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By Lori
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Jack is trying to get through to a comatose Bianca at the hospital. He tells her they have so much to celebrate, especially now that Miranda is here. Maria comes in and tells Jack that Bianca's vital signs are holding and her condition is stabilizing. She tells Jack that Greenlee was discharged and he leaves the room to find her. Maria sits down at Bianca's bed and tells her they are all pulling for her. Zach walks in and asks what he can do for Bianca. Maria tells him that all Bianca's needs are being met. Zach says, though, that she's still not waking up. Maria says she may not wake up. She tells Zach he can stay with Bianca if he wants. She leaves and Zach sits down at Bianca's bed. He tells her that he found something he didn't know he was looking for. He came to Pine Valley to see who murdered his brother. Instead he found the most incredible person he's met in his life. He tells her she's loved by someone who doesn't give freely.

In the hospital lobby, Kendall tells Ryan and Greenlee that they can blame her for drugging Greenlee if they want, but they'll have to wait until Bianca recovers. She walks away. Ryan and Greenlee don't know about Bianca yet and don't understand what Kendall means. Jack approaches and embraces Greenlee. Ethan walks away and Jack fills Ryan and Greenlee in on what happened to Bianca. Ryan can't believe it, saying Bianca is like a sister to him. Greenlee is visibly upset, but says she got better and Bianca will too. Jack tells them he doesn't want to think that Kendall is the one who drugged Greenlee but he'll keep his eye on her. Greenlee says she will triple check everything she eats and drinks. Ryan says he will taste it first.

Kendall goes into Bianca's room and finds Zach. She asks him what he's doing there and tells him to get out. Zach tells her Ethan was going to go to Florida to be with her but he talked him out of it. He asks her to leave Ethan alone. Ethan walks in and tells Zach to stay away from Bianca and Kendall. Zach leaves and Kendall asks Ethan if he almost jumped bail for her. Ethan say it was the right thing to do. He wanted to be there. She appears touched and hugs him.

Maria approaches Jack, Ryan and Greenlee and tells them there's no change with Bianca. She praises Ryan for helping Greenlee recover. Jack and Greenlee go to the chapel. Ryan stays behind and is confronted by Ethan, who warns him that if he hurts Kendall, he'll hurt him back.

Kendall tells Bianca that Zach won't come back. With tears rolling down her face, she kisses Bianca's forehead and tells her they're all waiting for her. She begs her to come home to them for Christmas. Ethan walks in with some chicken soup. Kendall asks him to instead give her something that will bring Bianca back.

At the chapel, Greenlee tells Jack that she wants to be part of the Montgomery family. She tells him when he needs something, she wants to be there for him.

Zach goes to Maria's office to make a phone call and is thanking the person on the phone for the information when Maria walks in. She asks him what the call was about. He says he found something to protect Ethan. He walks out. Zach finds Ryan seated in the lobby and tells him he knows who drugged his wife.

At Chandler mansion, Adam tells Erica that it's absurd that Bess is Miranda. Erica tells him Miranda was stolen from Bianca by Paul Cramer, who gave Bianca's baby to JR and Babe. She says JR is in denial, but that baby belongs in Bianca's arms. JR walks in and asks Erica why she's there. Erica says she's there to get the name of the doctor who treated his father for a stroke. She wants to refer Bianca's case to the doctor. JR tells her Bianca is in his prayers. Erica tells him he's already a godsend. JR says he is going to pick up a Christmas gift for Bess and leaves. Adam wonders why Erica didn't confront JR. Erica says he would disappear with the baby. She can tell this isn't the first time that Adam has heard that Bess may be Miranda. She says she knows he has big doubts and is wondering if the baby is really Bianca's. Adam says all he knows are the lies that are being told. He says there is DNA proof about the baby. Erica tells him that Krystal switched the DNA samples and told Tad, who told her. Adam says they can't believe what Krystal and Tad say. Erica tells him he can't let JR continue to think that Miranda is his daughter. Adam says he won't rip his son's life apart on what Babe says. Erica tells him to prove it by agreeing to a DNA test. It's their only hope. Adam says it's her hope, not his. Erica says if he shows JR the results he will be forced to accept that this baby is not his child. She knows losing the baby will be like a mortal wound for JR, but he has to accept that his baby in gone. They have to prove it. Adam angrily slams his hand on the desk and orders her not to say another word. He tells her to leave. Erica tells him he will agree to the DNA test because they need to know the truth. She says she knows how vital it is for a Chandler to be bonafide. She reminds him that once he learned Skye wasn't his natural child it was goodbye to Skye. When he met Hayley he wanted nothing to do with her until he learned she was his daughter. She reminds him how JR was conceived and how he bought the sperm bank to make sure Colby was his daughter. He will go to unbelievable lengths to insure that his heirs are true heirs. There is no way he'll stand by and watch JR raise Bianca's baby, she says. Adam asks if she wants Bianca to raise the child of the man who raped her. He reminds her she would not raise the baby of her rapist. Erica says her mother made her give Kendall up for adoption and it was the right thing to do. Bianca chose to keep her baby and for her it was the right thing to do. She says she loves Kendall and will love Bianca's baby, adding that a baby does not inherit the sins of the father. She says he needs to convince JR to give up the fight.

In New Orleans, Babe asks Jamie what would prevent Bianca from telling JR his son is alive. Jamie asks her why she's talking about Bianca. Babe says she keeps thinking about the look on Bianca's face when she realized that Bess is Miranda. Jamie changes the subject, telling Babe it's Christmas in New Orleans and it's time to party. He tells her they will have a Christmas and Santa will be there for their little boy.

JR goes to the mall, where Brooke runs into him. She wants to know what happened to him. He says nothing happened to him. He just grew up. Brooke says she doesn't want him to be like his father. She asks for the truth about Babe and Jamie. JR says they went off together. Brooke wants to know why Babe would leave her child behind. JR says that's what Babe is like. Brooke says there's more to it. She tells him she has written an article for Tempo about Bianca's fall from the balcony which suggests JR had something to do with it. Threatening JR, she says if he doesn't tell her the truth he will be next week's cover story. JR accuses her of stabbing him in the back. She says she doesn't want to hurt him but she needs to know the truth. Brooke asks him what happened in Florida. He tells her that Bianca spun out of control and was hysterical. She lost her footing and fell off the balcony. He says he turned his back on Bianca because he had to protect Bess. Brooke says something else happened between him and Jamie. She begs him to help bring Jamie home. Jr says Babe is the reason Jamie left, not him. JR walks away from her.

Still at the mall, JR has purchased a small stuffed dog. He looks at it and daydreams of the day when Bess is a few years older. Bess has the stuffed dog and tells JR that it's her best present ever. She also tells him that she'll love him forever.

Jamie returns to his and Babe's temporary home with some food and Christmas decorations, including a small tree. He also bought a newspaper so they can find a Christmas church service to go to. He notices a huge story in the paper about the kidnapping of the Buchanan baby, and tells Babe they won't find them. They decorate their tree. Outside someone is lurking near their window. It is Kelly, who sees that they have her baby.

Adam resists Erica's urges to convince JR about the baby. Adam asks her if she wants him to tell JR that his child is dead. He says JR would disappear. He lost his daughter and he won't lose his son. He won't do it. JR walks in and asks his father what won't he do.

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