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By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Jamie assures Babe that everything will be ok now that Kelly Buchanan has agreed to let them have baby James. He tells Babe that he can see that Kelly really loves her (Babe’s) little guy. She tells him: “He’s OUR little guy”. She still has no clue about what has happened to Bianca and assumes she’s happy with Miranda. At that moment, Jamie tells Babe that there is something she needs to know about Bianca.

In Bianca’s hospital room while she’s still unconscious, Erica and Jack are ready to do the DNA test on Bianca and have invited a witness to observe what the nurse is doing to ensure that the results are accurate. Right at that moment, they are startled by JR who walks in and asks if he’s come at a bad time. Erica knows she must appear nice to him and assures him he’s not interrupting anything. He has a big bouquet of flowers for Bianca and looks like he’s come in peace. They introduce him to the woman who will be their witness but don’t tell him exactly why she’s there. He goes outside the door, realizing they must have private business to attend to. But Erica follows him out the door, urging him to wait, graciously telling him how grateful she is for all he’s done for her daughter and apologizing for even remotely considering that he’d be responsible for the accident. She hugs him.

Lily is outside by herself, reading a book. The snotty girls still cannot leave her alone. They try to butter her up about her reading skills. Then one of them tells the “story of the girl who gets her friends in trouble”. She has no clue what they are talking about and believes they are just making conversation with her.

Maggie is with Jonathan. She is stressed while writing a paper for a class, afraid she will not complete it in time. She lets him know that she loves him and is glad he’s living with her but does not need another distraction. She is trying to find tapes for the class but is very stressed. Reggie enters and Jonathan lies to him saying Maggie is not there. Reggie finds it odd that Maggie has not returned any phone calls and is never home. He tells Jonathan that he needs to talk to Maggie about Bianca. But Jonathan clearly does not want Reggie to talk to Maggie and pushes him out the door before she has a chance to know that Reggie was there. When she returns she asks who was at the door. He tells her it was just somebody selling subscriptions and whom they do not want to see.

After hearing what happened to Bianca, Babe is worried. Jamie tells her that Bianca still has not regained consciousness. And he tells her he hopes she understands why he did not tell her sooner. She tells him how grateful she is to have him there for her, after all the trouble she’s gotten him into. She tells him she wishes Bianca had somebody like him in her life. She puts her arms around him.

After drawing Bianca’s DNA samples, the woman who will be the witness asks Erica if the baby will be there soon. Erica replies yes, Adam Chandler will bring her.

Adam is all ready to take Miranda to do the DNA test dresses her warmly in her stroller, tells her he’s gotten used to her, will miss her and maybe they will all be wrong and he’ll find out she is really his granddaughter. He seems happy, strangely. But right when he’s ready to go out the door, he runs into his son. JR demands to know where his father thinks he’s going.

Aidan brings Anita some gourmet coffee and asks her to have lunch with him. She tells him she doesn’t want to leave Bianca. He tells her that since they both have beepers, they should be able to get away for just a little while. She agrees to go with him.

Babe tells Jamie that Bianca must be ok and needs somebody to make sure she gets Miranda back. She’s worried about JR and Adam taking advantage of the fact that Bianca is unconscious. He assures her that his dad will make sure that Bianca gets Miranda back and that their primary concern right now, must be James. He reminds her that they must water their Christmas tree, as it is the first Christmas for James. He reminisces that Christmas is his favorite holiday, and not just because of the loot. He remembers when he and JR were best friends and traveled together with their families. He remembers Dixie taking them to visit an old lady with Christmas cider and his dad’s attempt to make secret Christmas gifts for the kids and cutting his fingers. He tells her that it was a great Christmas because they were all together and they were all happy.

Hearing Adam’s “explanation” for why he’s taking the baby, JR offers to go with him. Realizing he must not tell his son what he plans to do, Adam admits that he just lied and tells another story about something he needs to do alone. He says he must go and talk privately to Stuart and attempt to resolve his differences with his brother. JR agrees to let his father go off alone with Miranda, obviously having no clue what he’s about to do.

Lily tells the girls she wants to read. One of the girls says she wants a new pair of boots but her parents will not let her use their charge cards. They tell her that they tried to be her friend although Danielle and Reggie made trouble for them. Lily tells them they are not her friends and they tried to get her brother in trouble. They tell her they are ready to forgive her because this is Christmas, the time of giving. And they know just how to torture her by taking off their coats and revealing their red clothing. Lily huddles in a corner and covers her ears. They seem to enjoy causing her to suffer.

Babe tells Jamie about some of her childhood Christmases with her mother a horse she was able to ride. She admits that she was lead to believe the horse was really hers and she believed he was because she got to feed him, ride him, take care of him and spoil him.

While Maggie is trying to write her paper, Jonathan is able to convince her to come skiing with him when she’s done. Finally, Reggie is able to find Maggie. She tells him she’s busy with her term paper and he must not bother her, having no clue why he’s there. He tells her he can see that she does not know what has happened to Bianca.

Adam makes it to the hospital, although unhappily. Jack and Erica try to be courteous to him, asking him if it’s “all right” with him to have the witnesses there. He angrily tells them that it is not “all right” with him. Nothing about this is all right.

Babe makes Christmas cards with Jamie. He shows her how he made baseball cards and remembers how to make snowflakes. He also reveals to her that the teacher that taught him how to make snowflakes was really hot. But then he leaves to go take care of some private business, wearing his baseball cap and sunglasses.

Alone by the fireplace, JR tells a doll that Bess will love her and he will make sure it’s Bess’ best Christmas ever.

Erica and Jack try to assure Adam that they only want what is best for Miranda. He tells her they must call her Bess, that is her name. He tells them he’s so sick of this whole thing and is only agreeing to do what they want in order to get this over with.

Jonathan obviously does not want Maggie to go and be with Bianca. Reggie can tell that Jonathan has prevented her from talking to him and knowing about Bianca’s accident. She makes it clear that she will not be going skiing with him and her primary concern is to be with Bianca. He tells her she cannot go to the hospital.

Maggie and Reggie arrive at Bianca’s room. The nurse says she will let them have some time alone. Maggie talks to Bianca, informing her came as soon as she heard. She urges Bianca to wake up.

Anita asks Aidan if he ever found out Bobbie got the money he collected at the boathouse. She reveals to him that she and Bianca were planning on getting together on the anniversary of their respective break-ups and toast to their futures. He tells her that she must toast to having a great future without any more break ups. But right at that moment, they can hear a young girl crying and screaming. It sounds like it’s Lily.While the girls are tormenting Lily, as soon as they are able to tell that they are seen and heard by somebody, they take off running before Aidan and Anita notice them. Aidan attempts to calm Lily down, telling her it’s al right nobody will hurt her. He is able to discover that she was alarmed by the color red. Anita asks who would do something like that to her.

Before the DNA test is administered, Adam demands that Jack and Erica get out of the room so he can be alone with Miranda. He picks her up and plays with her and apologizes if “they upset her”. He then buries his head in his hands, very upset. At that moment, Tad enters and asks if he’s praying for JR or for himself.

Maggie goes over to unconscious Bianca, buries her face in Bianca’s pillow, cries and tells her friend she loves her so much.

Jamie comes back from the secret place he’s gone to and surprises Babe with an unexpected gift. It’s an angel ornament to hang on the Christmas tree. She notices it looks like Bianca. He tells her that’s the reason he got it for her. They put it on the tree. He then pulls out some mistle toe and kisses her.

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