AMC Update Monday 1/3/05

All My Children Update Monday 1/3/05



By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall, confronted by Ryan and Greenlee in her condo, tells them she doesn't deal with people who break into her home. Ethan gets out his phone to call the police. Greenlee tells Kendall that she found an anti-psychotic drug in her closet and asks why? Ryan says this is proof that she poisoned his wife. He has found an order for the medication on Kendall's computer dated a week before Greenlee started being drugged. Kendall says she gets her prescriptions from the drug store and declares that the order on the computer isn't from her. Ryan doesn't give up, repeatedly asking her why he drugged his wife. He knows she hates him, but why go after Greenlee? Greenlee tells Kendall she had her convinced that she wanted Ryan to live. Did she want her to die? Ethan orders both of them out but Ryan says he won't leave without an explanation. As Ethan continues to defend Kendall, Greenlee remembers the trapeze episode and how Kendall saved her life. As Ryan starts to call the police, Greenlee tells him not to. She says Kendall didn't do it and someone is framing her. She is sure of it. Ryan tells her she was not in her right mind that day and asks if she's sure of what she's staying. Greenlee says Kendall didn't want her to die. Kendall is not impressed by Greenlee's change of heart and tells them both to leave. Greenlee says she won't leave until she thanks her. Greenlee asks Ryan and Ethan to give her and Kendall some time alone. Ethan and Ryan go outside, where Ethan tells Ryan he needs to focus his attention on Zach, who is attacking Kendall at every turn. Ryan says the reason Zach is attacking Kendall is because Ethan is Zach's son. Inside, Kendall accuses Greenlee of playing her and tells her to get out. Greenlee kicks Kendall in the leg, then goes and gets an ice pack for her to put on her sore leg. Kendall says that kick made her believe that Greenlee actually thinks she's being framed.

Maria is at the stable and Wildwind cleaning a saddle when Zach enters. She tells him that no matter what he wants, the answer is no. He says he saw some fireworks and it reminded him of them. He kisses her. Maria asks him where that came from. Zach tells her that Bianca beat death but lost precious time with someone she loves. He, too, has lost precious time with someone he loves. He says they should try again and grab the life they deserve. Maria asks, just like that? Because Bianca woke up? Zach says they can't ignore a miracle like that. Maria says she's not ready to give up on her marriage. Her wedding vows are sacred to her. Zach tells her that her marriage stopped being sacred when she started going it alone. Why does she pretend it still exists? He asks her how her holiday was with Edmund. Maria says this is a tough time because it was last New Year's that Edmund was shot and was put in that chair. She had her family with her. What else could she want? Zach tells her that she is honoring her marriage, but is it honoring her? He says he can't watch her throw her life away. Maria asks him why he rejected her when she threw herself at him. He says she was doing so to get revenge on Edmund. They need to be together only when they both want it. He holds her in front of a mirror and tells her the fire has gone out of her eyes. He tells her he would never push away the person he loves. She says she loves Edmund. He says he loves her too, and kisses her again. He says what they had is not gone. That kiss put the light back in her eye. A weakened Maria tries to assert that she's married. He says he won't let her give up.

Reggie and Danielle go to SOS to celebrate the new year. Reggie is not happy to see Maggie there with Jonathan. He tells Danielle he has some unfinished business with Jonathan. Danielle tells him he should leave it alone as it's not his fight. Jonathan asks Maggie to dance, but she suddenly has a flashback to him hitting her and resists his invitation. He sits back down and apologizes, saying he shouldn't have brought her here. Maggie says they have talked about it and suggests they act like everything is fine. Jonathan says he lost it when he learned that Ryan was losing Cambias Industries and he's so sorry he hurt her. Maggie says Ryan didn't lose Cambias, he gave it to Miranda. Jonathan says Miranda is just a baby. Maggie says she's the Cambias heir and Ryan did the right thing. Jonathan says that family of psychos should not have the company. He says he is only sorry because he wanted to give her the world. He won't be able to take her to dinner and he's going to be a broke loser again. Maggie says she would never think that. Jonathan promises there will be no more booze and no more flipping out. He asks her if she forgives him. She doesn't answer and instead excuses herself to the ladies' room.

Danielle tells Reggie to pay attention to her instead of Jonathan. She finally relents and tells him to go talk to him then come and be with her. Reggie walks over to Jonathan and demands to know why he didn't tell Maggie Bianca was in the hospital. Jonathan says Maggie views Reggie's antics as high school BS. Maggie lives with him and loves him, Jonathan says. He says Reggie has no clue about Maggie and she's not playing his game.

Also at SOS, Aidan and Anita are celebrating the new year with a kiss. He asks her to dance. They go onto the dance floor to do a salsa. Afterward, Anita goes into the ladies' room and sees Maggie, who is staring at the bruise on her cheek. Anita asks her what happened. Maggie says she walked into a door at the gym and calls herself a klutz. Anita is skeptical of Maggie's explanation. She suggests she go to the hospital, but Anita says she'll be fine as it's just a bruise. Anita tells her if it happens again, come and see her at the hospital.

After Anita returns to her table, Aidan can see she is bothered by something. He asks her what's wrong, but she only asks him to dance. They get back on the floor and do a sexy salsa dance. After the dance, Aidan says he's ready for their next event. They leave SOS.

Maggie returns to Jonathan, who admits that there is something else bothering him. It's Bianca. Maggie comments that she's surprised that Lena isn't here to see Bianca. Jonathan informs her that Bianca and Lena broke up a month ago and he's surprised Bianca hasn't told her. Jonathan gives Maggie the gift of a bracelet and she thanks him with a kiss.

Reggie tells Danielle he doesn't understand how slime balls like Lavery get girls like Maggie to fall for BS. He and Danielle leave SOS and he takes her to a room at the Valley Inn. He tells her he loves her and wants to be with her tonight.

Aidan and Anita go to the boathouse and he tells her big stuff is yet to come. He'll show her if she takes off her clothes.

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