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By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

JR and Jamie are locked in the room together. JR tells his brother all about Babe’s lies. He also asks Jamie if he’s ever thought about Bianca and how this lie Babe has cooked up about Miranda being alive has hurt Bianca. Jamie says he has. Jamie protests that Babe is going to come clean and tell Bianca the truth about the baby. And he reminds JR that she is Bianca’s child, not his.

Babe finally drops the bomb-shell on Bianca. She tells her that the baby she’s held and believed all this while has been her goddaughter, is actually her own daughter, Miranda. But Bianca is still in denial. She says she does not believe that Babe would ever write her a letter informing her that Miranda is alive. She tells Babe that she knows she is not cruel and urges Babe to let Miranda be in peace and not try to bring her back. She asks Babe what is going on. Doesn’t she want her baby? Babe replies she certainly does. But she knows that Bess is not her baby. She is Miranda. She informs Bianca that as much as she wanted to DNA test to reveal that Bess was hers’, she knows it was fixed and that she is really Miranda. Bianca goes to observe the baby. Then she turns to Babe and reminds her that Dr. Joe Martin did the DNA test and would never lie. But Babe tells her honestly, that Dr. Joe knew nothing about how the test was falsified. Bianca keeps telling Babe that she knows Babe would never hurt her and that she doesn’t want to believe that she’d tell her such a cruel lie such as that Miranda is still alive when she was not. Babe replies, emotionally, that the lie started with that worthless Paul Kramer drugging her, lying to her and the Chandlers scaring him into telling them what they wanted to hear.

JR keeps protesting to Jamie that his baby, Bess, is alive and Jamie must have been sold by Babe’s lies and that Jamie needs to wake up and see the truth.

Babe reports to Bianca that she remembers drifting in and out of consciousness after giving birth and hearing Paul telling her that the baby was missing but Bianca’s baby girl, who is really Miranda, was alive and well. And she knows that only due to the fact that Bianca was unconscious throughout the whole time and that JR and Adam threatened to make Paul sorry if anything happened to their baby, that Paul lied to them by telling them that the baby girl was theirs’ instead of Bianca’s. She also reminds Bianca of how she knew that Bianca was not crazy and knew her own child when she took Miranda out of the hospital. And while everybody else thought Bianca was losing it, reacting to the trauma of losing her baby and having a delusion that Bess Chandler was her own, Babe says she knows that Bianca was not crazy, she was just responding like a good mother who knows her child.

Bianca responds to Babe that she is getting better with group and with one-on-one therapy in regard to what she’s been through. Believing that she must have been out of her mind to think that Bess was Miranda and that’s a place she does not want to go back to, she urges Babe not to keep telling her this if Babe really loves her. But Babe tells Bianca what she knows about all the facts involved with how her mother lied when she saw Babe in so much pain, and blackmailed Paul, and lied to Tad and the whole story about everything that has happened. Bianca protests that Babe cannot drag all these people into the equation and blame them for the big misunderstanding. Babe again informs Bianca that she remembers Krystal going out to the crash-site and not telling anybody the reason why. And due to Krystal’s pain and grief and worry about her daughter losing her son, she falsified the DNA test. Babe cries telling Bianca that she knows her mother did wrong, but she did the worst thing possible and she hopes Bianca can forgive her.

While Jamie keeps urging JR to realize that Bess is Miranda, JR keeps telling Jamie that he is a sick and evil person telling such a terrible story. But Jamie knows the truth and knows that JR realizes that Bess is Miranda and that he only wants to keep her for selfish reasons and does not care who he hurts.

After hearing more testimony from Babe, Bianca still doesn’t believe a word Babe says. Bianca goes over and shows Babe and sweater she got for Bess. And no matter how much Babe urges her to believe what really happened throughout the whole situation, Bianca keeps getting distracting and paying no attention to a word she’s saying. Babe admits to Bianca that she lied about who the baby really was because at the time she loved JR more than she loved Bianca. And she admits that she regrets it and wishes she could take it back. But all Bianca can say in response is that she does not want to believe that any of this is really happening.

JR keeps telling Jamie that he can believe anything he wants and live in any universe he wants, but in this one, the baby of which they are speaking is his. Jamie asks JR if he would have really wanted to believe the baby was his if he’d known from the start that she was really Miranda Montgomery. JR does not answer that.

Babe protests to Bianca that at the time she lied, she loved JR and could not find the words to let him know that his son died. Bianca still does not listen and tells Babe that this baby is hers; she needs to love her, protect her and keep her safe. But Babe protests that Bess is not her baby. She also reminds Bianca that her own sister knew the truth. Bianca protests that Kendall just reacted out of her grief and had false hopes that Miranda was alive when she made her outburst and expressed that she believed that Bess was Miranda. But Babe protests that Tad found out the lie, also David knows all about it, as well as Krystal. Bianca reminds Babe that Babe named her as the godmother of Bess. But Babe keeps telling Bianca that she did that, not knowing what else to do at the time. She also reminds Bianca of how it took her a long time to discover that her husband hated her, tried to drug her, wanted her dead, and wanted to prove that she was an unfit mother. She admits that she did not want to listen to Jamie or to Bianca or to anybody who told her the truth about JR. But now she knows what is right for the baby better than she ever has before. The baby needs her real mother, who is Bianca. Babe also informs Bianca that the first time she woke up and saw things the way they really were was in the casino. That was when they made the video in order to catch JR admitting all that he’s done. And she tells Bianca that she knows that only Bianca has rights to the baby. But Bianca says the only type of person that would keep a baby from her real mother would be an evil person, not someone like Babe. She says she knows Babe was incapable of doing something like that. Babe tells Bianca that maybe she does not want to believe that Babe is capable of doing what she does not want to see, just like she knows that she, herself did not want to believe the truth about JR.

Babe tells Bianca that she remembers the night when she got Bess/Miranda back after Krystal, Tad and David saved the baby from JR. And she reflects how she kept the secret from everybody, gave Bess/Miranda to Bianca and took off in her car. While driving, not knowing where she was going, she prayed to God to lead her to her lost son, believing he was dead. And she accidentally wound up in Llanview and met her son. And she knows that God heard her prayer and brought her to her son.

JR tells Jamie that he does not trust Tad. He reminds Jamie that Tad cheated on Dixie with Liza. Jamie tells JR that Tad loved Dixie and that JR is following a similar pattern with Babe by punishing her the same way Adam punished Dixie. JR protests that Babe is totally different than Dixie. She messed around on him and slept with everything that walked and he only wants to protect his child, not punish her. But Jamie says he does not buy that JR is sincere in wanting to protect his baby.

Babe tells Bianca that when she saw her little boy in Llanview, she knew him just like she could tell that Bianca knew Miranda when she saw her in the hospital. Hearing that, Bianca tells Babe she’s crazy and needs help. Babe protests that the Buchanans have taken her baby from her. Hearing that, Bianca discovers that Babe has kidnapped Ace Buchanan and must be suffering form the same grief that she did when she kidnapped Bess. But Babe protests that if Bianca does not believe her that Ace Buchanan is her baby and that Bess is really Miranda, she may ask anybody who knows the real story.

While it looks as though Bianca is learning the truth and devastated by it, Babe urges Bianca not to blame David for keeping the truth from her. Again, Bianca says she does not believe that David would believe any such thing. It’s not true. She keeps telling Babe that she does not believe anybody has kept a secret from her, but she believes Babe is suffering from a delusion. Babe reminds Bianca of the time they went to Llanview and took the two babies to the park. She asks if Bianca could not see the connection between herself and Bess/Miranda just like that between Babe and Ace/James. And she urges Bianca, if there is any doubt in her mind, to go and get a DNA test, ASAP, before JR has a chance to stop her and keep Miranda away from her.

Jamie tells JR that he knows JR is only seeing Babe the way Adam would have because God knows he cannot make his own decisions while looking through “the master’s eyes”. He says JR was incapable of seeing that Babe was good and decent. And he says he wishes JR would wake up and see things the way they really are.

Babe urges Bianca not to stall any longer. She says they must go and take Bess/Miranda to the hospital to get the DNA test. Sitting silently, Bianca has a flashback where she hears all the voices of all the people who knew the truth about her baby but did not know how to tell her. At that moment, Babe is able to sense that it is “happening”. She motions for Bianca to stand up and look at her baby. She relives the whole story of how the two of them were stranded in the cabin while going into labor. She urges Bianca to see her baby as the same one she gave birth to and held in the cabin, and the one she took from the hospital. And she says don’t listen to the world and what they believe. Instead listen to what she knows.

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