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All My Children Update Friday 12/3/04



By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

With Ryan confronting him at Kendall's residence, Ethan hides the bottle of pills he found in a drawer. Ryan tells him it looks like he's not the only one who thinks Kendall may be responsible for drugging Greenlee. Ethan discretely puts the bottle of pills in his pocket and Zach enters. Ethan tells Ryan that if he's looking for the man who hurt Greenlee, look at Zach. After Ethan tells Zach what's going on with Greenlee, Zach tells Ryan he's sorry for Greenlee's problems but they have nothing to do with him. Ethan still thinks Zach is to blame, saying that if Ryan was distracted by Greenlee's problems, Cambias Industries would be vulnerable. Zach says he could get Cambias Industries with his own money – he doesn't need to distract Ryan. Ryan tells Zach that if he did hurt Greenlee, he'll find out. Ryan looks into a drawer, finds nothing and leaves. Ethan tells Zach to get out but Zach will not. He says he warned him about Kendall and how much more proof does he need. Zach says Kendall has a motive – revenge. Greenlee took the man she loves. Zach leaves but watches through the window as Ethan looks at the bottle of pills and throws it into the garbage disposal.

Edmund is at the hospital looking for his physical therapist Manny. Maria approaches him and says Manny is not his therapist, she is. Edmund questions why a neurosurgeon could act as a physical therapist. Maria reminds him she put herself through school working as a PT. Edmund tells her she's not his therapist. He told her to go to Zach. Maria corrects him, saying he told her to go to Zach or go to hell, and she chooses neither. She will instead fight for their marriage and will not sign divorce papers. She tells him he's stuck with her. Ryan walks in and asks to see Greenlee, but Maria tells him he cannot. Edmund tells Ryan he's sorry about Greenlee. He suggests he look at Zach Slater as the one who did this to her. He asks Maria what she thinks about that. Maria says no one knows if anyone gave Greenlee drugs. It's possible she's self-medicated herself. Edmund says Maria is protecting Zach again and she doesn't even realize it. Manny arrives and Edmund leaves with him for his appointment. Ryan tells Maria that Zach is still up there on his list. He says whoever did this is going to pay.

Erica and Jack are searching David's home looking for something that could determine if he gave drugs to Greenlee. Erica looks at the envelope containing a note written by Babe to Krystal and David. She wants to look at the note but Jack tells her they need to focus on the task at hand. Erica agrees and sets the note down. Jack then asks her what was in the note Babe wrote to Bianca. Erica says there's no need to burden him about something so minor. She realizes she needs to call Bianca, and leaves a message for her sending her love. Jack won't give up, and asks again what was in the letter. Erica says she didn't read the letter, but according to JR it was nothing but lies. And she knows JR is telling the truth. She's sure this letter to David and Krystal is more of the same lies. As their search turns up nothing, Jack expresses concern that maybe this is really Greenlee's own problem. Erica tries her best to reassure him that Greenlee is a survivor and she will get through this. Jack says Ryan is convinced someone did this to Greenlee. Erica says they need to focus on Greenlee and leave Kendall out of this.

At a Florida hotel, Bianca tells Kendall she's either with JR or with her. Kendall tells Bianca no one has supported her more than she has, but that doesn't mean she has to agree with everything she does. She says she is concerned about her interactions with Babe and worries she's going to get hurt. Bianca, angry, tells Kendall to get out. Kendall argues with Bianca, asking her what Babe has done to make her take her side above everyone else's. Bianca says this is about protecting Bess. Kendall says Bess has a father who loves her. Bianca says she won't let Bess grow up under the influence of JR and his lies about Babe. She couldn't save Miranda, but she will save Bess. Kendall says JR is Bess's father, and Bianca replies that she is Bess's godmother and she won't abandon her. Kendall tells her she's not Bess's mother. Bianca is called to report to the stage in preparation for the concert. She leaves the baby with Kendall and warns her not to mess this up for her or she'll never forgive her.

At the same hotel, JR is confronting David and Krystal after finding them there unexpectedly. He says he assumes Babe is around as well. Krystal tells him if he knows where Babe is, let them know. JR doesn't believe that they don't know where Babe is and wants to know why they're really there. David says they have reason to believe Babe came there to kidnap Bess and they came here to stop it. JR says he doesn't believe they would keep Babe from having Bess. David says kidnapping Bess would be the one sure way Babe would lose her, and they don't want to see that happen. JR says Babe will never have Bess. JR is called to report to the stage. Before he leaves, he tells David and Krystal that Babe is not stupid enough to kidnap Bess. He thinks something else is going on. He orders them to keep Babe away from him and his child.

Babe tells Tad that JR can never know about their son. Jamie tells his father they have to do this. Babe says their plan is to tell Bianca the truth then leave town with baby James. Tad says that doesn't absolve them of anything. He says it's wrong of them to keep the truth from JR. He says if they won't tell JR the truth, he will. Jamie gets in front of the door and tells Tad he'll have to go through him first. Babe says JR will use this little boy as a weapon. Tad says JR will find out, but Babe says no one will find them. Tad says the Buchanans won't give up looking for Ace, and the whole world will know the truth. Babe says they don't have the right to her son. Tad encourages them to take James home and fight it out in court. A judge will listen to her story of desperation. It's possible the most she would end up with is probation, he says. Turning to Jamie, Tad tells him if he keeps this up probation won't be an option. The way things are now, police will continue to search for them and they won't know that this baby is Babe's son. Plus, she can't shut JR out. Tad promises to do everything he can to help Babe get custody. Jamie says maybe Tad is right. Maybe they should do things her way. Babe, looking betrayed, tells Jamie he swore he would always protect her and James. Tad says his car is outside and turns to leave. Jamie stops him and punches him in the jaw, knocking him out. Jamie ties Tad to the bed and guesses that his father will never talk to him again. With Tad still knocked out, Jamie tells him he's sorry. He always taught him to do what his gut says is right. He tells Babe that they need to go through with this plan before Tad wakes up.

Bianca walks onto the stage to much applause. She makes a short speech about how she hopes their lives are touched the way her daughter touched her life. She introduces the first band. Meanwhile, JR goes into Kendall's room to see Bess before he goes on stage. As he leaves to perform, he pleads with Kendall not to take her eyes off Bess. Kendall says no one will take this baby.

Babe and Jamie are surprised to run into David and Krystal at the hotel. Krystal and Babe excitedly greet each other, but Babe quickly tells them they're going to ruin their plans. Jamie confronts David as to why he told his dad he may have killed Paul Cramer. Jamie says he thinks David may be the one who killed him. Krystal is happy to see Ace, but Babe tells her his name is James now. Krystal says the name fits him just right. David tells them they can't risk JR finding out what's going on. Jamie tells them they should go back into their room and make sure his dad doesn't break out and tell JR. They leave James with Krystal and set off to tell Bianca the truth.

In the room, Tad wakes up and mutters to himself that Jamie is "so grounded." He calls for help. A maid walks in and Tad asks her to come over to him, but she gets flustered and says she's only there to do cleaning and walks out. Later, David walks in and laughs at seeing Tad tied to the bed. Tad tells him to shut up and help him out of this. David walks over and pulls the ropes tighter around Tad's arms. "That ought to do it," he says.

Bianca introduces JR, who plays the guitar and sings a rock song with a band behind him. As Bianca watches for a monitor, she is surprised by Babe. They hug. Babe tells her there's something she needs to tell her.

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