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David and Tad are watching a news report on the television about JR’s benefit concert, which also names Bianca and the Miranda Montgomery foundation, and JR’s father, Adam Chandler.

Jamie tells JR he must now give Bess up, and realize she is not his child, she is Miranda. JR says he will never give her up. They get into physical combat.

Babe and Bianca observe Bess/Miranda. Bianca stares speechless, while Babe urges her to get up now and go and get the DNA test before it’s too late. Hearing that, Bianca just stands up and acknowledges that Babe kept Miranda, her baby, from her. Babe admits yes, she kept Miranda from Bianca. Bianca, then, halls off and slaps Babe very hard.

Still hand-cuffed to the bed, Tad asks David to just get him something to drink while he sits there unable to move. David smugly refuses. Tad tells David he will show him kickboxing lessons and kicks David. David is ready to untie Tad’s feet. But when there is a knock on the door, David immediately stuffs a sock in Tad’s mouth to prevent him from talking to whomever is at the door.

Krystal is with Ace/James, happily enjoying her grandchild. She tells him that she may have to pay a price for what she did to Bianca.

Bianca confronts Babe, acknowledging that Babe took her baby from her. She believed that Babe helped her throughout this whole time ever since her baby’s birth. She remembers that she shut down all of her baby books, belongings and dreams of Miranda when she thought she was gone. Babe protests that she wanted to be there for Bianca but did not know how to. Bianca tells Babe all about the nightmares she’s had about Miranda drowning and how she screamed for her in her sleep and then woke up out of the nightmare. She also reflects about the dreams she had about Miranda alive and well and with her, and how then she’d wake up and have her gone, ripped from her arms and dead and there was nothing for her to do. And all the while, Babe had Miranda in her arms. Babe protests that she tried to find a way to let Bianca know that Miranda was alive. Bianca says she remembers that Babe’s act of doing that was to make Bianca the godmother of her own baby. She tells Babe that no amount of guilt Babe felt is justified in preventing her from opening her mouth and telling Bianca that her baby was alive. Babe protests that she knows what she did was unforgivable. Bianca reflects on how she fought with Kendall and almost cut her sister out of her life for knowing the truth about Babe. She admits she should have listened to Kendall because she was right to hate Babe. And Bianca declares to Babe that she’s never hated anybody as much as she now hates Babe.

Right when JR and Jamie are in a struggle in the locked room, suddenly Kendall enters after unlocking the door. She attempts to break up their fight. But they are ready to hurt each other and ignore her. JR knocks Jamie down and is ready to fatally hurt him with a lethal weapon, until Kendall screams at him to put the weapon down because he will kill Jamie. She asks what is going on, is JR losing it because he’s afraid of losing the baby?

Bianca admits that she helped Babe by playing the role of being Babe’s lover in order to protect the baby she knew as Bess, from the bad and evil JR. And all the while that was her own baby. Bianca goes on about all the visions she had and all the prayers to God to keep her baby safe and help her to heal from the loss of Miranda. Babe admits that she knows she cannot take away Bianca’s pain nor make it up to her, but she needs Bianca to know what she’s feeling now. Bianca inquires whether Babe expects her to buy into a “martyr” act and feel sorry for Babe. Babe replies that she will now give Bianca her life. She says Bianca can now call the police and reclaim her baby if she chooses. But she also informs Bianca that when JR finds out that his son is alive, he will do everything he can to take him from her, as well as everything he can to take Miranda from Bianca. Babe concludes that Bianca may do whatever she feels is the right thing to do with her. But whatever she decides, she must do it quickly. She urges Bianca to take the baby and get her out of there before JR has a chance to take her from Bianca.

Krystal meets up with her daughter outside the room. She tells Babe that she knows she must have told Bianca the truth and tells Babe she knows she has the biggest heart and meant no harm. They go inside to face Bianca. Bianca greets Ace/James, acknowledging that she’s met him before and apologizes for all that he’s gotten mixed up in. She acknowledges to Babe that she remembers Jamie investigating and finding out about Babe’s real baby. And she says she now realizes the only reason Babe even considered coming clean about Miranda and giving her back to Biacna was because of the baby boy whom she suddenly discovered but never even told anybody about. Babe just got rid of Miranda when she had a “spare”, Bianca concludes. Krystal protests to Bianca that her daughter had every intention of coming clean and blamed herself every night and day for not doing so. Bianca tells Krystal she won’t listen to that. She says Babe betrayed her and lied to her about being her friend. She says what Babe did to her, she would not do to her worst enemy and inquires just how sick and cruel Babe could be. Babe tells Bianca that she needs to just go and get the DNA test done and David will help her. Bianca says David may rot in hell for helping Babe keep her baby from her.

JR runs out of the unlocked room and Kendall attempts to help the injured Jamie. Jamie gets to a cell phone, calls Babe, informs her that JR has escaped and she must now run Hearing that, Babe again urges Bianca to get herself and Miranda away before JR catches them. Bianca tells Babe she never wants to see her again, that Babe must now take care of her baby and she will take care of hers. Alone in the room, Babe breaks down crying.

Kendall demands to know what Jamie is doing calling Babe after JR just knocked him senseless and says if Babe does anything to hurt anybody she cares about, she will go after Babe. Jamie attempts to get up but passes out again. Kendall is very worried about Jamie’s condition.

Alone with Miranda, Bianca cries happily. But right at that moment, JR enters the room. He tells Bianca that he knows that Babe was just there. Bianca acknowledges that yes she was. He informs Bianca that whatever Babe told her was all lies, and Bianca must realize that. He tells her he remembers that she took the baby from the hospital believing she was Miranda. She acknowledges that she did that but reflects upon how he kept “Bess” from her. He acknowledges that he did and apologizes for that, revealing that he may actually believe that she is Miranda. Bianca seems more courteous to JR than she was to Babe. She tells JR that she now understands why he’s behaved the way he has. She says she vilified him and believed Babe when all along, Babe lied. She tells him that she realizes that Babe has hurt them both and changed them both. She concludes that nobody can understand what they both feel. So she says they must now help each other.

Krystal and Babe are outside with the baby boy. Krystal urges Babe to move fast, not only to escape JR but also to prevent Bianca from getting her in big trouble. She tells Babe that she could see how furious Bianca was at her and she must not even trust Bianca not to seek revenge upon her. And the main thing she must worry about now is taking the baby and giving him the life he deserves. But instead of listening to her mother, Babe goes to find Jamie. While attempting to help him, she hears demands from Kendall to tell her what is going on. She ignores Kendall and calls Tad, telling him Jamie’s been hurt and needs a doctor. Overhearing the conversation, David goes out the door. Tad follows him demanding to know where he’s going. Jamie informs Babe that JR has totally lost it and neither she nor the baby can risk being around him. But she tells him she must just prevent Bianca from crossing him.

Bianca tells JR that she knows of the terrible shock he is feeling and she believes she can help him. He tells her she cannot help him by convincing him of any more of Babe’s lies. He tells her that Bess is his baby and she will not convince him that his baby died in the river. She informs him that she is not about to tell him that his baby died in the river.

Babe cries on Jamie’s shoulder about the falling out she’s just had with Bianca.

David goes to meet Krystal. She informs him that she’s instructed their daughter to flee but Babe did not listen. He instructs her to go back to the motel room and wait. At that moment, Tad finds Krystal He reveals that he either does not believe that Ace/James is her grandchild or does not care. She urges him to take some time to visit with the grandson of Dixie and the stepson of Jamie. She also urges him not to do anything to get Babe or Jamie in trouble and enable JR to have this baby. She says even if he does not care about the adults involved, he must care about this innocent baby. She urges him not to be taken by JR or by Adam.

Right when Kendall is hustling to get on an elevator to protect her sister from JR, JR is telling Bianca that Babe has lied about Bess being his. She tells him that Bess is Miranda, but she can help him with his child. Having no clue that his baby boy is alive, he tells her she will not walk out of there with his child just because some piece of trash lied to her. He reveals to her that he may very well believe that this baby is hers, by telling her there’s no way she could love a baby that she had from being raped by that sicko Cambias. He says he will not let his baby ever know that that is how she was conceived and that Bianca must have completely lost it after she was raped. So she needs to get out of there and leave his baby alone.

David informs Jamie that he’s suffered a mild concussion. Jamie says he does not care. He just needs to get Babe and her baby out of there. Tad enters and Jamie informs his father that JR is crazy and was ready to kill him. Hearing that, Tad sounds like he may be reconsidering whether JR deserves to have a child after all.

While observing JR with the baby, Bianca tells him he must now prove that it’s all lies and that this is not her baby. She says they must now go together to get the DNA test. He tells her he refuses and she must get out of there. She tries to convince him that that is Miranda. He does not listen, just tells her to shut up. She demands that JR gives her back her baby. He refuses.

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