caused by Jonathan? Anita says Maggie had another explanation, but asks if Bianca thinks there is any chance Jonathan could have hit her. Bianca says she can't stand the thought of someone hitting Maggie. Anita tells her maybe she can find out the truth. Maggie returns to the room and Anita leaves. Anita tells Bianca she looks great, and Bianca returns the compliment. Maggie says it must be love. Bianca suggests it could be makeup. Bianca says she's not used to seeing her wear so much. Maggie asks if Bianca and Anita were talking about her makeup. Bianca says they were talking about her bruise. She stresses that she and Anita care. She asks if she got hit. Maggie says she was hit by the locker door and tells Bianca she doesn't care and only wants to make Jonathan into a bad guy. She didn't even tell her about breaking up with Lena. So much for friendship and honesty. Bianca says she didn't intentionally keep that from her. Maggie tells her they should accept that they're not as close as they once was. Bianca insists they are close and thought even if they didn't talk for awhile they could pick things up where they left off. Maggie says that's a lot to expect. Bianca apologizes for not telling her about Lena and says she's not used to sharing things like that with people. Maggie says she's not just people. She asks Bianca what she is to her. Bianca says she cares about her a lot. That's why she asked about her face. Maggie says it was an accident. She tells Bianca that Jonathan says hi, and leaves. After she walks out, JR walks in.

After some strip poker, Ethan is shown wearing only boxer shorts while Kendall is still fully clothed. He playfully accuses her of cheating and says according to British rules, cheaters must lose every piece of clothing. Kendall tells him to get dressed. She says she'll take her punishment, but not here. Later, Ethan carries Kendall, both wearing robes, into a steam room and lays her down on a bench and kisses her. Things get sexy as they take off their robes and grow passionate.

After Ryan leaves to talk to legal, Greenlee asks him if his not-so-subtle dig was meant for her. Does he blame her for giving Ryan advise about Ethan. Jonathan says sometimes it seems she's out to sabotage his brother every step of the way.

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