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All My Children Update Friday 12/31/04



By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall arrives at Bianca’s hotel room wearing a New Year’s hat and carrying balloons. She greets Bianca with a cheerful “Happy New Year.” Ethan follows her with bags of food and party favors. Bianca is happy to receive such a greeting. Anita walks in and tells Bianca that Miranda just woke up from her nap. Kendall goes to get Miranda. Bianca tells Ethan she has never seen Kendall happier about a new year. She loves it. Ethan says there’s a lot to love about Kendall.

At the hospital, Lily asks Aidan if he’ll be her boyfriend, and Aidan asks her what she means by that. Jack and Liva arrive and Lily tells her father she wants Aidan to come to their party because he’s her boyfriend. A stunned Jack looks to Aidan for an explanation. Aidan says it’s not what it seems. Reggie tells Jack that the boyfriend thing wasn’t Aidan’s idea. Lily says it was her idea. She says she and Aidan are going to hook up. Jack pulls Aidan into a separate room and Livia follows. Jack asks Aidan what’s going on. Aidan says he was as caught off guard as Jack was. Jack asks him what he said to Lily, since she takes things so literally. Aidan says he helped Lily defend herself from the “hot girls.” Jack says Lily sees him as her hero. Anita walks in and asks what’s going on. Jack explains that Lily has a crush on Aidan. Anita says she has good taste, but maybe they’re taking her too literally. They should ask Lily what she means by having a boyfriend.

Lily asks Reggie why they went into that room and why Aidan didn’t answer her question about being her boyfriend. Reggie tells her it can’t happen. Lily runs off, shouting that she wants a boyfriend. She closes herself in a supply cabinet and sets on the floor.

Erica tells David and Krystal at the police station that Babe needs to pay for what she did to Bianca. David tells Erica to leave Babe out of it and blame him as he’s done much worse. Erica says that would not be justice. Tad tells Erica to give Babe a break. Erica says she feels for Tad and Brooke since their son abandoned everything to take off with a criminal. Krystal pipes up and says Babe isn’t a criminal. Suddenly a boom sounds and someone in the station shouts “he has a gun.” David grabs Erica and Tad grabs Krystal to protect them. Derek walks into the room and says everything is OK, it was just fireworks going off. Erica tells David she doesn’t need her protection. David says he was willing to go down for murder to protect Erica’s daughter, now she should help his daughter. Erica says the two cases are different. Kendall wasn’t guilty. Krystal thanks Tad for helping her and for sticking up for Babe. Derek approaches and tells David and Krystal they can wait in lock-ups, but he warns them it’s a full house. Erica asks Tad if he’s defending Babe because of Krystal.

Kendall brings Miranda into Bianca’s room and Ethan gets his camera and takes a happy photo of Bianca, Miranda and Kendall. Bianca asks Ethan if he wants to hold Miranda, and he nervously agrees. Bianca sees his interaction with Ethan and asks Kendall if she sees what she’s seeing. She says Miranda is in love. Kendall says she can’t get over it. Kendall takes Miranda to another room to change her diaper. Bianca tells Ethan that Kendall can’t get over how much Miranda resembles him. Bianca says Miranda could use a cousin. She asks him if he wants to find out the truth about whether he is actually a Cambias.

Greenlee and Ryan are breaking into Kendall’s condo to look for evidence that Kendall drugged Greenlee. Greenlee is not thrilled about what they’re doing, saying she doesn’t want to spend their first new year’s as a couple in jail. Zach witnesses their break-in but they don’t notice him. Ryan manages to open the door and starts looking in the kitchen. Greenlee opens the refrigerator and grabs something to drink, but Ryan stops her and says she can’t consume anything from here till they learn who drugged her. Greenlee has a flashback of the episode with Kendall and the trapeze. Greenlee says she doesn’t think Kendall wanted to hurt her and they should focus on other suspects like Zach. Ryan says he hasn’t eliminated the other suspects but they can’t eliminate Kendall either. Greenlee starts looking in Kendall’s closet while Ryan tries to get on Kendall’s computer. They’re not having much luck. He goes into see Greenlee, who is undressing to try on Kendall’s clothes. They start kissing and Greenlee suggests going home. Ryan says he wants to make babies with her but he wants to make sure she’s fine first. He gets back on the computer but can’t get in. Greenlee suggests Ryan use the password “Miranda” on the computer and he gets in. Greenlee finds something in a shoe box in the closet.

Kendall returns to Bianca’s room and Ethan tells Bianca thanks for the offer, but he has accepted that he’s not a Cambias. He doesn’t even want to be a Cambias. Kendall asks him how he can say that. Ethan says he doesn’t care about money and power and doesn’t want to be part of that family. Bianca reminds him that Miranda is part of that family. She’ll inherit the Cambias fortune and when she’s old enough to take it over, it would be nice if she had someone on the Cambias side of the family to help her with the responsibilities.

Erica tells Tad that she would be doing Jamie a favor by going after Babe. Tad says Babe and Jamie risked everything by making things right. Erica says that is too little too late. And she wants David and Krystal to spend the rest of their lives paying for this. Zach approaches and offers to help Erica. Erica says she doesn’t need or want his help. She tells him to leave her family alone. Zach says it’s his family too since Miranda is his niece. Erica tells him not to dare bring that up. Zach tells her he wants David and the Carey women to pay. He says he has connections to find Babe and he will deal with her and her parents as quickly as possible. Erica says she wants their suffering to be drawn out like they did to Bianca. He says he’ll go after them on his own or with her. It’s up to her if she’ll help.

Bianca tells Ethan and Kendall to go somewhere romantic. Ethan says he doesn’t want to come between the three of them, but Bianca insists. She says she has plenty of company. Kendall and Ethan leave.

Aidan manages to get into the supply cabinet to talk to Lily. He asks her what kind of boyfriend she wants. She says she wants someone to talk to and play games with. She doesn’t want any touching or sex. He says that’s not on his mind either. He says he’ll be her boyfriend. They come out of the closet and Lily is happy to announce that Aidan is her boyfriend. She leaves and Jack thanks Aidan for his help.

Erica tells Zach she’ll work with him on their common goal. Derek approaches and Zach tells him that he found the security disk that shows David knocked Adam out and shipped him around the world. He promises to get it to Derek. Erica tells Zach it was nice work the way he is hanging David out to dry. He wishes her a happy new year.

David and Krystal are in their cell. David tells her she has to swear she didn’t know until the night before Babe left town about the baby switch. She has to say that Paul Cramer sent Babe a letter and as soon as Babe found out she wrote letters to everyone telling them the truth. He says if she does as he says they won’t be guilty of anything. Krystal says she won’t start lying all over again. He says she doesn’t have a choice. Tad, who has just arrived at their cell, tells Krystal she doesn’t have a choice. Tad says she has to say what David says so the police won’t go after Jamie and Babe. They would be arrested for kidnapping and JR would get James. Tad leaves and David tells Krystal that next year will be better. He wishes her happy new year and hugs her.

Anita approaches Aidan at the hospital wearing her uniform, but takes it off to reveal a fancy dress for their evening together.

Jack, Lily, Reggie and Danielle go to the hospital to see Bianca. Lily proudly tells Bianca that she has a boyfriend. Bianca is impressed. Lily says she’ll be as happy as Reggie and Danielle are. Jack says they can all be happy now. Bianca says she is so happy. They count down the new year.

Kendall and Ethan arrive back at her condo and kiss when the new year arrives. They go to her door and Kendall notices it is unlocked. They go inside and find Greenlee and Ryan, who says he’s conducting a search. Greenlee says if she’s the crazy one, what is Kendall doing with this. She holds out a bottle of pills.

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