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Anita and Aidan approach Lily in an attempt to help her after she’s been tormented by the girls flashing their red clothing at her. She still keeps rocking back and forth, not listening to them. Aidan tells her that they are going to make the red disappear.

Stuart comes by dressed like Santa Claus with a gift for JR. He admits that he might not be welcome by JR and his father. Remembering that Adam just informed him that he was going to reconcile with Stuart and told JR that Stuart was welcome to join them for Christmas, JR inquires why Stuart would still assume he would be unwelcome. JR asks if Stuart did not “reunite” with Adam, as Adam had told him they’d planned on doing at the Shelter the previous day. Stuart replies that he had no such plans with Adam. Right there, JR knows his father lied to him about where he was going with “Bess” the previous day.

Myrtle comes by the hospital to visit Bianca but admits to Maria that she is not exactly in the “Christmas spirit” with what has happened to Bianca.

Brooke is ready to take action against JR and Adam. She brings her article to Edmund Gray, adamant and confident that they can print this story and blow JR and Adam out of the water with the suspicion that JR may have been responsible for Bianca’s accident. But Edmund believes that they could be suied for liable for printing this, there’s no proof that JR intended to hurt Bianca and if he gets falsely accused of attempted murder it could come back to haunt them. And Edmund inquires what is “up” with Brooke, knowing she has some other major “agenda” for wanting to print this article. She emotionally admits to him that it’s Christmas and she has no clue where her son is. She reveals that she is motivated by revenge upon the Chandlers for what happened to Jamie.

Jamie tells Babe that it’s entirely possible that Adam and JR are seeking revenge upon them. He admits he wishes he could talk to his mom for Christmas but it’s too risky to be making any calls on the phone. But he tells her that this is what he signed up for.

Stuart assures JR that he must not be worried about Adam doing anything to take Bess away from him. He asks his nephew what is up. JR replies that he’s very protective of Bess. JR tells Stuart that he is the only uncle Bess has. Stuart reminds JR that Bess also has her uncle Jamie. JR informs Stuart that his relationship with Jamie is over and the only family he has left is Bess, his father and Stuart.

Adam demands to know why Tad did not let them know long ago that Bess was Miranda. He asks how Tad could wait in order to “drop the bombshell” while JR grew more and more in love with his child and waited until it would devastate JR to know the truth. Adam inquires if Tad was just so “enamored” with Krystal that he would think about her before having courtesy and decency for his stepson. Tad admits that he feels terrible for what this could do to JR to have to give up his child, but he’s also concerned that JR is turning into his father. Tad admits to Adam that he will always love Dixie and has no intention of ever hurting her son. Adam tells Tad that if he is really so concerned about JR then he will tell Brooke she must call off her story to incriminate JR and blame him for what happened to Bianca. Adam tells Tad he either does something to cancel the story or he will call off the DNA test.

Aidan and Anita manage to calm Lily down. She asks them not to tell her dad about what’s happened knowing how upset he already is about Greenlee and about Bianca. Aidan promises to keep it a secret.

Edmund tells Brooke that she must not be so concerned about Jamie because he is an adult and must be allowed to make his own decisions. But she tells him that she will always be concerned about her son. She says until she dies she will always love him and want him home.

Adam informs Tad, who apparently did not know, that Brooke has threatened to write an incriminating article about JR being responsible for Bianca’s accident just because she’s upset about her son running off with that slut Babe. Tad tells Adam he will attempt to convince Brooke to call off writing the article. But he is also concerned about the spiteful action JR could take against Jamie. He admits he does not trust JR and if Adam does not do something to prevent JR from hurting Jamie, he will let that article go in the paper about JR being under suspicion for attempted murder of Bianca.

Aidan gives Lily some sunglasses so she may block out the color of red from her mind. She tells them she feels better now that she no longer sees red. She also reveals to them her math skills. Anita says she wishes she had the “gift” that Lily has. She tells them that she wishes she could help Bianca get better.

Tad goes to talk to Brooke while she’s with Edmund. Edmund leaves them alone, knowing why Tad is there. Tad tells Brooke that before she starts tearing into him, he has something to say. She says unless what he has to say is that he’s found Jamie and he’s coming back for Christmas, she does not want to hear it.

When Adam returns home, JR informs his father that he knows he lied about taking Bess to visit Stuart. Stuart was just there. He asks Adam where he really went. He tells his father he wants the truth. Adam tells his son, in a desperate attempt to sound “truthful” that he intended to make peace with Stuart but found himself having difficulty in going through with it. So while he was driving, he was listening to financial reports and never made it to his meeting with Stuart. He tells JR, in an indirect way, that he has always wanted what is best for him but regrets to his son that he “let him down”. Having no clue what his father really did, JR tells Adam that he never believes he’s let him down. He tells Adam that he knows he’d do anything to protect Bess and him and that’s all he could ever ask for.

Brooke demands that Tad repeats after her that Jamie will be home for Christmas. Although he cannot tell her those exact words, Tad assures Brooke that Jamie will be ok but he wants her to promise not to print the article. She emotionally demands to know why he’d protect JR. He tells her that it’s not about that but he needs her to take a seat so he can tell her something. She still demands that he tells her that Jamie will be ok and with them for Christmas. He tells her he would give anything to be able to promise that. But he tells her that the reality is that Jamie will never come back to Pine Valley.

Edmund appears at the hospital to a very upset Maria who tells her husband that she has just been informed by their son that Edmund plans to take their daughter with him for Christmas without having the common courtesy to tell Maria of his plans. She says he has no right to do that behind her back.

Aidan goes and runs into the spiteful girls who hurt Lily. He tells them he needs to ask them what is a rhetorical question because he already knows the answer. He asks if they’ve had involvement in the tormenting of Lily. He tells her that they are “aware” of Lily’s mathematical skills. And instead of harassing and intimidating her, they should realize that Lily’s talents could be a benefit to national security. They inquire that if she is so talented, then why hasn’t the Pentagon figured out they must hire autistic nutcases. He tells her that maybe someday they will discover the benefit in giving someone like Lily these opportunities. But until the day that happens, they must realize that Lily has friends that love her and will protect her and if they mess with her again, they will be sorry.

Brooke cries hysterically demanding to know how Tad could let Jamie go on the run. How could he have kept the secret from her? Jamie is on the run and could be in prison for the rest of his life and the only way he will come home will be in handcuffs and leg irons. He tells her he did everything he could to persuade Jamie from not running off and risking the consequences. He tells her that after JR tried to murder Jamie and after what happened to Bianca, which could very well be JR’s fault, he saw how dangerous JR was. And for that reason, he cannot let JR know about the baby who is his biological son. He tells her that Jamie might be the man to protect Dixie’s grandson. And he must give him the chance to do that. He tells her that he might have lost both of his sons and he understands if she never forgives him.

When Aidan returns to Lily after confronting the girls, she tells him he is her hero and he can make bad things go away. He tells her she may keep the sunglasses. She tells him she must get back to her dad because he worries about her. She leaves. Aidan tells Anita that Lily is really sweet. Anita agrees and tells Aidan that he is amazing.

Maria surprises Edmund by telling him she is not angry at him for the decision he just made. She tells him that she has just remembered the reason she fell in love with him. It was because of his strength and courage and his determination to put the kids first no matter what.

After hearing that the end result of Jamie’s “fate” is that he can protect a baby, Brooke is calmer and tells Tad she knows he only has good intentions. He tells her he wishes she could see how good Jamie is with that baby. He tells her they have reason to be very proud of their son. She agrees that they have something to be proud and grateful for. But she says they have lost their son. He agrees and reflects that JR will lose his son also.

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