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Erica is stunned to hear Tad's words at the hospital where Bianca has been admitted. She tells her his contention that Miranda is still alive is the same cruel lies she's heard from Babe. Tad insists this is the truth. Miranda didn't die. She's right down the corridor, close enough for Erica to touch her. Erica wants to know how this could be, so Tad tells her the story about Adam and JR jumping all over Paul Cramer at the sight where the helicopter supposedly crashed. Paul changed his plan and told them that it was Miranda who died. Tad says if Adam hadn't went off on Cramer, he would have stuck to his story about Babe and JR's baby being the one who died. Erica says for a lie like this to continue, people have had to have been feeding it. Tad says they were all duped. Bianca had her heart broken and it didn't have to happen.

JR is in the hospital lobby tending to Miranda when Kendall approaches after having left Bianca's room. JR tells her that it's the hotel's fault Bianca was hurt. He'll contact his father's lawyers and sue the hotel for lax construction on the balcony where Bianca fell. Kendall just wants Bianca to wake up, and JR tells her she is strong. She just needs some rest. Kendall looks at the baby she believes is Bess, and wonders how a woman like Babe could have created a baby like that. JR says he knew Babe and her family were trash, but he didn't know they were this twisted.

Krystal and David are at the hotel, where David has suggested they leave town together. He's still waiting for Krystal's answer. Krystal tells him to count her in, since everyone else hates her. What has she got to lose? David sits on the bed with her and rubs her back, prompting her to stand up and confront him. She tells him she still hasn't forgot about how Tad dumped her. David says he is not copping a feel. He's just bonding with the mother of his child. Krystal tells him their kiss was nice, but don't read too much into it. David blasts Tad for all he's done, saying he's probably ratting them out now. Krystal tells him if he says one more thing against Tad, their trip is off.

Tad tells Erica about Krystal and David's role in the baby switch, but says JR is the biggest problem right now. He's in complete denial and thinks Miranda is his daughter. He can't accept that it was his child who was lost. Tad says David, Krystal, Babe and JR all kept Miranda away from Bianca for their own reasons. Erica wonders if Joe Martin knew since he performed the DNA test. Tad says the label was switched and his father had no knowledge. Erica declares that she will do her own test. She doesn't need DNA. She has K-A-N-E. She says she will look into that baby's eyes and will know if she's Miranda. She tells Tad if he's wrong, he's a dead man.

Erica goes into the lobby and sees JR and Kendall. She instantly goes over to Miranda and stares at her. Tad tries to get Erica to leave them alone, saying she needs rest. Bianca's doctor enters the scene and tells Erica and Kendall that Bianca is in critical condition. She will be transferred to ICU as soon as a bed is available. Dr. Hathaway says that sometimes patients wake up immediately from something like this and sometimes they never wake up. Sometimes when they wake up they have traumatic amnesia and don't remember the events just prior to the accident. Tad looks at JR, who is thinking hard about what the doctor is saying. Tad convinces Erica to leave the area with him. JR tells Kendall that everything the doctor said is good news.

David suggests he and Krystal go to Hawaii but Krystal suggests Bora Bora. David turns on the television and they hear a news report about Bianca being in critical condition after falling off a balcony. David says he is convinced that JR pushed her. He says he's got to go to the hospital. Krystal tries to stop him and says she will go, but they agree to go together. She can't believe that Tad wouldn't have stopped JR from hurting Bianca. David says Tad is a major screw-up.

Erica tells Tad that she knows who se saw. That baby is Miranda. Tad says he can't let her confront JR about this. Erica says she wants to shout to the world that she wants a DNA test. And when she gets her hands on Babe and her floozy mother, they will feel her vengeance. Tad tells her if she even whispers DNA test around JR they will lose Miranda for good. Tad says before they can do a DNA test, they have to find a judge who is not in Adam's pocket. If they are to win they have to be squeaky clean and not give JR a reason to jump on a plane. He says if Bianca has traumatic amnesia, that may buy them some time. He urges Erica to suppress her instincts and smile at JR like nothing is wrong.

David and Krystal arrive at the hospital and JR spots them. He tells them if they try to take his daughter they will be in ICU.

Jack and Maria watch and listen to Ryan talking to Greenlee in her hospital room. There is a speaker in the room and Jack and Maria can hear everything said inside. Jack is happy to see Greenlee is back to her old self, and Maria says Ryan has pulled off a near miracle. Ryan asks Greenlee if she took any other medications other than the ones given her by Dr. Ashbourne, and she says she did not. Jack tells Maria someone tried to poison his daughter. Ryan tells Greenlee that someone has been poisoning her, and she laughs. Ryan asks her why she's laughing. She says being drugged is better than being in a tunnel and not coming out of it. They can deal with the person who drugged her, but they can't deal with her being crazy. Maria and Jack continue to watch and listen, and they realize how much Ryan loves Greenlee. Jack says maybe love is the strongest thing there is, but right now all he feels is rage toward the person who did this to Greenlee. He walks away and Maria thinks about Jack's comment about love.

Dr. Ashborne goes into Greenlee's room and is upset that Ryan has removed her restraints. Ryan says only people who are a danger need restraints, and his wife is not a danger. Ashborne says it's to protect the hospital from liability. He leaves to get a waiver form for Ryan to sign. Greenlee wants to leave the hospital, but Ryan says she needs to stay here. The person who poisoned her is still out there.

Maria goes to Zach's office. Zach is fiddling with his tape recorder and can't get it to work. Maria takes it and fixes it for him. She tells him she's sorry for trying to use him to hurt Edmund. She tells him when he rejected her advances he was just protecting her. She praises him for being noble and doing the right thing. Zach plays down her kind words but she continues to thank him. He tells her she doesn't know him at all. He says all she sees are the casita and the desert. He tells her to see him for who he really is. He came here for one reason – to get what he wants. That's not noble. He says he does not wait and hope for things. He makes them happen. Until Ethan is out of here and safe he will do what it takes. Maria realizes he has no regrets and he says that's who he is. Maria leaves.

Jack goes to Kendall's condo and looks through drawers. He is grabbed by the neck from behind by Ethan, who asks him if he makes a habit of sneaking into other people's houses. Jack wants to know why Ethan is there and why he's suddenly Kendall's best friend. Ethan says he and Kendall believe in each other. He believes Kendall didn't hurt Greenlee. If he wants to know who the bad guy really is, go see the original Cambias, Zach Slater. Ethan's phone rings. It is Kendall, who tearfully is telling him about Bianca's accident.

Erica sees David and Krystal at the hospital and angrily approaches them.

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