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By Lori
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Ethan goes into Bianca's hospital room and tells her he wants to have a chat. He says he came to Pine Valley to be accepted as Ethan Cambias but found the friendship from her and her sister has meant more to him than any empire. He doesn't know what would have happened without Bianca and he can't let her leave. An optimistic Kendall approaches Maria at the hospital and says she knows Bianca is getting better, right? Maria tells her she's really sorry. Kendall says she was told to have faith. Maria says they may have to put Bianca on a respirator to keep her alive.

At Chandler mansion, Erica is wondering what is taking so long for JR to bring Miranda to her. Tad walks in and asks where Miranda is. Jack tells him Miranda hasn't been brought downstairs yet. Tad becomes panic-stricken and runs upstairs. "Oh no, no, no," he cries as he enters the nursery. Adam is sitting there and tells Tad that JR found another way out. Tad immediately calls Aidan and tells him that JR has fled with Miranda and to look for them.

JR is in his car ready to leave but wants to know why Father Clarence is sitting in his passenger seat. Clarence tells JR he needs a lift. JR says he doesn't have time for this. Clarence says they're going the same direction, to Pine Valley Hospital. JR says he'll make a donation to him, but Clarence rejects his offer. JR tells him for God's sake, get out of his car.

At the hospital, Reggie asks Danielle what can he do to help Bianca and why can't someone just wake her up. After everything she's been through, is she now going to die? He angrily grabs something near the Christmas tree and throws it. Derek approaches and tells Reggie to calm down. He knows he's frustrated but he needs to stay calm. He tells him to look around at all the family and friends gathered and see how many people love Bianca. He's not alone.

Krystal enters the hospital lobby and is immediately confronted by Brooke, who asks to talk to her in private. They go into another hallway and Brooke asks if she's heard from Babe. Krystal says she has not. Brooke tells her that Tad told her everything, even that Babe and Jamie kidnapped the Buchanan baby. Krystal tells her that baby is Babe's son. Brooke says Tad also told her that Jamie isn't coming home and she asks Krystal to give her a reason why she shouldn't rip her apart for that and for what she's done to Bianca. Krystal says it kills her for what she did to Bianca. Krystal says she prays that Bianca will wake up. Brooke tells her she's a piece of work. Krystal says so is Jamie, in a good way. Krystal tells her she's raised an incredible boy. Brooke should have seen him in Florida. Brooke tells her she should see him here. Krystal says Jamie is where he wants to be and Babe realizes how lucky she is to have him.

David walks into Bianca's room and asks Ethan for a minute alone with her. Ethan leaves and sees Kendall headed for Bianca's room. He stops her and asks her why she's so wound up. Kendall says she got suckered into believing in miracles. David tells Bianca that she must really want him to suffer. He knows she has no choice but to hate him. He betrayed her. He says there is another way. He tells her to open her eyes and tell him she hates him. He has failed her but her mother and Miranda won't. He tells her she can't fail her daughter.

Tad asks Adam where this new tunnel goes. Adam says JR must have worked on this tunnel while he was away. Tad accuses him of letting JR run with Bianca's daughter. Adam says he didn't want JR to go. He has lost his son. Everyone else can go to hell. Tad goes downstairs and tells Jack that they need to leave.

Clarence tells JR that he must love Miranda very much. He says she doesn't look a bit like him or Dixie. He wonders what Dixie would think. JR is surprised Clarence knew Dixie. Clarence wonders what Dixie would think about what JR is about to do or not do. JR says he doesn't have time for this and tells him to go. Clarence gets out of the car. JR tells Miranda that everything is going to be OK. Suddenly Aidan gets in the car and confronts JR and Tad is at JR's driver's side window. Tad tells Jamie it's over and Aidan tells him not to even think about running as the roads are blocked and his pilot has been removed from standby. JR pleads with Tad to help him, but Tad tells him it's time to give Miranda up. Jack arrives and tells JR that if he tries to stop them from taking Miranda he'll face kidnapping charges. Jakes Miranda from the car and gives her to Erica, who tells her she's going to her mommy now. Tad tells JR he gave her what she deserves, he gave her back her mother. JR tells Tad to shut up. He tells Tad his mother and he are dead to him.

Kendall tells Ethan that this priest kept going on and on about Bianca and faith. She says he almost conned her. She really tried. She felt a tingle when she believed that having faith was enough. She believed and she has nothing to show for it. Ethan asks her if the tingle felt wrong. She says it felt right enough for her to trust it. Ethan tells her to hold onto that and keep believing. David leaves Bianca's room and Kendall asks him to tell her that there's been a change. He says he can't. Before Kendall goes into Bianca's room, Ethan tells her that if she takes anything in that room with her, take faith as fear will not help Bianca.

JR is back inside Chandler mansion guzzling liquor. Stuart approaches and says this is about the worst day this house has ever seen. He tells JR he's sorry and tries to comfort him, but JR rebuffs him and walks out of the room. He goes to the nursery, where Adam is sitting. JR asks his father if he wants to join him in a toast to Adam Chandler Senior, a man willing to cut his own son's heart out. Adam says he didn't understand how much he loved that girl until he saw the tunnel he built. He says he was hoping he would get away. JR tells him he sliced him up. He calls him Judas and tells him to count his 30 pieces of silver. Was it worth it to him to betray him?

Kendall, sitting by Bianca's bedside, tells her that they can celebrate the new year in Paris, Rio or Italy, or maybe just a quiet evening at home. Maria comes in to check on Bianca and Kendall and Ethan leave. Kendall, now in the lobby, looks at the elevator and has a flashback to when Ryan walked through the elevator carrying the damaged incubator last March when they learned Miranda was dead. Kendall tells Ethan she can't be here. Before she can leave the elevator opens and Erica walks into the lobby holding Miranda. "We have a miracle," she says. "We have Miranda. Bianca's baby's alive."

Adam tells JR that he's not the enemy. He's never loved anyone more than him. JR says yeah, more pain, more suffering and more loss. Adam says he would never turn his back on him, but it was too late. Too many people knew the truth. JR tells him he took the one perfect thing from him. Bess gave him the world and he took it away from him. Adam tells him Miranda was never his. He had a son who was lost. "Let me help you, son," Adam says. JR tells him not to call him son. He doesn't have a father anymore. He doesn't have anyone. He tells him to leave. After Adam walks out, JR sulks to the floor and sobs.

Maggie asks Tad if it's really Miranda and Tad tells her it is. He tells the gathered group to be patient as it's a long, sad story, but that baby is Miranda Montgomery. Lily says the baby looked just like Babe's baby. Tad says there's a reason for that. Palmer asks Tad for an explanation. Tad quickly explains that Paul Cramer put the baby in the wrong arms. All of Bianca's gathered friends are stunned. Krystal takes David aside and tells him it's over. David says it's not over for Bianca.

Zach approaches David and is curious why Krystal is not upset after just learning that Miranda was not in her family and that her own grandchild was lost. David asks him what he wants. Zach says he's just trying to understand them.

Ryan approaches Tad and asks him about the previous DNA test that showed the baby was Babe and JR's. Tad says he messed up on that test, but this new one is clean and legal.

Kendall asks Erica how can Bess Chandler be Miranda. Before Erica can explain Maria approaches her and tells her that Bianca's breathing is labored. She needs to decide whether to put Bianca on a respirator. Erica says no and goes into Bianca's room. She approaches Bianca and tells her that Miranda is here. She takes Bianca's hand and puts it on Miranda's face. Erica tells her she doesn't have to leave to get to Miranda. She brought Miranda to her. She tells Bianca that she has to be here for Miranda because she needs her so much. She pleads with Bianca to open her eyes.

Stuart asks Adam how JR is doing and suggests he just needs time. Adam says his son lost his child and he lost his son. Nothing is right. JR hugs a toy in the nursery.

Myrtle prays to Mona, telling her that she got her girls together at last. Reggie says a prayer for Bianca.

Brooke asks Joe what is going on with Bianca, and he says he's on his way to find out. He goes into Bianca's room followed by Tad. Erica places Miranda in Bianca's arms and asks her if she can feel her. Bianca's eyes slowly open and she cries, "Miranda, Miranda." Erica hugs her daughter.

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