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Babe and Jamie check into another hotel with the baby boy. He notices that she’s disappointed and depressed about her falling out with Bianca. She expresses that she is at least happy for Bianca to be reunited with Miranda. It looks as though neither of them know about Bianca’s accident. They talk about whether the FBI might be on their trail. Babe tells Jamie that nobody is going to take her baby from her again. Right at that moment, Tad enters and says: “you wanna bet?”

Adam Chandler calls Aidan Devane to help him track down Liza and Colby. Aidan tells him that cannot be done. Adam inquires if the reason for that is because Aidan worked with Tad Martin to help Liza and Colby get away. Adam tells Aidan that he will miss out on many opportunities by being Tad Martin’s partner but if Aidan joins forces with him, he can be very generous. Aidan tells Adam that he does not really aspire to be the “wealthy man” Adam promises to help him become if he helps Adam. Aidan sounds disinterested and untrusting of Adam and tells him he considers himself the upwardly mobile type of guy.

Erica tells David and Krystal that she will never forgive them for lying to Bianca about Bess really being Miranda. She admits that as much as she despises Babe, she despises them far more. She tells Krystal about how she believed that Krsytal was her friend because of the bonding of their two daughters when they both had their babies. David protests that Krystal loves Babe just like Erica loves Bianca. Erica angrily and emotionally tells them that they kept Bianca’s baby from her and she’ll never forgive them. She tells them that she saw Bianca through therapy, through all the nightmares about losing her baby, about all she’s gone through. She inquires just why they would now admit that Bianca’s baby is alive and she does not believe for a moment that Krystal or her daughter could have a conscience.

In Bianca’s hospital room, Kendall is holding Miranda and urges her sister to wake up, believing she will as soon as she sees her baby. But Bianca is still unconscious and unaware of everything. Kendall asks if Bianca heard her and tells her this sweet little person wants her to wake up and say hello. A t that moment, JR enters and demands to know what Kendall is doing. Kendall says she is trying to help her sister. He asks why she plans to do that with his kid. He sounds as though he believes that Kendall might know that she is Miranda and urges her to believe that Babe lied to Bianca about the baby being Miranda. He tells her that Bianca is in that hospital room because she believed Babe’s cruel lie that Miranda is still alive. But Kendall reveals to him that she knows the baby is Miranda and tells him they must give her back to Bianca.

Tad comes to talk to Jamie and Babe admitting that he’s changed his mind about JR’s rights to his son. They seem happy to have Tad “on board” with them. Babe asks Tad if Bianca is ok. He seems to purposely not answer that question as not to upset her. He tells her that maybe she needs to change her hair color and wear shades in order not to get caught. When she leaves, Tad tells Jamie that although he agrees that JR should have no parental rights to his son, the courts might see it differently and they must be on their guard about what JR could do. Tad admits to his son that from what he’s seen in JR, he now knows that James belongs with Jamie and Babe. Jamie asks his father not to tell Babe about what happened to Bianca because it will upset her too much. Tad agrees. Jamie also says that he knows that James needs Babe and she cannot survive without her baby.

Adam reads a letter from Liza where she tells him that she had to get away from him and does not believe he’d have any motives for finding their daughter other than to seek revenge. And that is why he will never find them.

In the hospital, JR seems to trust Kendall and tells her that he hopes that when Bianca wakes up, she will not remember the lie that Babe told her. And he tells her that there was only one “miracle” in the helicopter crash. Only one baby survived.

Erica tells David she regrets caring for him and believing that he cared for Bianca. He protests that he does care for Bianca. She says that now that he’s found out that Babe is his daughter, he put her before Bianca. Krystal protests to Erica that she has no idea what David has been through in all of this. She tells David that he is just as despicable as Michael Cambias. Krystal protests again that Erica does not understand if she could say such a thing to David. She tells David that she does not trust anything he’s ever said or done and that she will not have to wait until he’s dead to make him pay because he will get what’s coming to him.

Erica (playing friendly-friendly) asks JR if he’s gotten a hold of the pilot who will transport them all back to Pine Valley. He tells her everything will soon be in motion. She gives him a hug and tells him how grateful she is for all the good things he’s done.

David and Krystal are ready to leave the place they are presently staying and David admits that he needs to completely clean up the scene just in case Tad changes his mind and decides to blow their secret about baby James. He looks around to gather any traces of the baby’s things, finds a diaper and is ready to take it out to the dumpster when he notices Kendall at the door. Revealing that she’s probably overheard their conversation, she asks about this mysterious baby they are talking about. She asks what is going on in this mystery. She inquires if Babe lied to Bianca about Bess being Miranda, only in order to hurt JR. They confirm that that is in fact the case. Still a little confused, she tells them both that she does not trust them nor their daughter, they’d better all stay away from Bianca and if any of them hurt her sister again, they will be sorry. When she leaves, David and Krystal are still not certain that they did the right thing lying to Kendall about Miranda.

Erica talks to unconscious Bianca in her hospital room, saying she must wake up and come back them and come back to Miranda, she needs Bianca. Bianca still does not wake up. She tells her daughter that Miranda is waiting for all of them to save her and she knows that Bianca can, she’s already done so much. Erica has a flashback of herself giving birth to Bianca, holding her so happily and having Bianca’s dad right there with her. She tells her daughter she’s brought so much joy into her life. She remembers interacting with young Bianca. She also has a flashback of teenage Bianca asking her to see her for who she really is, afraid that her mother would not love her after knowing she’s a lesbian. She also remembers the most recent tragedy of finding out Michael Cambias raped her daughter. Erica tells Bianca that she now knows Bianca is a mother, she’s the mother of Miranda. She says Miranda is waiting for them. So is Mona. And she urges Bianca to come back to all the people who love her.

Aidan concludes to Adam Chandler that he’s not about to help him go after Liza and walks out the door.

JR holds Miranda, telling her that he will make sure that Bianca never takes her away from him again. At that moment, he gets a call form his father where Adam demands to know why he hasn’t heard form him. JR informs his father that there’s been a terrible accident. Adam demands the truth from his son about whether it was really an accident.

Aidan secretly calls Liza and assures her that she and Colby are safe, Adam will never find them and he knows Adam panicked when he read her letter.

JR informs his father that Bianca accidentally fell off the balcony after the benefit concert. But Adam inquires what it could “mean” and look like if JR was with her on the balcony. JR tells his father he’s not worried about that. All he cares about is that his baby is with him.

Tad tells Jamie and Babe that he needs to leave and is sure they will be ok. Babe asks Tad if he can do her a favor and try not to hate her mother. He tells Babe he does not hate her mother, realizes she did what she had to do, but he must also.

David tells Krystal that he needs to be there for Bianca, even if nobody will let him go near her. She surprises him by telling him she will go with him and face whatever he has to face with him.

Before departing, Tad holds baby James and tells him he needs to be proud of all he has going for him, including Dixie who is a guardian angel looking out for him. Babe takes him from Tad. Tad cries. Jamie tells his father he loves him and asks him to tell Brooke he loves her too. Tad hugs his son. He tells Babe she must take good care of his grandson because he will need his momma. She promises she will and thanks Tad for everything.

JR asks Kendall if she’s gotten a release for Bianca to leave the hospital. Kendall replies yes.

Still with her unconscious daughter, Erica reflects that she knows how Bianca fought with everybody who didn’t understand her need to bring Bianca into this world. She says she now understands that it was her destiny to give Bianca life and it is now her destiny to save her. And Erica promises that neither JR nor Adam nor anybody will keep Miranda from Bianca ever again.

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