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Erica and Tad find Dr. Joe and tell him there’s no time to waste. He better hurry up and attend to something. He assumes it’s something about Bianca. But they assure him Bianca is fine. Right when he enters the room with them, the entire cast is there cheering him on.

Bianca is in her room with Miranda and Anita. She gets an unexpected guest. It’s Adam Chandler. Bianca is not certain why he’s there nor what she should say to him. She tells Adam that he cannot take her baby and if JR asked him to see her for that reason, he can forget it. Adam assures her he’s not there for that reason and JR doesn’t even know he’s there. He tells her he’s there about JR’s son. Anita is not certain what to do, realizes that perhaps this is a private conversation and she excuses herself to go join the celebration. Adam informs Bianca that his son has been devastated to know that he not only lost Miranda, but has to be forced to face the reality that his son is dead. Adam tells Bianca that his son is broken. And he says that she must understand how JR is suffering remembering how she felt when she thought she’d lost Miranda. Bianca assures Adam that she never wanted to hurt JR, she feels for him and wishes there was something she could do. But Adam tells Bianca that it is due to that worthless Babe that JR was heartbroken to have to lose Bess/Miranda. And he says he wants her to pay.

JR goes to talk to Brooke. He confronts her about the article she threatened to write about him possibly causing Bianca’s accident. Brooke assures JR that she has no more plans to print that article and Bianca is ok now and all is forgotten. But JR knows that Brooke is very protective of her son and tells her that he has plans to go after Babe for what she’s done to him and Brooke has one last chance to protect her son. Brooke tells JR that he’s making a big mistake going after Babe and that she will not help him. She also inquires how hurting Babe would help him, take away his pain or bring his son back?

At the celebration, Agnes Nixon gives a speech about the history of the show and how she persuaded Joe Martin to move from Colorado. At that moment, the elderly Phoebe Tyler enters in her wheelchair from the elevator. Erica and Opal rush to greet her. Agnes congratulates Joe and asks if he plans to go for another 35 years. Erica approaches Agnes and tells her how happy she is to see her. Agnes does not recognize Erica, not believing she could be Mona’s daughter since she looks too young. Erica’s first husband enters and tells Agnes he used to have a real crush on her but married Erica Kane.

Lily is wearing her sunglasses and talking to Aiden at the party. He tells her he will call her father and if she’s not comfortable at this party, she doesn’t have to be there. She tells him she’s ok as long as he’s there.

In their private place, Babe and Jamie seem to know that they are very close to being found.

Adam tells Bianca (almost as if he unconsciously knows that she knows his grandson is alive) that he wishes a miracle could happen twice. He tells her he harbors no grudge toward her or Miranda. He’s glad they’re both ok and reunited. But he wishes the same miracle could happen with JR’s baby. Right at that moment, however, they are interrupted by Erica, Jack, Erica’s brother and many people whom Bianca has not seen for a long time. Shocked to see Adam in her daughter’s room, Erica corners Adam outside the door and demands to know what he thinks he’s doing to be harassing and guilt-tripping her daughter. He assures Erica he comes in peace to Bianca but he wants to make Babe Carey pay for what she has done to his son and asks Erica if she’s with him on that. Erica replies she’d like nothing more than for Babe to pay for what she’s done to her daughter as well as what she’s done to Adam’s son.

Erica’s brother asks her how she’s been. She says she’s been sober for 87 days and counting. He tells her he’s very happy to be with his sister. She says she’s very grateful to have him in her family and wishes she could see more of him.

Brooke enters the celebration and immediately finds Tad. He asks why she was late. She says she was “detained” by JR. She informs Tad that JR is ready to go after Babe and also has their son’s head on a platter. And they must do something to protect Jamie right away.

JR privately consults with a guy who informs him that his ex and Jamie Martin are not traveling alone. They have a baby with them.

Jamie is a little worried that he and Babe have yet to get their new IDs and Social Security numbers. She says they will find a way to hide themselves, by possibly finding jobs that pay cash or whatever they need to do. And she believes that she and baby James have the best protection they could have. They have him.

JR is stunned to learn that Babe and Jamie are traveling with a baby. Adam enters and informs his son that he just came from the hospital and saw Miranda and is glad to see that she is happy and well. JR sullenly tells his father that he never wants to see or think about Miranda again. Adam tells his son that a natural part of healing is grieving a loss and it’s perfectly natural to admit that he misses Miranda and is hurting. JR indignantly tells his father that he does not plan to grieve. Adam tells JR he must face facts that his son is dead. Hearing that, JR demands that his father never says that to him again.

Brooke tells Tad that although she’s worried that JR is out for revenge, it’s good that, at least he has no clue that Babe and Jamie are traveling with his son. Tad reminds Brooke that it’s entirely possible that JR will find out his son is alive and with Babe and Jamie. She inquires how he’d find out or who would tell him. He replies that Bianca could possibly tell JR about his son.

Bianca gets a “psychic” letter from her grandmother Mona where Mona seems to know that her granddaughter has just had a little girl and is going to keep the line of Kane women going. Mona talks about all the trials and tribulations of raising a child when they get older and how to deal with it. She admits that all parents make mistakes. But she knows that Bianca will raise a woman that they can all be proud of. Erica cries while her daughter reads Mona’s letter and puts her arms around her.

Bianca and Miranda enter the party and everybody cheers. Stuart Chandler and Marion Colby welcome the baby but admit that they were used to calling her Bess. They tell Bianca they’d still like to visit her. Bianca replies that they are more than welcome to visit her baby any time they want. Greenlee approaches and asks to hold Miranda. Bianca says of course. Greenlee picks up Miranda and bounces her. Tad approaches Bianca, obviously somewhat “curious” to know Bianca’s plans in regard to her knowledge about JR’s baby. She tells Tad she’d like to talk to him soon.

Right when Adam departs from the room after talking to his son, JR’s “contact” comes out of hiding and informs JR that he has some new “news”.

Right when Babe and Jamie are “cozy” together and believing they have no worries, there’s a knock on the door. It’s the police demanding they open up.

Simone goes to the hospital and gives Bianca a present and says hi to Miranda. At that moment, Carol Burnett’s character, Verna enters. Simone and Bianca wonder who this crazy woman is. She says she’s been following the whole story about Bianca and her family and the whole situation in regard to her baby. Bianca says she knows her name is Verna. Verna says she’s so happy to see Bianca back with her baby and that everything is ok. Bianca says she knows Verna must not just be there to see her. Verna admits she’s there to say hi to her old pal, Myrtle.

Lily gets a little freaked by the cameras flashing in the room and leaves with Aiden. They talk about their most recent interaction with Math problems and go and get some cake.

Brooke tells Tad that perhaps they will just have to “wait and pray” that Jamie and Babe are ok. He tries to sound positive, reminding her that they’ve made it so far.

Right when the cops knock on their door, Jamie and Babe make sure they are not seen or heard. And the cops assume nobody is there and they go away.

Remembering her visit with Adam and how neither he nor his son know about baby James, she admits she wonders whether she should tell JR that his son is alive.

Adam comes in the door and tells his son he wants to be there to help him through his pain. JR announces to his father that he knows his son is alive.

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