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JR is on stage singing. A crowd is cheering. He looks just like a professional performer, live in concert, and not like a person dealing with what he is dealing with. He has other back-up guitar players on stage with him. Bianca is backstage watching. Babe goes to find her. Instantly, Bianca urges Babe not to be there where she is making herself visible to JR. Babe tells Bianca she is not worried about that and asks Bianca to go and find Bess and protect that baby as if she was her own, while JR is still distracted.

David finds Tad tied to the bed in his hotel room. Tad urges David to know that since Paul is dead, and neither Babe nor Jamie are suspected of killing him, then maybe things will not be so bad for them if the only charge is kidnapping. David tells Tad he does not know what kind of world Tad is living in if he believes their kids are not in danger if they get charged with kidnapping. But Tad urges David to see that his son and David’s daughter have one last chance to clear their names if their parents help them and that David needs to untie him so he can do what he has to do. David says forget it.

At the concert, right after JR is done performing, he notices Babe in the crowd and runs after her. The crowd has no clue what he’s doing and girls try to grab him, believing it’s part of his act, as he runs after Babe.

At the hospital, Anita finds Aidan who is there to visit her and offer her some candy. She is very happy to see him. But she informs him that her head is still so full of Bobbie and the divorce and she is not ready to start something new. He tells her he just wants to remember the first time they met by the side of the road when he got a flat tire and she rescued him. Hearing that, she instantly returns to being happy to see him. It doesn’t take much for him to convince her to have a date together.

Bobbie Warner is outside in the wilderness on his cell phone. He is arranging to meet somebody privately who owes him money. He reveals that if the person “stiffs” him he will inform the police of their involvement in the shooting of Ryan Lavery.

Outside the concert hall away from the crowd, JR notices Babe and continues to run after her.

Tad asks David what Babe’s and Jamie’s plan is. David informs Tad that they plan to give Bianca her baby back and that Tad should be happy about that. Tad admits that he’s happy that Bianca will have Miranda. But he tells David that he needs to talk to them and know their whereabouts and that JR has the right to know about his son. David tells Tad that JR cannot be trusted with the baby or with Babe or Jamie.

Kendall asks Bianca just what she knows about Babe’s plan. Bianca admits she does not know. At that moment, JR knocks on the door, acting like he wants to see his baby. But Kendall can tell that JR is out of breath and asks why. He does not reveal that he’s been running after Babe.

Jamie asks Babe if she’s seen JR. She admits she has. He tells her he has some concerns about her plan to reunite Bianca with her baby and reminds her that it is not written in stone. She admits to him that she’s met with Bianca and is ready to put all her plans into motion. She also reflects upon how she felt, noticing JR as a teenage rock idol, looking like every girl’s dream, and remembers how she fell in love with him seeing what they saw, not long ago. He tells her how he felt when he first saw her. He tells her how amazing she is to him and how much she means to him. He tells her about how he discovered that JR was fake and she was real. And how that goes deeper than any crush.

While JR is in Bianca’s and Kendall’s room, he watches Bianca’s attachment to the baby and diligence about changing diapers, as well as Kendall’s inability to know what to do with baby’s diapers. When Bianca goes off to change the baby, Kendall asks JR what tricks he has up his sleeve. He tells her that Babe could get charged with kidnapping Bess and Bianca could get charged as an accessory if she helps her. He asks Kendall if she wants her sister to get charged with kidnapping. Kendall replies no. He tells her that in that case she must promise never to leave Bianca’s side all the while Bianca is with the baby.

Bobbie hides out spying upon somebody with binoculars. It looks as though he’s spying upon his wife with Aidan. Anita and Aidan meet in a boathouse. He brings her some drinks and food. He tells her he’s glad to see she’s happy and not exhibiting any signs of posttraumatic stress disorder. She tells him that her marriage did not inflict any trauma upon her; it was more like missing in action. She also informs Aidan that she and Bobbie were high school sweethearts and got married early.

Tad tells David that he must realize that Babe and Jamie will be in a lot of trouble when it is found out they have kidnapped the baby who’s legal name is Buchanan. David admits that he did not condone or approve of their plan and agrees they made the wrong choice but they must stay on the run. Tad tells David that if they keep running, they will be in a lot more trouble with JR than if they come clean now. David tells Tad that he needs to give their kids a chance. He tells Tad that presently nobody is looking for Babe or Jamie nor knows what they are up to. But Tad informs him that there is a coast-to-coast manhunt for the Buchanan baby and it will not end until the baby is found. At that moment maid comes in and startles them. They try to distract her and get her out.

JR proposes a toast with Kendall and Bianca. He asks Bianca if she is “happy” with the way things turned out so far. She seems distracted and admits to JR and to Kendalll that she’s thinking about Lena giving her an ultimatum to either get on the next plane to Poland or Lena will end it. Kendall says she is so sorry and asks Banca why she hasn’t said anything about that before. JR says he can relate all too well to believing he knew somebody only to be betrayed by their lying to him and sleeping with his brother. Bianca protests that her relationship with Lena is totally different than his relationship with Babe. Right at that moment, he gets a call. It’s Babe. She sounds confident and asks him what’s up. She tells him she loved the concert and that while listening, it seemed to her that he was singing just to her. Knowing he’s being overheard, he informs Kendall and Bianca that he needs to take this call and excuse himself. He goes where he cannot be overheard and asks Babe what she wants. She informs him that she and Jamie have been robbed and all she needs is cash and she will go away and he will never have to see or deal with her again. He returns to Kendall and Bianca, not informing them anything about the conversation and says he has to go. Kendall asks Bianca what she might know about this private conversation. Bianca tells her sister she hasn’t a clue what JR’s call with Babe was about.

Tad admits to David that although he knows how morally challenged David is, he also knows how David fights for those he loves. He reminds David that he remembers David’s fierce loyalty to Bianca and also believes that he will protect his daughter in the same way if he just uses good sense. And he urges David to untie him again. David still does not comply.

Babe and JR meet in person. She takes him to a room where he meets Jamie. JR informs Jamie that he doesn’t carry lots of cash and will have to write a check. Right at that moment, Babe leaves the room and locks them inside. Jamie obviously knows what she’s up to but JR does not.

Right when Aidan is ready to kiss Anita and they both believe they are alone, they are interrupted by Bobbie. She demands to know what he’s doing there and if he’s following her. And she tells him he has no right to judge her or comment about her life. Right when Bobbie goes outside, with his private plan, Aidan discovers something Bobbie might be looking for and presents it to him, revealing that he’s on to Bobbie. Bobbie tells Anita and Aidan they need to get out of his life and leave him alone, just as Anita has asked him to do with her. He leaves.

Tad tells David that he believes the only reason David is so foolishly covering for Babe is because of his guilt in regard to not being in his daughter’s life. Tad tells David he cannot make up for lost ponies and birthday parties by enabling his daughter to go to prison for the rest of her life. David tells Tad to shut up.

Bianca urges Kendall to let her make her own decisions and not worry about her. At that moment, they are interrupted by Babe knocking on the door. Kendall tells Bianca and Babe that they will not get her to leave, she’s not going anywhere. She tells Babe she knows that she is scheming with Bianca in a plan to kidnap the baby and get Bianca in trouble with her. Bianca tells Kendall that she needs her to leave and Kendall must decide who’s side she is on; JR’s or her sister. Hearing that Kendall reluctantly leaves Bianca and Babe alone. Bianca asks Babe if she knows how much time she has to “trick” JR. Babe informs Bianca that Jamie is now with JR. Bianca tells Babe that she can tell that she was lying in what she told Kendall, she is there to take the baby. What other reason could she have for all that she’s risked to come out there? But hearing that, Babe cries and admits to Bianca that she is not there to take the baby.

Anita inquires why Bobbie would arrange to collect money in a place like where they just found him. Aidan replies he has no clue and maybe they should stay out of it. But she reveals that she still has concerns for her ex-husband getting himself into trouble. They return to their romantic encounter

Tad tells David that he knows that David is afraid that he will risk making Babe angry with him and is caving into that. David tells Tad he can do without his “psychoanalysis”. But Tad urges David to know that part of being a parent is making “tough-love” decisions. He tells David that he is not afraid to make Jamie angry with him and do what is right at any cost and that David needs to do the same with Babe. David does not want to listen.

While outside of the private conversation of Bianca and Babe, Kendall makes a call urging somebody to help her intervene in preventing what she believes Bianca should not be getting herself into.

Bianca tells Babe that she knows Babe must be there for her baby, Babe cannot possibly leave without this precious little girl. She still has no clue that this is not Babe’s baby. At that moment, Babe suddenly divulges the truth. She tells Bianca, for the first time that this is not her baby. This is Bianca’s baby. This is Miranda. Bianca stares speechless at what she has just heard.

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