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Ryan and Greenlee look at very odd job ads in the paper and laugh, contentedly realizing they will no longer be able to reap the Cambias fortune since it now rightfully belongs to Miranda. Jonathan enters and tells them if they think they are having fun, they must look at Enchantment investment figures, which are moving upward and offering them all material wealth. They both seem unmotivated by that and are happy to have witnessed the miracle of Miranda coming back to Bianca and Bianca’s dramatic recovery.

Anita takes Bianca and her family to a new recover suite where she can recover and have Miranda with her. Kendall and Reggie accompany her and tell her she needs to stay there and not rush to go home until she’s certain she’s ok. She hears that and agrees. She asks Reggie to hold Miranda while she gets herself into bed. He holds Miranda and kisses her. He tells her she’s a princess who need never again worry about dragons or bad guys taking her away from her momma.

Meanwhile, JR sits in his room staring at the empty crib, still devastated. Adam enters and suggests his son goes and gets something to eat. He says JR must not spend his entire life in that room. JR does not speak. Adam tells him that he realizes he feels betrayed for what he did since he loved that little girl. He tells JR he may spit at him, take a swing at him, scream at him. Do whatever is necessary to let it out before he lets what he’s feeling eat him inside. He says just don’t shut him out. He tells JR he’s begging this of him.

Lily reads a book. She tells Danielle that the expressions of butterflies in one’s stomach sounds dangerous. Danielle says “butterflies in someone’s stomach” is just an expression. Danielle, who is doing math homework, tells Lily it is now her turn to help her figure out a cosine and square root of something. Lily instantly answers for Danielle. Danielle inquires how she can do that and expresses she wishes she had Lily’s math skills. At that moment, Aidan enters and asks how Liy is doing. Lily thanks Aidan for the sunglasses and says she only needs to wear them when she sees red and her head hurts. Aidan tells her that’s a good thing because she shouldn’t have to hide her beautiful eyes. Danielle tells him that now Lily will have to wear shades because her face is red from blushing after he said that. He leaves and Danielle tells Lily she believes Aidan is one “delicious” member of the male species. Lily inquires why Danielle would use the expression “delicious”, knowing it is used to describe eating something tasty. But she seems to agree that Aidan is really attractive.

Ryan informs his brother that now that Miranda is alive and well, he now plans to sign everything over to this very beautiful baby girl because she is the heir of Alexander Cambias Sr.’s estate, just as Alexander Sr. directed in his Will. Jonathan seems to really have a problem with Ryan being so content to give up all that money.

Adam tells JR that he realizes it may be too much for JR to understand why he did what he did. Adam admits it was a very difficult decision. He tells JR that he loves him and could not bear to see how attached he’d become to Bess and how painful it would be to wait longer for him to be forced to face the inevitable. He tells JR that he’s his son, his only son and he loves him. And he says the most he can hope for is that one day JR will realize that what his father did, he did out of love. JR does not speak until Adam keeps talking. At that point, he screams for his father to get out and leave him alone.

In Bianca’s recovery suite, Kendall asks her sister if she remembers anything about what happened. She tells Bianca she knows she was with JR and asks her sister to please tell her it was an accident and that JR did not push her. Bianca admits she does not know. She remembers arguing and screaming at JR for him to give her her baby and his refusal to do so. But she does not seem to believe JR had any conscious intent to hurt her although he refused to give up the baby. Kendall concludes that none of that matters now. All that matters is that Bianca is ok and Miranda is back and they can all be happy.

Jonathan tells Ryan and Greenlee that they cannot throw all this money away. Ryan tells his brother that he and Greenlee will be ok without it. Jonathan is careful in choosing his next “words” but tells them that they cannot hand over all that wealth to a rapists’ baby. Ryan tells him he’s out of line. The Cambias fortune is Miranda’s birthright. Greenlee protests that Bianca is her cousin, she loves Bianca and Miranda and that Jonathan must never imply that Bianca’s child is a “bastard”. But it sounds like Jonathan will not see things their way and just wants the money.

Maggie comes to visit Bianca and Miranda. She is very happy to see that everything has worked out and they can have a happy ending.

Noticing Reggie is probably at the hospital, Danielle tells Lily that she wonders how long Reggie will stay with Bianca, but realizes that he really cares about Bianca and Bianca really appreciates him and she’s really proud of him for that. She expresses to Lily that she knows they all appreciate her also. Lily asks Danielle if she can help her to develop the right kind of social skills and look as though she’s attractive and stylish but not ready to have sex, as Erica had guided her to say to her peers.

Kendall goes to the Chandler house to see how JR is doing. Adam informs her his son is upstairs, distraught, not talking or going anywhere. She goes up to see him.

At the hospital, Reggie asks Maggie why she’d be with that jerk Jonathan. She inquires what Reggie’s problem is with Jonathan. What has he ever done to Reggie? Reggie informs her that on many occasions, Jonathan has lied to him, telling him she’s not at home when she was, preventing him from telling her that Bianca was in the hospital and preventing Maggie from having friends and other things in her life besides him. He tells her she must beware of Jonathan because he’s scamming her. Hearing that, Maggie becomes defensives and tells Reggie he needs to keep his attitude about her boyfriend to himself.

Ryan and Greenlee have a discussion about what they can see as Jonathan’s “problem”. Ryan explains to his wife that while growing up, Jonathan had difficulty coping with their abusive father and in communicating with him. But he tells Greenlee he’d really like Jonathan to be a part of their family and their social circle.

Privately Jonathan is drinking and appearing very angry and upset.

JR asks Kendall what she’s doing there. She admits that she’s there to find out what really happened when Bianca fell off the balcony. She urges him to tell her it was an accident because that’s what she wants to believe. But she admits to him that if she finds out he had anything to do with hurting her sister, she will kill him. She tells him she knows the pain he’s feeling right now and does not want to be insensitive. But if he knew, at any point that Bess was really Miranda, but did not acknowledge it or tell Bianca, then he deserves all the pain he’s feeling right now. He emotionally tells Kendall that she must believe that he’d never hurt Bianca. He cries and his voice breaks when he tells her how he could not allow Bess to be taken from him. Knowing he’s been cornered and has cried in the presence of another person, he appears tough and tells her that she has gotten everything the way she wants and why doesn’t she just go?. She tells him she does not want to leave him alone. She is his friend and she wants to help him. She puts her arms around him and holds him while he cries.

Bianca informs Anita that although she’s so happy to finally have Miranda back, she will never get back what she lost by not having her there for the first 9 months of her life. And she admits she may never get over her anger about that.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she notices Jonathan has some real problems with his attitude, then later catches herself and tells her husband she does not mean to offend him by cutting down his brother. He tells her that Jonathan has been emotionally damaged, as he has also, by their father telling him he’s no good and worthless. And he explains to her that Jonathan is waiting for what no Lavery has ever told him before; that he’s a good person. And he admits to his wife that Jonathan has never stopped trying to prove himself.

Maggie returns to hers’ and Jonathan’s apartment and demands that they talk about something very important. He’s drinking and tells her he doesn’t want to talk about it. She screams at him telling him that he cannot refuse to talk about preventing her from knowing that her best friend was in the hospital and almost died. She admits to him she did not want to believe what Reggie told her about Jonathan’s lies and deceptions. But she knows the truth and asks how he could be so insensitive and lacking in compassion to not care about her best friend. He angrily and hatefully responds by telling her that her “little sweetheart” is just fine, she cares about Bianca, and everybody thinks Bianca is so great. But he could care less. Hearing that, she is shocked and asks him how he can be so bitter.

Danielle presents to Lily a “scenario”, trying to make it sound easy to her, like a math problem. She tells Lily there are guys like her dad and Reggie who she is close to and are her family. Then there’s the guy with whom she “shoots the breeze” but is not really concerned about his brand of toothpaste. Then there’s the guy who “rocks her world”, whom she is always thinking about because she’s fallen hard for him. Lily admits the she feels that very feeling about “somebody” without actually identifying him. Lily inquires if it’s somebody Lily’s met in school. Lily says it’s “him”. Danielle inquires if “him”, means Aidan.

Meanwhile, Aidan goes to see Anita at the hospital and doesn’t mind if Bianca witnesses his kissing Anita right in her room. Bianca is very happy for them and says it looks like they got something good which they are not afraid to “go public” with.

Greenlee goes outside in the cold. Ryan joins her. She apologizes for what she just implied about his brother. He tells her he understands and realizes Jonathan is difficult. They both agree that they need not worry about him. They must be primarily concerned about Miranda.

Kendall tells JR that she wholeheartedly agrees that Babe is trash to have lied to Bianca about Miranda being alive, and for how it’s hurt him. She confirms that she does not blame him for anything And she sounds like she will not stand in the way of his quest to make that worthless little tramp pay for what she’s done if she ever shows her face in Pine Valley again.

Maggie confronts Jonathan about his attitude. He keeps telling her to shut up. But she refuses and yells at him about lying to her, and for having no consideration for her or the people she loves. And he hauls off and slaps her very hard.

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