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While Ethan is in Kendall’s bed in the morning, she brings him breakfast with cappuccino. He says there’s nothing like waking up in the morning to a half naked woman who can make cappuccino.

Slater goes to visit David Hayward in the jail. David makes some sarcastic comments about how he just missed the strip-search and that he and Krystal will not be hosed down until they’ve been there longer. Zach informs David that he has a disk of David drugging and stuffing Adam Chandler in a box and shipping him off. David bluffs and sounds like he’s not afraid nor knows what Zach is talking about. But Zach informs him that he has the goods on him, is now ready to hand the CD over to the cops, and that Hayward’s future looks pretty grim now.

JR tells his father that he knows his son is alive. Adam is spellbound not knowing what to say. JR tells his father he may think he’s crazy but he does not care. He knows his son is alive. He has reaped a miracle. He will get his son back and have even more “ammunition” to nail Babe and Jamie to the cross. And he says this is so not over.

Tad comes to see Bianca and Miranda in the hospital. Noticing her beautiful baby girl and observing how much she loves her child, he tells her that he loves his son and needed to protect him and that is the reason why he did not tell her the moment he discovered that Bess was Miranda. Bianca seems not to be angry at Tad for that. She also realizes that his keeping his mouth shut to JR about baby James must have been just as difficult a decision to make. She says she can understand that he had to make a choice between Jamie and JR. Tad admits that he had to see the reality that JR almost murdered Jamie by taking a lead pipe to his skull. She sounds very sensitive and understanding toward Tad for keeping the secret from JR. Tad admits that he had to make the choice to prevent JR from going after Jamie and Babe and using his own son in order to do that. She is surprised that Tad withheld from JR that his son was alive, even after JR brought Miranda back. Tad tells her that if she wants to see Babe punished and/or she believes she cannot let JR go through what she went through, then she needs to do what she needs to do. He tells her it’s ok with him if she chooses to tell JR about his son. But he tells her the decision he’s making is to prevent JR from doing to his child and his child’s mother what Adam has done his kids and to Dixie.

Krystal asks why, all of a sudden, Zach wants to go after David. Does he not know what a bold-blooded monster Adam Chandler was? Why does he suddenly care about Adam? David says he knows this has nothing to do with him or with Adam Chandler. It’s payback time for Zach. David kept Maria from Zach all these years and now Zach wants to go after David for that. Zach clarifies that he’s doing what he’s doing for Bianca and Miranda. He says the two of them kept his niece from her mother and that’s why he wants to go after them.

Kendall asks Ethan  what he’s thinking and feeling about getting the DNA test and about what the results could be. He admits that he would not be proud to know he’s a family member of Michael Cambias or of Zach Slater. But he will be happy that if the test proves that he is a Cambias, he will at least be in a position to protect Miranda from Zach.

Bianca assures Tad that in no way does she see him as similar to David or Krystal. She tells him that he did the right thing by enabling her to get her daughter back. And that’s all that matters. She also reveals that she does not believe JR had any conscious intent to hurt her. He’d been lied to for so long, believed the baby was his and could not consider that she was not or let anybody take her from him.

Adam does not buy JR’s belief that his son is alone. He tells JR that he is grieving and maybe needs to get some rest or get some help. JR inquires if his father really thinks he needs to be institutionalized and is a nut case? He tells Adam that he can prove that he has not lost it and does not have “delusions” about his son being alive. He informs Adam that his contact found Jamie and Babe with the names Brad and Kate Anderson. He says he knows that Krystal, David and Tad all knew about his son also. His contact knew about Jamie tying Tad to the bed and the maid thinking Tad was into kinky sex when she saw him. Adam laughs hearing that. And JR tells his father what is more “noteworthy” than any of that. They found a 9-month-old baby boy with Babe and Jamie while they were on the run with false IDs.

Right when Babe and Jamie believe they have nothing to worry about, a uniform cop enters and says: “surprise, surprise, there is somebody here after all.”

Tad concludes to Bianca that so many people have done her an incredible injustice including himself and she has the right to never forgive any of them including him. She says that she is very new to this “parenting” thing and doesn’t know everything. He tells her he’s as clueless about that as she is. He says that they will all find the answers some day. And he leaves.

David asks whom Zach thinks he is to bring “judgment” upon another person? He asks if Zach is not the same man who staged his own death, falsified who he was and played enough sleazy games with his family and everybody else that knew him. David says Zach is pretty pathetic to be pulling this little stunt, then threatening him and saying that it’s in the name of caring for Bianca. David says Zach’s brother the rapist had more courage than he did. He says Zach is nothing more than a pathetic coward.

Kendall and Ethan go to visit Bianca and Miranda. Ethan informs Bianca that he’s been thinking a lot about what she said about how the truth matters. And he tells her that if the “offer is still on the table” he’d like to get himself and Miranda tested. But he tells her if she must be certain that is what she wants also and he would not want Miranda to lose half of what is hers if she’s against that. She says that does not matter to her. He is more than entitled to find out the truth and she will let Miranda be tested.

David tells Krystal that she need not get upset trying to persuade Zach to understand how a person could care about their child. He tells her that since Zach is a Cambias, he has no capacity to understand that. They eat their young. Zach walks away and tells them they can have fun in jail when they get cellmates who want to “interact” with them. At that moment, Tad enters to visit the two of them. When David sees Tad, he says THIS is cruel and unusual punishment and asks the guard to remove Tad.

Luckily for Jamie, when cop assumes that he is Brad Anderson, he is able to present his new ID and business card and mislead him by saying he’s a “hair restoration salesman”. He introduces himself as Harry Tucker. The cop says he does not want hair restoration at this time. He’d just like “Harry” to tell Mr. Anderson he was there if he sees him. Jamie gives the cop his business card and he leaves. Babe comes out from hiding and admits how impressed she was by how he mislead the cop.

Adam inquires how JR would know for certain that his son is alive. Adam admits that nobody would really know for certain whether his son really died in the crash, other than Paul Kramer who is now dead. And could you get the truth out of Paul even if he was alive? JR gets on the computer and investigates what they have on Paul Kramer. He also reveals to his father that it’s kind of coincidental that Babe would run off with Jamie so secretly right after giving Miranda back to Bianca. Do you think she’d admit to Bianca that Miranda was alive out of the kindness of her little black heart? What might be the only “motivating factor” to give up the baby whom she’d lied about and kept all this while, up until that point? Very possibly, discovering that her baby is alive would be the perfect answer to that question!

Right when Ethan informs Kendall and Bianca that he’s ready to put his plans into motion to find out whether he’s a Cambias, Zach is outside the door. Myrtle sees him outside the door and encourages him to say hi to his niece. Zach makes it obvious that he’s not there to make a “social call”.

Right when JR is on the computer digging up information on Paul Kramer, he discovers a piece about Kelly Kramer Buchanan who was reported as the last person to have contact with the deceased. JR concludes that the picture of Kelly matches the description of the lady whom his contact told him Babe and JR met in Florida and who was interested in the baby. He also discovers that Kelly was going to Florida in search of her baby since the day Babe and Jamie blew off the radar and that she is Paul’s sister and Kevin Buchanan’s ex wife. And that she did not attempt to take the baby from Babe and Jamie when she found him. He concludes that Paul probably stole the baby and gave him to his sister and Kelly later decided to give him back to his biological mother. He tells Adam the information is right there. He sounds emotional and ready to cry when he tells his father that his grandson is alive.

In jail, Tad warns Krystal that Bianca knows that Babe and JR’s baby is alive and might very tell JR. And she knows what will happen once he knows that his son and her grandson is alive. She says she’s very worried for her daughter. He admits he’s just as worried for his son. David sits silently, admitting his worry for Babe as well. Tad admits to Krystal that he was so stupid not to know that JR’s baby was alive and that Bess was really Miranda. She says he must not do that to himself. He did the right thing. He ordered the DNA test. She tells him that no matter what happens, he must realize that he did everything in his power to make things right and he should never forget that.

Adam tells his son he’d like nothing more than for them to have the same miracle that Bianca had. But he warns his son that they cannot “go off half-cocked” They must be as “methodical” as Erica and Tad were in getting Miranda back. JR assures his father that he and his PI know what they are doing. And he keeps saying that Babe and Jamie will pay and they will be sorry.

Anita lets Zach hold Miranda. Myrtle is there to watch him. He appears very protective of the baby and tells them that he’s so glad that she’s fortunate enough never to have his brother set eyes on her. He sounds like he’s very concerned about the curse and believes Miranda is much better without it. But Myrtle sounds like she knows more about curses than he does. He snuggles Miranda and tells her he’s glad that she is her mother’s daughter and that’s all she ever needs to be or know about herself.

Bianca inquires to Ethan what it would mean to him as an adult if he suddenly finds out, affirmatively that Zach and Michael are his family. She says he’s his own person and has lived this long without knowing about them. Kendall tells him that she and her mother had very similar “scar tissues” to get over and have managed to do that. He concludes that all people have the right to know where they came from and what they do with that is up to them.

Adam tells JR that he will contact his friend, Dorian Lord to ask her what she knows about her nephew Paul and her niece Kelly, in regard to the baby. JR says he will have a conversation with Kelly Kramer Buchanan. But Adam admits to his son that he has his doubts. JR says he will stop at nothing to get to the truth, to get his son back and to make Babe and Jamie pay.

Myrtle tells Zach that there are good parents and there are not so good parents. And she says if you teach them the right thing, in the long run everything will work out. She admits that there will always be heartache. And that’s the good Lord’s way of making sure you walk the straight and narrow. But it will all be worth it. Zach looks very protective of Miranda, kisses her good-bye and gives her to Anita so she can give her back to Bianca. Bianca sits silently in her room, watching Zach with Miranda and remembering Ethan telling her that perhaps his father’s finding out he had a child in his life would have lead him down a very different path. At that moment, she gets on the phone and calls JR. He rushes to pick up the phone and answers it.

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