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All My Children Update Tuesday 1/4/05 



By Jenn
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Jack asks Erica how it went at the police station. She happily tells him it went great. David and Krystal are celebrating the New Year from behind bars, and Babe is not far behind them. Suddenly Lily comes out of her room and tells Erica that she missed seeing her for New Years and gleefully announces to Erica that she has a boyfriend. It’s Aiden. Erica sounds surprised not knowing what to say.

At Kendall’s, Greenlee has a private heart-to-heart conversation with her former best friend and business colleague. It sounds like the two women are seriously considering trusting each other and reconciling their differences.

While outside Kendall’s, Ryan tells Ethan that he believes that Zach is doing everything in his power to get Ethan to break up with Kendall because if he does not, then he will stay in town. If Ethan stays, he will find out the truth about Zach and that’s the last thing Zach wants. Ethan tells Ryan that he knows that Zach Slater is not his father and wants no further discussion about that. Ryan inquires how he can be certain that he’s not. He tells Ethan he must be very naïve to assume that the DNA evidence that Zach Slater once “gathered” in order to disprove that they were father and son would be correct. And he must realize that Slater is a liar. He says all Ethan needs to do is get DNA from Miranda and he will have impeachable evidence on whether he’s Zach’s son. He also inquires who would have motive to shoot him and drug Greenlee and frame Kendall for it as well as framing Ethan also.? Who other than Slater? He concludes to Ethan that he should find out the answers once and for all by getting the DNA test to find out whether he’s Zach’s son.

Zach is kissing Maria and ready to sleep with her. As they are undressing and all over each other, she is remembering her history of doing the same thing with her husband. And she pulls away from Zach. He’s very upset and worried that he will never find love. And he believes it’s because of the Cambias “curse” although he doesn’t reveal it to her.

After hearing his daughter “drop the bombshell” upon his fiancé about her “boyfriend”, Jack proposes a toast with the two of them to ring in the New Year. Lily, again tells Jack and Erica that she wants to toast to her boyfriend. Lily asks Erica about her history with boyfriends. Erica smiles but doesn’t exactly know what to tell Lily. Jack informs his daughter that since Erica is much older than Lily, it would only make sense that she’s had more history and experience with boyfriends than Lily would. Erica tells Lily that for now Jack is the only boyfriend she has or plans on having in the future. He confirms that for both of them, they are the last boyfriend and girlfriend for each other and they are very happy for that.

When Ryan and Ethan rejoin Kendall and Greenlee, Ryan informs Kendall that if it is true that somebody is framing her for deeds done against him and Greenlee, Ethan and Miranda need to both get a DNA test. She asks what Miranda or the DNA would have to do with the mystery of that subject. He informs her that Miranda might be in danger. She asks him who would want to hurt Miranda and why. Ryan answers that it will be for money and power. And the person with perfect motives to kill him and Greenlee, get both Kendall and Ethan in trouble and potentially hurt Miranda would be Zach Slater. Greenlee agrees that Miranda could very well be the next target after she and her husband sign their wealth over to Miranda. Ethan tells them he doesn’t want to believe in their theory nor does he care if he’s Zach’s son. He informs them that since he’s been in town, both Kendall and Bianca have been his friends and so good to him and as far as he’s concerned Bianca and Miranda can keep the money and he could care less about it. He also informs Ryan and Greenlee that only days ago, Bianca yet again offered him a sample of Miranda’s DNA. But he still believes he must turn it down and not dredge up the whole ill idea that he might be a Cambias.

After bringing in the new year, Aiden and Anita go swimming at the boathouse. They are freezing. He tells her this is a tradition for him on New Years. He tells her he wants to be able to do everything and has tried just about everything. They sound very happy to be together.

Jack and Erica tell Lily that soon they will be getting married. She inquires if she should consider getting married. They tell her she is very young to even be considering marriage any time in the future. She tells Erica that she really values her advice and guidance about being a “girlfriend”. She needs to know that and realizes her father only knows how to be a boyfriend and could not know what Erica could know about being a girlfriend. Erica tells Lily she will be more than happy to offer advice and talk to her any time she wants.

Right when Reggie and Danielle are ready to get it on and are really happy, she reveals to him that she has a secret that she’s not real comfortable telling him about. He tells her he wishes she’d tell him what is on her mind. She spits it out to him that she is a virgin. Hearing his silence and inability to know what to say, she tells him she’s afraid that he must see her as a total loser. He says he does not believe that but doesn’t know what to say. He asks if she’s not ready for sex or is it that she’s not ready for him? She says it just doesn’t feel right at this time. She tells him nobody has done for her what he has done and asks if he could just wait a little longer. He says nothing. She concludes if he cannot wait, he can just go and get himself hooked up with a “hoochie momma”. She seems very upset and hurt. He protests that he does not wish to do that. And right when she’s ready to go out the door, he drops the bombshell upon her, much to her surprise that he too is a virgin. He tells her that although society “dictates” that guys have sex without thought, he has never before been in a situation where it’s been right for him either. And he’s a little baffled why she would not want to have her “first experience” with him when he knows he wants to have his with her.

Ryan tells Ethan that there’s no reason he’d want to refuse to take the test now that he can easily get the DNA from Miranda. And if he refuses, it only means that he is a fraud. Greenlee adds that he has a lot to gain by doing so, including being able to get rich.

Ethan leaves Kendall’s apartment. But before he’s gone, he runs into Zach. Greenlee and Ryan stay and finish their discussion with Kendall. Kendall tells them that there’s no reason for Ethan to get a DNA test only to find out that he’s the nephew of a rapist and the son of a lying sleezeball who does not want him. Greenlee says a couple million dollars could easily take the pain away. Kendall protests that some times money makes no difference when somebody finds out they have a family that is worthless. Greenlee says Ehtan can get over it and nobody chooses who their family is. But Kendall illustrates to both of them that regardless of the fact that they’d believed all their lives that they both had rich fathers, they know full well how it hurt them and how happy they both were to find out they had quality individuals for fathers, regardless of whether they had money. Ryan admits that the happiest day of his life is when he found out that Chris Stamp was his father instead of Patrick Lavery. And Greenlee cannot deny that Roger Smythe’s money and power meant nothing to her and knowing Jackson Montgomery is her real father, means more to her than anything.

Outside Kendall’s, Ethan attempts to get the truth from Zach about whether he’s Ethan’s father. Zach evades the question. Ethan also tells Zach that he obviously must want money and power even if it means taking drastic measures in order to have it. Zach tells Ethan that no matter how much money and power someone has, it’s never enough. He concludes that a need and desire to control everything strangles one’s capacity to give and receive love. He says that no Cambias could ever hold on to love. He sounds like he’s evading Ethan’s question about whether they are father and son and simply wants Ethan to believe it could possibly be the case. But he indirectly reveals that he wants to protect Ethan from the Cambias curse, knowing that Ethan is in fact his son.

Erica tells Jack she’s so happy that all of their children are safe and she just wishes it could last. He inquires why she believes it would not last. He suggests eloping. She asks if that would mean they miss the most fabulous wedding there could be.

Anita tells Aiden he was so good with Lily earlier that night. She then goes to find a star and make a wish. She reveals to him that it was about him.

When Kendall is in her home with Ryan and Greenlee, Ethan suddenly enters through the back door. Ryan asks why he chose that entrance. He informs them that he just had a “chat” with Slater and did not want Slater to see him entering Kendall’s home and know he’s talking to the three of them. He admits that he seriously believes that Zach is indeed hiding something and agrees to go through with the DNA test in order to protect Miranda. Ryan wants to “hold” him to his agreement and asks if he will do it tomorrow. But he can tells that Ethan is serious about doing what he says. He tells him he’s doing the right thing. Greenlee thanks him for listening to them and affirms to Kendall that she no longer suspects her of anything. They leave. Kendall tells Zach that she will always be there for him no matter what happens. He tells her he does not care about Zach Slater but will do everything he can to protect Miranda. It sounds like the two of them are very happy to be together.

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