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At the motel, Erica stops Kendall just before she is getting on the elevator to head to J.R.’s room. Kendall is surprised to see Erica in Florida, and even more surprised when she learns that Erica came all the way there to ask if Kendall is the one that drugged Greenlee. Erica brings her up to date about Greenlee’s condition. She tells Kendall that she just has to ask her if she is the one that gave Greenlee the drugs. Kendall can’t believe that Erica thinks she is capable of doing that. Erica reminds her that they are not keeping secrets from each other anymore. She promises not to judge Kendall, or go running to Jack. She just needs to know the truth. Erica admits that she has done some things she isn’t proud of in her life for the sake of a man. She knows that it runs in their blood. Kendall reminds Erica that she is the one that saved Greenlee from falling. Erica tells her that she knows that both of them try very hard to do what is right and to be nice. Kendall agrees that once in a while they ‘fall off the bitch wagon’. Kendall realizes that she may be in real trouble back in Pine Valley. Erica admits that she is at the top of everyone’s list. Kendall is touched that her mother would come all the way down to Florida to help her. Erica asks again if she did anything to Greenlee, but Kendall avoids a straight answer again and suggests that they go up to see Bianca.

In the warehouse, Tad tries to talk Jamie out of running with Babe and James. He wants Jamie to go the hospital and get his head checked. He is worried about his son. Jamie tells him that he doesn’t need Tad’s help. Tad pleads with him to do the right thing, and tell J.R. about his son. Jamie is as stubborn as his father and stands his ground. David gets a few digs in on Tad and Babe finally steps in and tells Tad that he should go and be with Bianca. She knows that Bianca needs help against J.R. Jamie and Babe both plead with Tad to let them get going. They know that Bianca has probably already told J.R. about James. They just want a chance to get a head start. Tad finally gives in and agrees to let them go. He tells Jamie how proud he is of him and how much he loves him. If anything goes wrong, he wants Jamie to call him or Brooke, and Tad promises not to say I told you so. Jamie thanks him and Tad leaves to go and check on Bianca. Jamie, David and Babe quickly gather their things and head to David and Babe’s room.

In J.R.’s room, Bianca tries to convince J.R. to go with her to get a D.N.A. test done on Miranda. J.R. tries again to get Bianca to understand that this is just more of Babe’s lies. Bianca knows in her heart that Babe is finally telling the truth this time. J.R. starts to argue with her, but then seems to have a change of heart. He puts Bess/Miranda down in the crib and tells Bianca that he just needs five minutes to process all of this. He steps out on the balcony and stares up at the stars. Bianca reluctantly follows him out to the balcony. The two of them discuss how Babe lied to both of them. J.R. still believes that Babe only said all of this to try to hurt him more. He admits that he did really love Babe in the beginning. He tells Bianca that they should all jump on his plane right now and go back to Pine Valley and sort this all out there. Bianca remembers Babe telling her that J.R. could still hurt her and refuses to get on the plane. She wants to go right now to a hospital and get the tests done here. J.R. makes a move to rush inside to pick up Bess/Miranda again and Bianca tries to stop him. On the ground, Tad hears them arguing and looks up. In the hall, Erica and Kendall can hear the argument too and start pounding on the door. The argument gets louder as J.R. starts pushing Bianca to keep her on the patio. Bianca is pulling J.R. to keep him from going back into the room. J.R. gives one last hard push. Tad watches in horror as Bianca falls against the railing. The railing breaks and Bianca falls to the ground. J.R. grabs Bess/Miranda and opens the door. He tells Kendall and Erica to call 911. He rushes out as Erica calls for help. Kendall runs to the balcony to look over.

On the ground, Bianca is unconscious as Tad searches for a pulse. J.R. arrives first, still clutching the baby. Erica and Kendall come down too. Tad tells them that she is still alive, but barely. He warns them not to move her. Paramedics arrive and Tad fills them in on what he knows. Erica tells them Bianca’s name and pleads with them to take care of her daughter. After they load Bianca up in the ambulance, Erica and Kendall leave to follow to the hospital. J.R. starts to sneak away, but Tad stops him and asks him if he is planning on getting on his jet and taking off. J.R. looks guilty and doesn’t answer. Tad tells him that his plans have just changed.

David, Babe, and Jamie return to David and Krystal’s room. Krystal has been waiting there with James for them. They gather everything together, and after some very heartfelt moments of goodbyes, Jamie and Babe take off with James. Krystal and David wave to them from the door.

Pine Valley:

In the waiting room at the hospital, Ryan, Jonathan, and Jack report to Maria that they have searched everywhere and have come back empty handed. Jack searched David’s cabin, Ryan looked at home, and Jonathan went through everything at Fusion. None of them found anything that would explain Greenlee’s behavior. Ryan asks how Greenlee is doing, and Maria tells him that it isn’t good. She reports that Greenlee should have stabilized by now and returned to normal, but she hasn’t. An alarmed Ryan asks what that means. Maria admits that the doctors are all stumped to. She delicately tries to explain to all of them that it is possible that Greenlee was already psychotic before the drugs, and the drugs just triggered it on. Ryan, Jack and Jonathan can’t accept this. They all know Greenlee wasn’t psychotic before this happened. Ryan begs Maria to let him see his wife. He is positive that he can convince her that he is alive. Maria tries to explain that could just make Greenlee worse. Ryan doesn’t give up though and Maria realizes that he is determined and won’t let this go. She tells him that she will consult with Dr. Ashbourne and if he agrees, she will allow Ryan to see Greenlee. She takes off in search of  Dr. Ashbourne. Jonathan announces that he is going to look for Kendall. Ryan tells him not to be too hard on Kendall. Jonathan tells him that he knows what to do and takes off. Jack tells Ryan that when Kendall first told him that she was going to marry Ryan, Jack was totally against it. He knew at the time that Ryan was still in love with Kendall. Jack tells him that Greenlee wouldn’t back down and stood strong in her belief that she and Ryan belonged together and that they would grow to love each other. Ryan tells him that it has come true. Jack is thankful for that. Maria reports that she has gotten the okay for Ryan to see Greenlee. She had to take full responsibility for anything that happens, and she has to be in the room with them. Ryan agrees and the two of them rush off to Greenlee’s room.

In Greenlee’s room, she talks to ‘death’. She wonders why he is there, and what he wants in return for Ryan’s safe return. She tries bargaining with death and offers up her body in return. When death doesn’t seem interested in having sex, Greenlee figures that he is might except an exchange and offers her own life in place of Ryan’s. Outside the room, Maria once again warns Ryan of all the risks they are taking. Ryan understands but is anxious to see his wife. Maria makes him promise that if she says it is time to go,  they go. Ryan hurriedly agrees and they enter the room.

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