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Zach has just told Ryan that he knows who drugged his wife, but Ryan tells him he's not interested in what he has to say. Greenlee approaches and tells Zach to go away. Zach says he has evidence and displays a small piece of paper. Greenlee sees that it implicates Kendall. Ryan takes the paper. Zach walks away and Maria follows him.

Kendall is sitting with Bianca and kisses her hand. Ethan is watching behind her and walks out of the room to confront Jack, who is about to enter. Ethan tells Jack that if he's there to accuse Kendall of drugging Greenlee he can leave. Jack angrily tells him that he has no right to tell him what he can and can't do when it comes to his nieces.

Anita walks into Bianca's room and asks Kendall if she's left this place. Kendall says she can't go anywhere. Anita talks to Bianca, telling her she needs to wake up. A surprised Kendall asks her if she's nuts. Bianca is in a coma. Anita says there is evidence that suggests people in comas can hear. She advises Kendall to talk to her as well. They can't give up, she says. Kendall thanks Anita.

Jack walks into Bianca's room and hugs Kendall. Kendall says she knows Bianca is in there fighting like crazy. Reggie and Lily arrive. Lily tells her father she had to come. There is something she wants to give to Bianca. She says Miranda would not have died if she had had a life jacket. She knows there's no water here but she wants Bianca to be saved. She reveals a life jacket that she bought for Biana and puts it near Bianca. A tearful Kendall walks out of the room and Reggie follows. Kendall tells Reggie she realizes how many people love her sister. Reggie says you can talk to Bianca about anything. Kendall says if she doesn't wake up, how could they be anything but lost. They embrace.

In New Orleans, Kelly tells Babe to give her her child. Babe says no one will take her child from her again. Jamie tells Kelly that this is Babe's son. They had no choice but to take him. Kelly takes her phone and threatens to call the police but Jamie takes the phone from her. Kelly tells them they kidnapped her baby. Babe says she has DNA proof that he is her son. She tells him he was stolen from her by Paul. Kelly says she doesn't believe her and needs to hold her son. Babe lets Kelly hold the baby, but Jamie quickly takes him back and leaves the room. Kelly cries and Babe tells her she knows losing a baby is the worst thing that can happen. She thought she had lost her baby. Kelly asks how they could just take him. Why didn't they come to her first? Babe says her mother tried to come to her, but Kelly says there was no way she knew if she could trust her mother. Babe says she's sorry her baby was still borne but that doesn't give her the right to keep her baby. Kelly tells her that if Ace is her son, then the baby girl she had belonged to Bianca Montgomery. Babe says she didn't know that for the longest time. Kelly says when she did find out, she did the same thing she's accusing her of – keeping a baby that doesn't belong to her. Babe says she made a decision for the love of her husband but it was the wrong decision. It was the same reason she justified holding onto her child. Kelly says she didn't think the mother wanted Ace, but Bianca did want her daughter. She asks Babe what she would have done had she not found Ace. Would she continue to pass on Bianca's daughter as her own child? Babe says she would not because those babies belong to their mothers. Kelly tells her she's a hypocrite. Babe says if the police are called James will end up with his father and they will both lose. She says that little boy won't remain innocent when he is raised in a household where his grandfather and father worship only power and money. Kelly realizes what Babe is saying is true. Babe tells her she took Ace from Kevin for the same reason.

JR asks Erica why she's at their home. Adam says he'll tell him exactly what Erica wants. She is not there to talk about specialists to treat Bianca. She's there because she thinks JR pushed Bianca off the balcony. JR maintains he did everything he could to help Bianca. Erica says his actions could be because he's eaten up by guilt. JR says Bianca was angry and going crazy and fell off the balcony. He talks about Bess and how that baby is his life. Erica hugs him and says she's sorry. JR says he understands. He would be out of control if Bess were lying in a hospital. He says Babe is the villain, not him. He walks out of the room. Adam tells Erica he doesn't buy her story that JR's baby is dead. Erica tells him he knows Miranda belongs to Bianca. Is he going to do the right thing and prove that? She urges him to look at Miranda and determine if there are any signs to tell she is a Chandler. Adam says he already had doubts and dealt with them. He says he won't tell JR his baby is dead. He would never forgive him. JR and Bess are all he has left. Erica says she will get the proof she needs. She will get that baby back with or without his help. Miranda is a Kane and will not be raised as a Chandler, she says. She walks out and Adam angrily throws his glass into the fireplace.

The paper from Zach indicates Kendall has seen a psychiatrist and has been taking some of the same medication found in Greenlee's system. Greenlee says it's possible that Kendall is the one who drugged her. Jonathan arrives at the hospital and asks what's going on. Ryan hands him the evidence against Kendall and Jonathan says he knew it was her. He asks if the police have been called and a search warrant obtained. Ryan says Kendall would not be stupid enough to leave evidence where police could find it. Greenlee says that since Kendall's sister is holding on by a threat, they need to wait. Ryan tells Jonathan about Bianca. Jonathan says he's sorry about Bianca but why is Ryan letting Kendall off the hook? He suggests Ryan is still in love with her. Ryan insists the only woman he loves is his wife. He says there's no evidence Kendall did it. He will make sure no one gets close enough to Greenlee to hurt her.

Maria finds Zach and asks what the hell he is doing. Why is he pushing Kendall to look guilty? Zach says it is a possibility. Maria says it's a frame up. Zach says he will protect Ethan. Maria says he's protecting Ethan but destroying the woman he cares about. What if Ethan sticks around to prove Kendall innocent? Zach says he'll have to make it as convincing as possible. Maria asks Zach why he needs to destroy Kendall's life. What if Ethan stays here? Why is that so threatening? Zach says he wants Ethan to get on with his life. He has a feeling there is something in this town that will trap his son and he won't let that happen.

Greenlee goes to Bianca's room and watches outside from the window as Kendall talks to Bianca about their mother's wedding. Greenlee has a momentary flashback to the episode on the trapeze. Ethan starts taking Kendall to the cafeteria but on the way Kendall decides she doesn't want to be away from Bianca. She thanks Ethan and says she wouldn't know what do to if he wasn't here. Ethan says he's here for her and he's not leaving. Greenlee returns to Ryan and tells him she doesn't think Kendall drugged her. She saw her with Bianca and just feels that she's not the one.

Back at Chandler mansion, Adam stares at a photo of Miranda. JR enters with presents for the baby and suggests Adam help wrap them to get into the Christmas spirit. JR talks about their first Christmas together as a family.

Jamie returns to Babe with James. There is a problem. Babe sees that James is burning up. They need to take him to the hospital. Kelly tells them that they might be recognized and she could lose him. Babe doesn't care. Her first concern is baby James. They leave and Kelly follows.

Erica arrives at Bianca's room and she and Jack go into the hallway. She tells him that she went to talk to Adam but it doesn't seem to have done any good. Jack says Adam won't sign off on the DNA test. Erica says she'll have to find another way. Adam, who has just entered the hospital, tells her she won't have to. "I'll do it," he says.

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