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Kendall calls Jack on the phone and sounds very worried about the possibility that Bianca could die. But he tells her she needs to be strong for her sister. She informs him that Erica is with Tad. He asks her to have Erica call him as soon as possible. Ethan gets on his cell phone to have a private conversation with Kendall. Kendall tells him that when she saw her sister lying on the ground, she noticed Bianca looked like a rag doll. She cries telling him that she noticed Bianca talking somewhat when she was taken to the hospital and that she said Miranda. She tells him that her sister is so beautiful and the best person she knows. And now Bianca is lying there and could die. Ethan tells Kendall that it’s going to be ok. But Kendall breaks down crying telling him how terrified she is that she could lose her sister. He tells her she cannot give up hope that Bianca will make it. He tells her he is counting on her to be brave. She says he should know better than to count on somebody like her. He tells her he will be there for her and that she can talk to him any time she wants and not feel bad about what she apologizes for, in regard to “dumping” upon him.

At the hospital, Krystal approaches Erica offering her “condolences” about what happened to Bianca. But before she can even get it out, Erica hauls off and slaps her hard enough to almost knock her over. David asks Erica to calm down. But she tells them both that their daughter is trash and all she cares about is Bianca and her baby. JR asks her what specifically she means about “Bianca’s baby”.

Brooke appears in Adam’s study and sounds like she’s asking him what he’s up to. She assures him that she’s not there to threaten him as she did the last time she “appeared” in his home. She tells him she’s there in a professional capacity due to being a reporter. She informs him that Bianca fell from a balcony while in a confrontation with JR. Adam sounds shocked. She asks Adam if it has not “sunken in” about what she’s telling him. She tells him that his “compassion” for Bianca is very compelling but she notices that he is feeling something else like possibly panic. She asks if he is worried for JR, knowing something about him, like what he’s done to Bianca.

Alone at Jack’s and obviously unaware of what’s happened to Bianca, Reggie and Lily are ready to play cards. Jack returns. Reggie asks about Greenlee. Jack tells him she’ll be ok. Right away, Lily can tell that her father is very upset about something by his expression. He tells them both that he’s very proud of them for having good mature attitudes and being a family. Hearing that, Reggie says he can tell that something tragic must have happened and he asks his father what that is.

Hearing Erica talking about Bianca’s baby, JR asks her what she’s talking about. Tad urges him not to go into that right now. Erica tells JR he knows exactly what she’s talking about. She’s talking about Miranda who his wife stole from her daughter. And she lashes out at David telling him how despicable he is to have been such a loyal friend to Bianca and then to betray her with this lie. She tells Krystal she would expect behavior like that from trash like her and her daughter. Tad, Krystal and David leave and Erica is alone with JR and Miranda. As he holds the baby whom he says is his, Erica seems to be doing what Tad has asked her, by appearing nice to JR as not to give him any suspicion. Kendall approaches her mother wondering what is going on and revealing that she believes JR that the baby in question is his and not Bianca’s.

Tad and David are screaming at each other. Krystal tells them both they must calm down and asks Tad if he knows whether JR pushed Bianca. He says nobody knows exactly what happened, but if anything happens to that girl he will hold them both responsible.

Hearing what happened to Bianca, Reggie yells and tantrums. Jack tells him he must calm down but he’s furious about all that Bianca has suffered through. Hearing his anger, Lily freaks and becomes scared. After realizing how it’s affected her, he apologizes for scaring her and he and Jack try to calm Lily down. She huddles in a corner while Jack asks her to help him with square roots and intricate skills that only an autistic person would know. And she is distracted remembering all the numbers and statistics and becomes calmer. Reggie witnesses their interaction and cries. And Lily calmly tells her father and brother that she wants Bianca to be ok.

Adam finally agrees to tell Brooke everything she wants to know as soon as she tells him where he can find Liza and Colby.

At the airport, Zach runs into Ethan, noticing he’s running to Florida, tells him he shouldn’t jump bail and that it will not help Kendall if he gets arrested. Ethan tells Zach that he will do as he pleases.

Kendall can tell that her mother is not exactly “on the same page” with her about the baby. She reveals to Erica that she does not believe that JR would have hurt Bianca. But Erica sounds like she might not entirely believe that. She says when she sees Bianca lying in the hospital room, she wants somebody to pay. Kendall says she does too but they will not find out what really happened until they can ask Bianca.

Tad tells Krystal and David that all they need to know about what happened to Bianca is that they switched some vials a few months ago and lied to her, and the rest is all history. He admits that he does not know exactly what happened to cause Bianca to fall but he believes that JR is lying by saying he believes Miranda is his baby and not Bianca’s. Krystal protests that she would like to spit in JR’s face if he’s going to hurt Bianca or keep her baby from her. He tells Krystal and David that they need to stay out of his way and do nothing. Krystal protests that she owes it to Babe and to Bianca to help Bianca get Miranda back and to be able to be with her. And she asks Tad if he has any plans to inform JR that Babe and Jamie have run off with his son.

Erica calls Jack and tells him there’s no more news on Bianca. She’s still unconscious. He says he will be there on the next flight. But she urges him not to, sounding like she is keeping a secret from him. He urges her to tell him and not keep any more secrets from him. She tells him she knows what she’s doing and needs him to trust her. And she concludes that when she returns to Pine Valley with Bianca, he will know everything.

Tad does not answer Krystal and David’s question about whether he plans to tell JR about Babe’s and Jamie’s secret. Krystal protests that all she wants is for both of those girls to have their babies. He tells them both he doesn’t trust them nor care what they want or don’t want and never wants to see either of them again.

Ethan protests to Zach that he plans to go to Florida because he needs to be there for Kendall and for Bianca after this tragedy. Zach tells him he realizes his heart is in the right place, but he’s worried that Ethan will not be able to do his good deed if he gets caught leaving the state so soon after his acquittal for the charges of shooting Ryan.

Brooke tells Adam that if he wants to “negotiate”, he should tell her what he knows because it’s the right thing to do. He ignores her. She responds by telling him she is not Mary Smythe whom he can disregard and make disappear. She tells him she is also not Liza whom he can cause to leave town and flee from him. She tells him she is his worst nightmare because she has power in the media. She tells him that if he does not tell her what he knows, she will investigate for herself and dig up every shred of evidence she can about what happened to Bianca. And she concludes that if JR is guilty of hurting Bianca, she will find out everything about it and make it public. She notices that he looks worried. And she tells him she will not hesitate to print a story that Adam Chandler’s son has been charged with attempted murder.

Reggie tells Jack that he cannot live with the thought of losing Bianca. Jack assures his son that Bianca is a fighter and she’s not going anywhere.

In the hospital, Erica sounds sweet as pie to JR, telling him that she is very grateful for all the “good things” he’s done. He tells her he’s very sorry about what happened to Bianca and wishes there was something he could do. She tells him she believes there’s nothing anybody could have done and she believes it was just an unfortunate accident. He tells her if she needs anything, she must ask. She then tells him that there is something she must ask him for. It’s a very big favor. He tells her he will help her with whatever she wants, she may just name it. She says she wants to take her baby, Bianca home with her and get her out of the hospital. She asks JR if he can take them all back to Pine Valley in his private jet. She sounds very sweet to him, telling him she’s sure he wants to get “this darling little girl back to her family”. Overhearing that, Kendall can tell Erica is up to something and asks her mother what is going on.

Adam tells Brooke she will not threaten him with writing that kind of article about his son. He will get her in trouble for printing false information. She tells him she cannot get in trouble for printing what might merely be a speculation but is not untrue. She tells him that he and JR have put her son and her family through hell, and almost got Jamie killed in prison. And she will not hesitate to make JR pay for what she believes he may have done.

Jack tells Reggie and Lily that they all need to have faith that they will not lose Bianca. Lily says she wants to pray for Bianca. He says they must and if any of them find themselves being afraid, they must all know that they have each other.

Zach makes a call to someone about wanting to offer Bianca and her family everything they need, but making sure that his name and identity are kept out of it. He also asks his contact to find out exactly what happened to cause Bianca to fall over the balcony.

Alone, Ethan has flashbacks of all the happy times he’s spent with Bianca, how much he enjoyed being with her and how supportive she’s been to him.

Krystal and David have a private conversation about what they should do next. She reflects that Tad wants them to “high tail out of dodge”. But he tells her he cannot go anywhere until he knows that Bianca is ok. She tells him that maybe she needs to leave get out of there and be with Babe. He tells her he’s less worried about Babe than he is about Bianca but if she needs to leave, he’s ok with that. Right at that moment, Erica enters and seems to know what they are up to. She tells them they cannot leave because she’s not done with them.

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