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By Jenn
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Babe is with baby James. She tells him Santa came to visit him just like he promised. Jamie appears with a Santa hat. She tells him she’s so blessed to have him and the baby. Right then, he remembers he has to get up to make a call on a pay phone and leaves. She tells him he must be careful. He promises her nothing bad will happen.

From outside Bianca’s hospital room, Reggie, Lily, Greenlee and Ryan watch in awe as Bianca awakens and holds her baby girl. Erica is right there with her. Jack, Kendall, Maria, Tad and Dr. Joe Martin stand by her bedside and witness this miracle. Kendall tearfully tells her sister she was so afraid she’d lost her. Erica asks Bianca if she remembers how she got there, but realizes that it no longer matters as long as Miranda is there with her and that she’s ok. Maria tells her that she just needs to take Miranda for a moment. But Bianca declares she cannot let anybody take her baby from her. Erica assures her daughter that she will never let anybody take her baby from her again. Bianca gives Miranda to Erica. Erica happily holds her. Jack kisses Erica and kisses Miranda.

Outside the room, Reggie asks Jack if it’s really true that that baby really is Miranda. Jack assures his son that she sure is and that Bianca will be ok. Dr. Joe tells the well-wishers that he needs to go somewhere and have a good cry. Lily asks her father if her lifejacket saved Bianca. Jack tells her that it very well did. Ryan asks Jack what the deal is with the misconception that Miranda was Bess Chandler. Jack explains that there was a screw-up and unfortunately the Chandler baby died. But nobody is going to be depressed now that Bianca has recovered and Miranda is back where she belongs. Maggie arrives with Jonathan saying how happy she is. David and Krystal are happy but know they’d better not interact with anybody except each other. But then Maggie goes up to David and asks him to hug her. A nurse informs Dr. Joe that there is a call for him. It’s Jamie. Dr. Joe informs his grandson that Bianca has regained consciousness and Miranda is back with her mommy. Jamie tells his grandfather that that is the best Christmas miracle ever. Dr. Joe puts Brooke on the phone. She tearfully asks her son if he’s ok. He tells her he’s fine but he must get off the phone soon because of the risk of the call being traced. He tells his mother he loves her and asks her to tell Tad that he loves him too.

Krystal tells Tad that he may not care what she thinks but she believes he is a hero to make the promise to Bianca to return her baby and then to be able to deliver that promise. He tells her he did not do anything special. She tells him that she also believes it’s taken a lot of courage for him to make JR give up Bess/Miranda. But he tells her he’s not proud of not telling JR that his son is alive but that choice is not quite as despicable as what she’s done. She tells him that he must believe he did the right thing to keep JR away from a baby, due to the fact that he is too much like his father. But she admits that what she did was keeping a baby away from her mother’s love.

Maria tells Bianca’s family that Bianca is perfect. Puzzled to hear something like that coming from a doctor, Jack asks if she can translate that into some “medical mumbo jumbo”. She tells them that Bianca is not ill and it’s as if she never suffered an injury nor was in a coma. They all believe that it’s a miracle that she’s recovered so well.

Zach privately tells Myrtle that if he could, he would make it up to Bianca for what his brother did to her. She tells him that’s a very tall order. He says he realizes that but wants everybody to know that he is there for Bianca and Miranda if they need anything. Ethan goes to find Zach and tells him he needs him to stay away from Bianca and Miranda. He tells Zach that he is a Cambias, while Miranda is a Montgomery. And he tells Zach that he will not let this innocent baby have any part of the Cambias curse.

In Bianca’s room, Jack informs Erica that Kendall wants to talk to her. She gives Miranda to Jack and goes out to talk to her daughter. Noticing Kendall is crying, Erica asks Kendall if she is ok. But she discovers that Kendall is only in awe of something very positive. She tells her mother that she did it. She came through for Bianca and that she loves Erica.

Bianca tells Jack that she realizes that Miranda has no grandfather. So she asks Jack if he could “pull double-duty” and be both great uncle Jack and grandpa. He says he would be honored to be the grandfather to Miranda.

Tad tells Krystal that they must be concerned that JR will find out about his son sooner or later and take action against Babe and Jamie. She tells him she will do everything to make sure that her daughter and his son are safe. She tells Tad that she owes him her life for everything he’s done for her and her daughter and her grandson and tells him if there’s anything she can do for him, he must ask. David goes to find Krystal, afraid that Tad is just making her feel bad. She tells Tad that he made a miracle happen and she will never forget that. Tad excuses himself and departs.

Jamie informs Babe that he just heard that Bianca has recovered and both she and Miranda are doing real good. Babe is very happy to hear that.

Ethan tells Zach that from now on he will be keeping an eye on him in order to protect people he cares about. Maria enters and expresses how happy she is that Bianca has recovered. Ethan leaves Zach alone with Maria. It looks like Zach still has feelings for Maria.

Kendall tells Miranda that she is her aunt and she still needs to get her the pound puppy she promised Bianca at her baby shower. Reggie says hi to Miranda and tells her he’s her uncle Reggie. Lily tells Miranda she is Reggie’s sister and will soon be her aunt. Kendall introduces Miranda to Greenlee and tells her she will soon be her other aunt. Greenlee tells Miranda she will be her wild aunt who will just have fun with her. Ryan says hi to Miranda and tells her he will show her how to ride a motorcycle. Everybody laughs. Lily expresses that she can see that everybody’s mouth is turned up now.

Bianca tells her family that she cannot have Miranda taken from her for even a moment. She’s spent 9 months of her life believing she was gone forever and nobody will ever take her away again. Realizing that the doctors will need to keep Bianca in the hospital for a while longer without her baby, Erica goes and asks Dr. Joe if he can grant her a special favor.

Jamie promises baby James that he will take him to ball games, fishing trips and to read to him regularly. Babe promises him rides on the merry go round, trips to the petting zoo and other things. Jamie tells Babe he will keep all his promises. She says she will too and now she wants to tell Jamie of the Christmas promise she has for him. She promises to be the family that he left behind. She reads his promise to her and finds it’s the very same, to be the family that she left behind.

Greenlee surprises Ryan with a gift. He opens it and discovers pacifiers. He asks if she wants to try to have a baby again. She says she wants to after she’s had a few months to detoxify the crud from her system. They both seem happy and optimistic after witnessing the miracle.

Kendall informs Bianca that she ran into Father Clarence and he expressed he knew Bianca. Bianca sounds baffled about where Father Clarence would have come from. Kendall says regardless, the important thing was the Father Clarence told her she must have faith and not give up hope. And she’s glad she’s listened to him.

Krystal tells David that it happens every year. He asks what that is. She says a Christmas miracle. And she says it makes one believe that there are Christmas miracles all around them.

Babe tells Jamie that she is sending up a prayer of thanks and that even with the horrible mess she’s made of things, it’s now all worth it. He informs her that he just talked to his mom today. She says that she intends to keep the promise she made to him to be his family. He puts his arms around her and holds her.

Erica informs Jack that Dr. Joe is going to arrange for Miranda to stay with Bianca the whole while she stays in the hospital. Kendall says she knows that Miranda motivated Bianca to wake up. But Bianca says the reason she woke up was because of all of them. She could hear them all urging her to come back. She knew she was not fighting alone. They were all there fighting with her and they all brought her back.

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