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All My Children Update Friday 12/24/04



By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

JR demands to know what's going on when he sees Erica, Jack and Tad arrive home with his father. He asks if Bianca is worse. He tells Erica she knows how much he loves Bianca. Erica tells JR to help her now. He says he'll do anything, just name it. She tells him to give her Bess. JR tells Erica that Bess is not going to the hospital on Christmas Eve. Tad tells JR they have some bad news.

Maria is with Bianca as she lies in a coma. She goes out and tells Zach that she needs to find Erica now. Erica needs to make some pretty tough decisions. The kind of decisions that no parent should have to make. She says Bianca's body is shutting down. Erica has to decide whether to put her on a respirator or let her go. Maria walks away and Edmund enters and sees Zach. Zach tells Edmund that it's not good. Edmund goes into see Bianca.

Opal tells Palmer that he should call Mayo or John Hopkins to help Bianca. Palmer says all they can do is wait. Myrtle, Reggie, Danielle, Lily, Maggie, Jonathan, Ryan and Greenlee are all there waiting. Maria approaches the group and asks if any of them have seen Erica. They ask if there is any change but Maria says she has nothing new to report. Maria asks Greenlee if she could find Jack so they can get Erica there as soon as possible.

Kendall asks the minister at the chapel how he knows her sister. He says he and Bianca are well aquainted. They got to know each other last Christmas Eve. Bianca was looking for some answers. He tells Kendall maybe she'll find what she's looking for. Kendall asks how he knows her name. He says Bianca must have mentioned it. He introduces himself as Father Clarence. Kendall asks how he knows she's Bianca's sister. He says there's a family resemblance. She says they look nothing alike. He says he can see a resemblance deep down. He tells Kendall that Bianca came here not knowing if she could love the baby of the man who attacked her. She learned that all children are innocent and don't carry the sins of their father. Kendall tells him he totally screwed up Bianca's life.

Tad tells JR that he's sorry. They all know how much he loves that baby. Eica says all this time he thought Bess was his baby. JR insists she is his daughter. Jack says they've come to take Miranda to her mother.

Reggie says it will take a miracle to bring Bianca back. Lily innocently says they need to get a miracle. Reggie explains that a miracle is not something you can go get. It's something that's not possible but happens anyway.

Myrtle goes to the chapel and prays to Mona, asking her to get the attention of the almighty on Bianca's behalf.

JR says he doesn't blame them for hanging onto Babe's lies, but he will not allow them to use his little girl to keep that fantasy going. Tad tells him he has to accept the truth. They have proof. The last DNA test was fixed but this one was right. Jack tells JR that the test was monitored from start to finish by Judge Lambert. JR turns to his father and tells them they have a judge in their pocket. He asks whose DNA sample they used. Erica says they used DNA from Miranda. JR says that can't be as Bess has been with him. He realizes that his father took Bess and turns to him with a disbelieving expression on his face. Adam admits they went to a private DNA lab and he witnessed the test. JR can't believe his father would do such a thing to him. Adam says he had to know the truth. JR asks what he was offered, Colby? Did he trade his daughter to Tad in exchange for Colby? Tad tells JR that Paul Cramer is responsible for this. JR asks his father if he believes that beautiful little girl was fathered by Michael Cambias. Adam says the test was legitimate. JR asks Tad if Jamie put him up to this to get back at him. Jack tells JR that his baby died, but JR insists his baby did not die. Erica pleads with JR that this could be the definitive moment in Bianca's life. And his actions could traumatize Miranda. She says they don't have to ask his permission. JR tells them if they want his daughter they'll have to kill him to get to her.

Kendall tells Clarence that Bianca loved Miranda and God took Miranda. She loves Bianca and now Bianca is being taken away. Clarence tells her she has eyes but doesn't see and ears but doesn't hear. Kendall says she's not buying what he's saying. Clarence says life is tough and not for sissys. Anything people love will grow old and die, get lost or stolen. That's what we're dealt with and we have to live with it. Sadness and grief will always be with us. Kendall says he's not doing any good. He tells her that the opposite of faith is fear. Kendall says of course she's afraid. Bianca may die. Clarence tells her she needs to reach out to Bianca with her faith, not fear.

Opal and Palmer go to the chapel and pray. Greenlee tells Ryan that she can't find Jack. She can't understand why there are criminals out on the streets and Bianca is fighting for her life. Maggie tells Jonathan she should have went to Florida with Bianca. Jonathan tells her she can't change fate.

Edmund tells Bianca that she needs to find her way back. It's worth it and everyone loves her. Lily walks in. Lily tells Bianca she wanted to bring her a miracle but she's still not sure what that means. She'll wait here with her and see if a miracle decides to show up.

Anita lights a candle at the chapel and prays.

Stuart walks into the Chandler mansion room where JR and the others are gathered. He's happily singing a Christmas carol but notices the glumness in the room. He says there's definitely no Christmas spirit in this room. Stuart asks to talk to JR in private. Adam protests but Erica tells him that Stuart may be just what they need. JR goes into the hallway with Stuart, who asks him what's going on. JR says they're trying to take Bess from him. Adam says that he's lost his son, and for what? Erica, appalled, asks him if he means that Bianca's life doesn't matter. If he loses JR he can find him, but if she loses Bianca she can't. Stuart tells JR that if he knew deep down that Bess belonged to him, he wouldn't be so troubled over this. He tells him no to make this worse and let go. Help Bianca and her little girl. Stuart tries to comfort JR by rubbing his shoulders and telling him the love he has for Miranda will never die.

Lily, with Maria in Bianca's room, says Bianca may be able to hear her. Maria tells her to sit with her and talk to her.

At the chapel, Ryan and Greenlee enter to pray.

Kendall asks Clarence how she can fight for Bianca. He says he can't tell her. She says he hasn't helped her one bit. He says maybe he'll be better at helping his next appointment. Other people are much worse off than she is. She has everything she needs. She asks how he can say that. She turns around, however, and he is gone.

Adam asks what his next move is, a memorial service for the grandchild he never knew? Erica suggests counseling, but he tells her to shut up. Stuart enters with JR and says JR is ready. JR tells them he'll go get Bess. Tad says he'll go with him, but JR says he wants to say goodbye alone. Tad says he'll wait outside the nursery. JR accuses him of twisting the knife. Tad says he just wants to make sure he doesn't grab Miranda and run. Jack tells JR that all exits are being watched.

JR goes into Miranda's room, grabs a bag, picks her up and tells her that her daddy is smarter than all those other people. He has a secret way out for them that not even her grandpa knows about.

Jack gets a message from Greenlee to call Maria and does so. Maria tells him to get back with Erica as soon as possible. Jack tells Adam to get JR. They need to get Miranda and get to the hospital right away. "Oh, God," Erica cries. "Bianca hold on."

Reggie and Danielle enter the chapel to pray, followed by Ethan, Edmund, Maggie and Jonathan who all say their own prayers. Myrtle asks God for a miracle.

Lily, now alone with Bianca, says she's less scared. She reaches tentatively for Bianca's hand but pulls away. She tells her she's not frightened anymore and takes her hand and puts it to her cheek. "Is this a miracle?" she asks Bianca.

Kendall is now alone at the chapel praying. She tells God she lost whatever faith she had when Miranda died. She's afraid and she doesn't know how to believe. "Help me," she says. She has to believe Bianca will be all right. Please let her live. "I believe," she exclaims. "I swear, I believe."

Tad is praying to Dixie, telling her he wouldn't blame her if she was disappointed in him. He had to do what he felt was right. He says as much as he misses her, JR misses her more. He doesn't know how to help him. If she has any ideas, please give him a hint. He says their boy has never been more lost than he is right now.

Erica is waiting for JR to return with Miranda. She calls to Adam and asks what's taking so long. Adam goes into Miranda's room and notices she and JR are gone. JR puts Miranda in his car and gets into it. Father Clarence is sitting in the passenger seat. He asks who he is and what he wants. Clarence says he needs his help. This is important, very important.

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