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Maggie lays down the law to Jonathan telling him he cannot decide who she can and cannot see and that his attitude is stupid and childish. He demands she shuts up and when she does not, he lashes out and hits her. She cries. And he looks as though he regrets what he did right after he’s done it.

Jamie and Babe are wearing disguises and using new false identities. He has glasses, a shirt and tie and different hairstyle. She is wearing a short, brunette wig.

Alone, JR is rehearing the conversations and confrontations he’s had with Babe, with Bianca and with Jamie where they all tell him he needs to wake up and realize that the baby he’s believed is Bess, is really Miranda.

Downstairs in the Chandler house, Erica comes to see Adam. He asks what she’s doing there. She tells him she wants to help him if he will let her.

At her hospital suite, Bianca gets some unexpected and unwelcome guests. Krystal and David appear and sense that she may not want them there. But she tells them now is as good time as any. She has Anita take Miranda to her crib so she may tell the two “unwanted guests” that she would like to have a conversation with them about what they did to her baby.

Jamie asks Babe what she’d like to do for New Years besides sweat. It looks like it’s terribly hot where they are They notice that in their hotel there’s a big party downstairs. He’s trying to fix the register. She says her only goal for the New Year is to be the best momma her son could ever have. He tells her he just wants to be an awesome dad. He says he has many goals for James when he gets older but also realizes he needs a plan B.

Adam informs Erica that his son is devastated, not leaving his room, not talking and has completely shut down the nursery. She tells him she realizes that JR must be terribly upset, and understandably, for what has happened. He tells Erica that not even somebody as special as the “great Erica Kane” can help them and tells her that she cannot be feeling their pain. This whole thing must be a great victory for her. She tells him that although she’s very happy to have Bianca and Miranda back, she is furious at Babe, Krystal and David for what they have done to him and JR as well as what they’ve done to Bianca and her family. Adam tells her he’d rather she leaves. When Erica goes out the door, she runs into JR who seems more cordial to her than Adam was. He tells her it’s good to see her and that he wishes the best for Bianca. Although not seeming to be angry with Erica, it’s clear that JR is devastated. But he invites Erica to stay and expresses that he remembers her favorite tea and offers her some. She tells him it’s very kind for him to think of her. He tells her he’s glad that Bianca is ok. She tells him all about the miracle in the hospital right when everybody told them that Bianca may die. And she believes that it was Miranda that brought her daughter back. She tells JR that she really wants to show her gratitude to him. She tells him she knows how much he loves Miranda and doesn’t want him to be cut off from her. Adam interrupts and tells Erica that maybe this is not the right time to talk about that. She tells JR that she hopes some day Bianca will trust let him be a part of Miranda’s life. But JR tells Erica that he never wants to see that child again.

Bianca asks David how he could do what he did to her. David admits that it was so difficult for him, but he realizes he put Babe first. Krystal tells Bianca that they are so sorry for what happened and never meant to hurt her. She asks why they are there. Do they want forgiveness? She says if they do, they are wasting their time because that is not going to happen.

While Anita is with Miranda, Aidan comes to see her and asks if she has any New Years plans. He asks if she wants a romantic champagne dinner or if she’d prefer to sit in front of her television and watch a ball drop. She tells him that she wants something wild and fun.

Lily implies to Danielle that she sees Aidan as her boyfriend. But Danielle tells her that she does not believe that Lily’s “plans” with Aidan are going to fly. Lily inquires if that is because of her disability. Danielle says no. It’s because Aidan is so much older. Lily says she took sex ed. and nobody said anything about age. She says she’s not ready to have sex with Aidan yet but she wants to “hook up” with him. She tells Danielle that Aidan is nice and nice looking and saved her from the “hot girls”. At that moment, Reggie enters. He notices Lily is ready to leave and has something on her mind. She tells him she’s going to go “hook up with her boyfriend”. Reggie tells her over his dead body.

After hitting Maggie and noticing she’s crying, Jonathan becomes panicked. He keeps telling her how sorry he is and he rocks back and forth, very much like he’s reliving a traumatic experience.

Bianca tells David that after the rape, he was the one person she thought she could trust and who was there for her throughout the whole thing. He was the only person who knew and whom she was comfortable having know that she chose to keep the baby. She says she remembers being with him when he lost Leora and all the pain he felt and believed he felt the same when everybody believed she lost Miranda. And now, knowing that he lied to her throughout so long having her believe that Miranda died, when she was alive. She tells him she will never forgive him. And she tells Krystal she will never forgive her either.

Hearing Reggie tell her that she will only see her “boyfriend” over his “dead body”, Lily asks if that means that Reggie is going to die. He tells her he will not die but he has concerns about her believing that she should pursue her interests in having a boyfriend. She tells him that she still wants one and walks out the door. Alone with Danielle, Reggie asks his girlfriend what she told Lily. Danielle tells him that Lily is determined to have a “relationship” with somebody whom she’s fallen hard for under some unlikely circumstances. He asks if she knows who this mysterious person would be. She replies Aidan Devane. Reggie tells her he cannot believe that. Aidan is pushing 25 and Lily is going to get herself hurt having the mistaken idea that he can be her boyfriend. But neither of them have a clue about how to stop her.

Meanwhile, Aidan and Anita are planning their festive and fun New Years occasion together.

Jonathan emotionally tells Maggie how sorry he is, admitting that he was drinking too much, and didn’t know what he was doing when he hit her. He repeats many times that he would never hurt her, loves her and does not want to lose her to anybody, Bianca or anybody else. He reflects upon the memories he had of child abuse while growing up. She is still crying and tells him he needs to go.

JR tells Erica that he knows what he needs in order to help him. And he tells her she needs to get back to Bianca. She tells JR and Adam that she so appreciates their hospitality and she will give their best to their daughter. But before she’s out the door, she tells JR very firmly that what was done to both him and to Bianca was a crime. And those who are guilty will pay.

While the New Years party is ready to start, Babe and Jamie are alone and ready to have sex.

Krystal tells Bianca that she realizes that Bianca cannot forgive her and she understands. But she asks Bianca not to blame Babe. She informs Bianca that her daughter did not even know that Miranda was Bess until it was too late. Bianca protests that Babe knew that Bess was Miranda for a long time before telling her. Krystal says that was only in order to keep her marriage with JR. Bianca says it was not until the benefit concert for her “dead child” that Babe had any intention of telling her about Miranda being alive. David tells Krystal that Bianca has just suffered a head trauma and may not remember everything that happened that night before she fell off the balcony. Hearing that, Bianca concludes that now she knows the reason the two of them are there. It’s in order to find out if she has any plans to tell JR that his son is alive. Krystal tells Bianca that she must have seen how much Babe loved that little boy and she only wants what’s best for him. David informs Bianca that if JR finds out his son is alive, he will stop at nothing to hurt Babe and Jamie and ruin their lives as well as the baby’s life. Biacna tells them if they could just hear themselves. They are asking her to keep JR’s secret just like they kept her secret from her. David protests that she must understand that JR is dangerous, drugged and tried to kill Babe, and almost murdered Jamie. And Bianca must know that JR would hurt his child the way Adam Chandler has hurt all his children. She tells them that regardless, JR has the right to know his child is alive, just like she did. And that by asking her to not tell him is like asking her to play God. Krystal pleads to Bianca that she can hate them all she wants, but she cannot hate that poor innocent little boy.

Jr tells Adam that he had a real “meeting of the minds” with Erica when she said those who hurt him will pay. Adam asks his son just what he means and intends to do in regard to that. JR says what that means is something he’s always believed in; “an eye for an eye”

Right when Aidan and Anita are in the hospital ready for their “romantic date”, Lily suddenly shows up. Aidan inquires how she’s found him. She says she knows how to be a good detective like he does and she believes that “they” could be successful. Aidan asks Lily just what she specifically means by that. She tells him she likes him and wants a relationship with him.

Jonathan cries and tells Maggie that he loves her and never wants to lose her. But he tells her that since she deserves the best, she must find somebody who can give her that. And he will always love her. He’s ready to go out the door. But she tells him he must wait. She tells him that her mom used to cut her down, start in on her and tell her she was a loser and remembers one day her mom hit her. She inquires how one can hurt somebody they love? He has no answer for that and tells her he wishes he did not hurt her and wishes he could take it back. He tells her that when he sees that look in her eyes, he knows he cannot live without her and cannot lose her. He says he knows he does not deserve her but asks her to forgive her. He tells her he swears never to hurt her again if she will just give him one more chance. It sound like two child abuse victims are able to “relate”.

In response to hearing his son say: “an eye for an eye”, Adam tells JR that that is very Chandler. JR reflects upon how he and Jamie were so close as children. But he never thought that Babe would come into either of their lives and take everything form them. Adam remembers how Jamie was once a very good friend to his son. But JR says that Jamie, along with Babe, has ruined his life. They have both taken everything from him. And they will both pay.

Right when David and Krytal are urging Bianca not to let JR know about his child, how she cannot to that to an innocent baby and all, Erica suddenly appears. She demands to know what those two are doing in her daughter’s room. Bianca asks them if they want to tell her or if she should. She tells Erica that they are there to talk to her about JR and “the baby”.

While Lily is at the hospital to see Aidan, while he’s with Anita, Anita goes to excuse herself and let them talk alone. Aidan tells Lily that he believes she’s very sweet but…..She asks then, will he be her boyfriend?

Jonathan keeps pleading to Maggie to forgive him and keeps telling her he swears upon his very life that he loves her and will never hurt her again. They are both crying and suddenly fall back into each others arms and hold each other.

Erica tells David and Krystal that she’d like to have a word with them both alone in the hallway. David tells Bianca that he’d like her to think about what they said. She just tells him to please leave. Outside, David asks Erica what she wants to talk about. She tells him that Police Chief Derek Fry would like to talk to him and Krystal. Derek enters with a uniform cop and announces to Dr. Hayward and Ms. Carey that they are both under arrest for the crime of keeping a child and lying about her rightful identity.

David hears himself pleading to not let JR know about his child. JR’s voice talks about how he loves Bess more than anything and nobody can take her from him. Then we see Babe and Jamie happily with JR’s real child.

At the end of the show, Elizabeth Hendrickson (actress who plays Maggie) does a PSA about domestic violence and abusive relationships. She says it is not common and should not be accepted and no amount of abuse is ok. And she gives the hotline to call.

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