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Ryan goes into Greenlee's hospital room and finds her on the floor exercising. Concerned, he gets her off the floor and makes her get back into bed. Greenlee tells him she doesn't need the kid glove treatment anymore. She needs to go home and get back to work. Ryan tells her he bumped into Dr. Ashbourne and he has approved her release. Greenlee is grateful to get out of the hospital. She asks Ryan who he thinks did this to her. Ryan says Ethan is accusing Zach, but he saw Ethan take something from Kendall's drawers. Whoever drugged her had to have regular access to her food and drink, and she works with Kendall. Greenlee asks if he thinks Kendall did it.

In another area of the hospital, Jack, Reggie and Opal are awaiting the arrival of Bianca. The elevator opens and an unconscious Bianca is rolled into the hospital followed by Erica, Kendall and Tad. Maria makes a quick examination of Bianca and Jack greets Erica with a hug. Ethan approaches Kendall and hugs her. Erica thanks them all for coming.

At Chandler mansion, Adam asks JR what really happened in Florida. JR tells his father that Bianca fell from the balcony. Adam says he is putting together a team of lawyers. JR accuses his father of believing that he's the reason Bianca is in a coma.

Jack asks Erica how this happened to Bianca. She says Bianca was fighting for her child. When Jack questions her, she tells him Miranda is still alive. She's being raised as a Chandler and she pledges to get her back.

An emotional Kendall tells Ethan that this whole thing doesn't seem real. He tells her there is no shame in crying. Opal asks Tad how Bianca fell. An angry Reggie asks Tad why he let this happen.

Erica tells Jack that Krystal and David were accomplices in keeping Miranda away from Bianca. Tad approaches and tells Jack that it's the truth. And JR won't believe it. Erica tells Jack that they need to move carefully. Tad says if JR is pushed he'll take off with Miranda. Erica says she will take that baby and put her in the arms of her mother. She tells Jack that Tad was brilliant by making sure JR didn't already take off with Miranda. Tad says he called Aidan, who has put together an army of people to watch and make sure JR doesn't flee. Erica tells Jack they need to get a DNA test, but Jack says probable cause is needed in order to get a judge to order one. No judge will approve a test with what they have. Tad says that means Miranda will stay with JR. Erica says that will happen over her dead body. Jack says they would have to get the key players to sign off on the DNA test.

JR tells his father that Bianca is desperate to believe that his child belongs to her. She was hysterical and lost her footing and fell. When she does get better, there is no way she's taking his baby, he says. JR stays Jamie was in on the ambush of Bianca. He trapped him in a warehouse and choked him and he had to hit him with a pipe to defend himself. JR says he won. He wants to know where Adam stands. Is he for him or against him? Adam says of course he's on his side. He just wants the best for his son. JR says the best for him is Bess. Adam says Bianca's fall could buy them some time. If she doesn't make it, they'll be home free. If she recovers, she'll fight for Bess. JR says not to count on that. When Bianca wakes up she may not remember. He says he hopes she has zero memory of Babe's lie.

Maria is examining Bianca in a hospital room. Anita, who is assisting, asks Maria if Bianca is going to come out of this. Maria and Anita leave the room and Reggie enters and sits by her bedside. He asks Bianca to wake up in time for Christmas. He and Danielle bought her gift. He talks about the movie where the angel is trying to get his wings, and tells her she is the closest thing to an angel he has. He says he wishes he had been there to stop her from falling. He holds out his arm and asks her to grab onto him now. Crying, he says he won't let her go. Anita walks in and tells Reggie that Maria has to approve all visitors. Reggie walks out without a word.

Kendall tells Ethan that she assumes Ryan, Jack and everyone in town suspects her of trying to take Greenlee out. Ethan tells her he found an empty prescription bottle in her drawer and he destroyed it. Kendall accuses Ethan of believing that she drugged Greenlee. Ethan says he knows she didn't drug Greenlee, but he felt like Ryan could use that bottle to destroy her. Kendall tells him she could have done it. He knows what she's capable of. Ethan says he knows she saved Greenlee and risked her life. He believes her.

Maria calls Bianca's family together and tells them that Bianca has slipped into a deeper coma. She plans to put her in an even deeper coma to relax her brain. Jack asks if she'll come out of it, but Maria says she can't say. Opal asks if Bianca can have visitors. Maria says family only, and they need to keep it upbeat and positive. Erica tells Jack she needs to leave to do something for Bianca. Ethan comforts a crying Kendall and urges her to believe Bianca will be OK. Kendall says Bianca once told her she mattered and was good enough. A weight was lifted from her and it was the first time she felt her heart. She says Bianca saved her and she wants to save Bianca. Ethan hugs her.

Ryan tells Greenlee he hopes that Kendall is not the one who drugged her, but he needs to keep all his options open. Greenlee says Kendall would have reason to drug her since she tried to run her down. Ryan asks Greenlee to try to remember when she was on the trapeze. Did Kendall try to get her down or did she egg her on? "Oh my God," Greenlee replies. Greenlee says she remembers being in the air falling and there was no bottom. She felt like she was already dead. Ryan asks if she remembers what Kendall did, but Greenlee doesn't remember.

As Ryan and Greenlee walk into the hospital lobby, they run into Ethan and Kendall. The four stare at each other.

Myrtle is visiting Bianca. She remembers when Bianca was a little girl and when she hurt herself she would come to her house because she had bandages with cartoons on them. She remembers how Bianca laughed at the cartoons. Later, Jack visits Bianca and tells her that he and her mother are engaged again. She needs to wake up so she can be at the wedding with Miranda, he says.

Opal sees that something else is bothering Tad and asks him what it is. He tells her to leave it be, but admits that he is afraid he has lost his boys.. He doesn't want to say anything that could hurt Jamie.

Jamie and Babe arrive in New Orleans and go into the home of a man who is going to get them their fake identifications. The man is gone, now, so they can stay there until he gets back, Jamie says. Jamie tells her that Tad is on their side now and won't tell JR about baby James. Babe suggests that Bianca might, and Jamie quickly changes the subject. Babe asks him what's going on. Why does he get so weird when the subject turns to Bianca? Jamie says Bianca hasn't told JR. Babe asks what's stopping her.

Adam tells JR to go rest and he leaves the room. Adam later turns around and finds Erica in his house. Adam tells Erica how sorry he is about Bianca's injuries. Erica says she's there to talk about family. She made a promise to Bianca that she would give her a reason to get well. That reason is 10 healthy fingers and toes. She says she promised her she would give her baby back. She tells Adam that the little girl in this house isn't Bess. Her name is Miranda Mona Montgomery. She is a Kane.

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