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By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Maria brings Ryan into Greenlee's room in hopes that he can make Greenlee's delusions go away. Greenlee recognizes Ryan and is happy to see him. She thinks she brought Ryan back from the dead. Ryan corrects Greenlee, saying he didn't die. Greenlee says they have to say goodbye. She thinks that she made a deal, trading her life for his, so she will have to die now. Ryan tells her that she doesn't have to die, but she gets hysterical when he suggests that. Maria insists that Ryan leave, but he won't go. Ryan and Maria argue. Ryan keeps trying to get Greenlee to return to normal. When he tells Greenlee that just being herself is enough, she suddenly stops and remembers that he said the same thing back at the Pine Cone. Tears leak out of her eyes, now that she's unsure. Ryan keeps working on her, telling her that he's not dead and not a ghost. She seems to be listening and calmer. Maria tells Ryan to ask Greenlee some questions to see if she knows where she is. She answers all of his questions easily. Greenlee suddenly worries about not having gotten Ryan a Christmas present, but he says that's okay and that they will go shopping together. He asks her if she recognizes Maria, which she does, and she knows that she had another episode. Greenlee is upset. She tells Ryan to leave and that she doesn't want to see him anymore. Ryan won't go, saying that Greenlee is not going crazy. She is not so sure, since she's strapped down. He tells her that she just lost track of reality because there was a problem with her medication. She asks why she's still strapped down, so he suggests that they take them off. Greenlee worries about hurting Ryan, but he assures her that she won't. Maria looks reluctant, but she says that Ryan has been right so far. Greenlee worries about losing control again. He reminds her that she has trusted him before. They reminisce as he loosens the straps. He holds her hands. She sits up and they look into each other's eyes. Ryan tells her that she never has to be afraid again because there's nothing wrong with her. He says they will have an incredible life together. They hug. She looks sad. Ryan lies in bed next to Greenlee as they hold each other. He pledges never to leave her and talks about how they will grow old together. Greenlee is glad to be back. They hug.

Reggie and Lily visit Jack at the hospital. They explain that they brought home to him, since he won't go home until Greenlee gets better. They show him that they have leather bags with his stuff in it. He is touched. Lily explains that having his own things around will make him feel less strange. They go through the various items, making jokes. Lily wonders if they should bring things from Greenlee's home, too. Jack is hoping she won't be there much longer and informs them that Ryan is in with her. Lily tells him that she got a get well card for her sister. Jack thinks that's a wonderful idea. He tells them that he has a surprise: he and Erica are getting married. Reggie is overjoyed to hear it and hugs Jack. Lily adds that she's glad, too, saying that Erica is very smart and beautiful. Reggie asks if he can still be best man, so Jack agrees. Jack would like Lily to be in the wedding party, too. They ask about the date, but Jack says he'd like to wait until Greenlee is better. Lily jumps up and says it's time for the next surprise. Reggie tries to stop her from telling it, but she says that Jack's mother is turned down so she has to. Lily has a joke to tell Jack. It's a bad knock knock joke, which makes Jack laugh. Lily is delighted that they were able to cheer Jack up. He thanks them and hugs Reggie. Lily beams.

David finds Krystal looking at one of baby James' socks that Babe left behind. She is tearful, missing them. David consoles her. Krystal tries to put up a brave face, but David says she doesn't have to do that for his sake. She just doesn't want to melt into a bottomless pit of self-pity. She gets the idea to go see J.R. She wants to keep him away from Babe and Jamie at all costs, but David stops her. He gives her good reasons why she should stay away from J.R. She is concerned about Babe and wants to protect her. She doesn't know what to do now that Babe is gone. David offers her some food and drink. She admits that he was right to stop her from going to see J.R. David toasts to Babe, James, and Jamie, hoping that they find peace and happiness. Krystal adds Bianca's name to the list. She wonders how many laws they've broken. David says that whatever happens, they will face it. She knows that if their positions were reversed, she would go after Erica. David thinks Erica's wrath will be pretty fierce. He watches her dunk a chocolate chip cookie in soda and notes that it's pretty disgusting. She hopes that they vent so much anger on them that they leave Babe alone. David doesn't think Buchanan and the cops will ever stop looking for the baby. David suggests that Krystal disappear with him so they don't get in trouble, either. Krystal objects. David says that Krystal needs to move on since all she had was Babe and now she's gone from Pine Valley. She points out that he has a career, but he thinks that will be in jeopardy now that the truth will come out. She thinks he will be better off staying, but they should split up. He suggests they go somewhere together and that he can finance it. She asks if he is taking advantage of her not having any friends or money. He says he wants her.

Tad, Erica, J.R., and Kendall follow Bianca to the hospital ER with the paramedics. The nurses keep Erica and the others out so they can work on Bianca. Erica argues, of course, but to no avail. J.R. is wheeling Miranda around quietly; he is only there since Tad insisted. Kendall demands to know what J.R. did to her sister. J.R. claims he did nothing. He says it was a horrible accident. They are doubtful and demand details. J.R. claims that Bianca was "crazed" due to Babe's lies. Erica doesn't understand why Babe would keep telling lies that nobody believed. J.R. says that Babe went after Bianca to hurt him. They keep demanding answers and J.R. keeps saying it's not his fault. He blames Kendall for not following his warnings and keeping Babe and Bianca apart. They argue. J.R. tells them how Babe set this whole thing up so she should feed Bianca lies and keep him from stopping her. He uses bits of the truth, intermingled with his lies (delusions). He tells them that Bianca was trying to keep him from leaving with the baby, that she was out of her head because of Babe's lies. He says that the next thing he knew, she lost her balance. Erica falls for his story and blames Babe, calling her a witch. J.R. blames himself for bringing Babe into their lies. Kendall is not so sure; J.R. tries to convince her. Tad is strangely silent during his lies. A woman reporter comes up and asks Erica if she has any comments to her fans. Erica orders her away. Tad and Kendall help intimidate her until she leaves. The doctor comes out and tells them that Bianca is doing pretty well after her fall. She has some swelling on the brain but is almost conscious. He takes Erica and Kendal in to see Bianca. Erica takes her hand and tells her that she is there with Kendall. Bianca stirs and groggily says, "get Miranda". Erica tells Bianca to just relax and concentrate on getting well. She talks to Bianca soothingly as she pets her head. Kendall wonders if they should call Jack, but Erica thinks they should wait until they have some good news. Erica tells Kendall that she and Jack are getting married, so Kendall is thrilled. They hug. Erica hopes both of her daughters can stand up for her. They hold each other's and Bianca's hands. Erica goes on and on about how they are so strong. She talks to Mona about how the future looks promising. She urges Bianca to wake up. Bianca whispers "Miranda" again.

Outside, J.R. talks to "Bess" about how they have to stay there a little longer to make sure Bianca is okay because she is the best godmother in the world who loves her very much. Tad adds sarcastically, "Almost as much as if Bess were her own child". J.R. gets this scared look on his face, realizing Tad might know the truth. J.R. tells Tad that they will make it right when Bianca is well. They will tell her that Babe was just lying. Tad asks him why he stops there; why doesn't he tell her how he took a pipe to his brother's head. J.R. asks how Jamie is. Tad tells him he'll survive. J.R. says he was worried. Tad blasts him for not calling for help and leaving him there bleeding and unconscious. J.R. replies that Kendall was there so he knew she was going to call. J.R. whines that Jamie was choking him and that Kendall saved him. Tad doesn't buy it. They argue; Tad says that with all of the lies floating around, it's getting harder and harder to know what's true. J.R. says he can't believe that Tad believes Babe's lies since he and Joe did a DNA test. Tad is non-committal. J.R. gets offended that Tad is accusing him of hurting his brother to keep Bianca's baby from her. He suggests that Tad go to the police and turn him in if he believes all that. Tad says they've all been through enough. He lists all of the crimes that J.R. has committed, especially against Jamie. J.R. is clearly affected by his words and claims he didn't want to hurt Jamie. He ends with saying, "Anyone who would hurt someone as good as Bianca, and use a baby to do it, they are beyond saving". Tad agrees. J.R. says he doesn't think he could take another attack from someone he cares about. Tad is surprised that J.R. cares about him. J.R. claims he just went on the attack because of Babe and that she messed him up. He hopes to start over with Tad, if that's possible. Tad says anything is possible. J.R. is relieved and says that Bess will be the most important thing in his life, no matter what happens. Tad points out that a lot of people care about her. J.R. says that if he has to, he will take the baby and leave Pine Valley, to go somewhere that Bess can lead the life she deserves. Tad tells him, "Don't. Too many people have disappeared from my life already". Tad tells Miranda that from now on, there will be no more lies about her.

Erica leaves Bianca's room, upset that she keeps murmuring "Miranda". Tad follows her to see if she is okay. J.R. phones his pilot to say there is a delay but that he's not sure if they are going back to Pine Valley.

Kendall talks to Bianca, who is still not conscious, saying that they need her to stay. She prays to god not to take Bianca.

Erica cries about how helpless Bianca looks. She tells Tad that Bianca keeps asking for Miranda and now she will have to tell her when she wakes up that it was all a lie. She cries that Bianca will lose her baby all over again. She wonders how she can do that. Tad tells her that she doesn't have to do that because Miranda is alive.

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