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Ryan and Greenlee get off the elevator at the hospital and see tons of people and a Christmas tree. Opal informs them that there are many people whose lives Bianca has touched and they are gathered there.

Erica is in her daughter’s hospital room. When she leaves she tells Kendall, Jack and Tad that she’s noticed that Bianca’s breathing has changed and sounds more even. Tad tells her that does sound like a good sign. At that moment, she notices David Hayward. Jack approaches David and tells him if he takes one more step or pushes anything he will be sorry.

Zach tells Ethan that he needs to realize that his girlfriend has issues. Ethan tells Zach that he must not judge Kendall. Zach tells him that he could get in big trouble for aiding and abetting what she might have done in addition to his attempted murder charges.

Jack asks David why he is there. Is it to ruin more lives when all he cares about is his biological child? David tells Jack to get out of his face. Erica confronts David also. But at that moment, Maria comes out of Bianca’s room and tells them all that it is not good. It looks like Bianca is letting go. Erica protests that she was just with Bianca, holding her hand and she looked like she was getting better. But Maria says that she just examined her and noticed that her numbers are dropping and says all they can do is keep her hydrated and nourished and breathing but she cannot bring Bianca back if she does not want to come back. Right then, Kendall and Erica know that Bianca is giving up because she doesn’t want to wake up and face losing Miranda. Erica notices that the DNA results have not come back and is growing impatient.

Zach informs Ethan that he knows that Kendall is taking an anti-anxiety drug, the same kind that Greenlee OD’d on. Ethan tells him just because Kendall is taking the same drugs Greenlee had in her system, it means nothing. Ethan also tells Zach that he wonders why when Zach speaks so fondly of Bianca, would he want to go after her sister. Zach tells Ethan he is on to Kendall because he is no fool. He tells Ethan that if he is with Kendall, she will explode like she always does and he will be left to pick up the pieces. Ethan tells Zach that he can tell that Zach is a true Cambias, only out for blood. He tells Zach that he’s often wondered how he’d feel if Zach really did father him. He tells Zach that any son of his really would hate him.

Krystal goes to the Chandler house to deliver a gift to Bess/Miranda. JR and Adam confront her. JR tells her he can call the police and get her charged with stalking his child. She says she is there for her grandchild and she loves that little girl more than anything.

David tells Erica and Jack that he’s seen cases like this where people in Bianca’s situation turn around and that she just needs a reason. He urges Erica to see that even if she hates him, she must realize how much he cares about her daughter. She says she does not buy that and wants him to get out and leave her alone. She tells Jack that the medical staff better hurry up and give them the test results. He tells her they must realize how important it is. She says she wonders if they know that her daughter’s life hangs on the results of the test results.

Kendall tells Greenlee that all the people are there for Bianca to offer their prayer. Greenlee surprises Kendall by sounding nice, telling her that she is praying for Bianca also and that she does not believe that Kendall tried to drug her. Kendall tells Greenlee she must be careful, somebody might lock her up for sounding nice to her. Greenlee apologizes for her past behavior. But Kendall is very angry with Greenlee, telling Greenlee that she must really think she is something special, making false accusations of her and all. And she doesn’t have the emotional tolerance for Greenlee when her sister is fighting for her life. Greenlee says she does not believe that Kendall tried to kill her but even if she did, she does not want Kendall going to jail. Greenlee admits that she was out of control during the time she was on the drug. She says she’s learned that drugs are not the answer for somebody losing touch with reality. She reflects on how she remembers the night of the murder game, Kendall lost touch with reality similarly to how she did. And she says she wants to help Kendall the same way she’s gotten help. Kendall admits she doesn’t know what to say nor what Greenlee is up to.

Tad tells Erica and Jack that any minute now Adam will tell JR what has happened. Or possibly JR will find out on his own. Hearing that, Erica sounds scared and says God help us all.

While Krystal is at the Chandlers to see Bess/Miranda, JR tells her she may take one last look. Then she can get out. She tells Adam he must be really “proud” of JR. Adam replies that he is proud of JR. He also tells her that he has only one thing in common with her. They both love their children and would do anything for them. She says Merry Christmas to Bess/Miranda and gets out. When she leaves, JR tells his father that what he just said to Krystal was the best Christmas gift he could ever get. Right at that moment, JR answers the phone. A woman at the hospital asks for Adam Chandler Sr. Adam takes the call and JR can tell that something fishy is up. The woman tells Adam that she cannot just give him the DNA results over the phone without consulting the other parties. Adam looks spooked not knowing what to say. Noticing the major change in his father’s expression, JR tells him that he’s beginning to wonder what’s going on and asks his father if that’s someone calling about a secret Christmas gift for him or for Bess?

The judge whom Jack has asked to be a witness to the DNA procedure appears at the hospital. Everybody watches her with awe. She reads the results, which say that with an accuracy rate of 99.9%, the biological parents of this child are an untested male and Ms. Bianca Montgomery.

Kendall goes to the boathouse and throws sticks. She asks if this is what it takes. She asks if God wants her to bow down and plead and beg for her sister’s life. She expresses that if that’s what she needs to do for her sister, she will do it. She bows down and prays and asks that He leaves her sister alone and not take her from her. She says if He takes Bianca from her, she will hate him for the rest of her life, whether He’s real or not. She says if He gives Bianca back, she will do anything He wants in the way of praise or worship. And she emotionally begs that he just brings her sister back. Ethan unexpectedly shows up after overhearing her prayer. She tells him that this is a private party for two. He tells her he knows of an easier way, which does not involve breaking sticks. He says all she must do is say: “please help me”. She says those words are not in her vocabulary so she’s out of luck. He suggests that maybe she should just do it as a “cover your bases” type of maneuver. She asks if he asked for help when he was trying to figure out who he was. He admits that he did. He tells her that when Zach took the paternity test, his prayer was answered.

Adam appears at the hospital after the results have been read. The judge leaves with the nurse. Erica tells Adam that she does not know what to say. She says that maybe sorry is not the right thing to say but she is. And she says if it’s any small consolation, the people who are responsible for what’s happened will be dealt with or already have been. She tells him that all the rest of them are victims. They’ve all lost something. She knows he loves JR just like she loves Bianca and they have both lost their child. Adam tells her he has nothing to say except that he needs to get back to his son for Christmas Eve. Krystal goes to talk to David informing him that she spoke to JR and cannot tell whether or not he knows about his baby boy, but she could clearly tell that he is hanging on to that little girl and will never let her go. It sounds like neither of them know that Adam has authorized the DNA test and the results have been revealed.

Ryan and Greenlee go to talk to unconscious Bianca, telling her that so many people are out there for her. Ryan says that it’s so obvious that she is loved by everybody. He tells her she is a miracle in this world of hate and negativity and chaos. Greenlee tells her that when she speaks everybody listens and loves and respects her and that is so rare and so special. Ryan tells her that she cannot leave them. They both tell her she must stay because they all need her.

Zach asks Maria what is up with Bianca. She tells him that she knows that Bianca needs a reason to fight to hang on. She also tells him that since Bianca has no living Will, due to what is happening, very soon somebody is going to have to make a decision on whether to put her on a ventilator. And she could be in a coma for years. And she admits she does not know what to do.

Kendall tearfully tells Zach that if Bianca does not make it, she cannot go on. He reflects to her that when he came to this town as the nephew of a rapist, Bianca just wanted to be his friend. Kendall confirms that that is what she is to everybody. That is who Bianca is. And she asks if there is anybody else like Bianca. Kendall says that if God takes Bianca away from all of them, He’s saying to hell with the world. And He’s right. Without her, the world is pretty worthless and they are all a pretty crummy bunch. She says if people believe she’s tried to drug Greenlee, she doesn’t care if she gets to rot in jail. Because without Bianca, nothing else matters. She says Bianca is the one part of her soul that has not been eaten up and destroyed. Ethan tries to encourage Kendall not to think so negatively. But she walks away and tells him she needs to be alone.

In the hospital, when Maria is fighting and struggling not to lose Bianca who is slipping futher and further, Zach tells Ryan and Greenlee that all he cares about his Bianca and they may all argue later.

Tad tells Adam that whatever happens, whatever he tells JR, JR will not want to admit that Bess is really Miranda. He says that the DNA test will only cause him to panic and he will take her away. Erica and Jack tell Adam that he must do something. Bianca is their baby and they cannot lose her now.

Krystal tells David that they can all feel the prayers that are there. He asks if she can feel any hope. Krystal tells that she just wants Bianca to wake up and be ok and hope that some day Bianca can forgive her. He tells her that if anybody can forgive, Bianca is the one. She tells him she regrets playing God, and all that has happened to lead up to Bianca being in that hospital bed. And she says if she could play God one more time, she would just bring Bianca back. He reflects that he’s played God too many times but wishes he had a chance to do it again so that he could bring her back

Kendall goes to a chapel. A priest asks if he can help her. She admits she did not know how she got there. She must have lost her way. He tells her perhaps she found her way, just like her sweet sister did a year ago. It’s the same priest who Bianca met a year ago and he seems to know who Kendall is.

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