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Jamie and Babe are startled to see that Tad has found them at Disney World. Jamie tells Tad to stay away from them and act like he never saw them. Tad tells them if they don't go somewhere to talk he'll call his traveling companions over to see them. They go into a motel room, where Tad says they need to start with the obvious. He turns to look at baby James and realizes this is Dixie's grandson. He says he has Dixie's eyes. He also states that this is Ace Buchanan. Babe says his name is now James. She introduces the baby to Tad, calling him one of his nicer grandparents. Tad tells them they haven't thought their plan through. Jamie says they don't need his approval. Babe says they're only doing whatever they have to do to help Bianca get Miranda back. Tad says they're going to have to forget about their idea. He says that not telling Bianca that Miranda is alive was criminal, and it's the same as not telling JR about his son. Babe says she won't let JR hurt her baby. Jamie challenges Tad for helping Liza leave town with Colby. Where was Adam's rights when she did that? Tad replies that Adam was not good for Colby, but Jamie counters that JR is like an Adam clone. Babe says she just wants to save her baby. Tad says it's more complicated than that now that there is a second felony charge hanging over them. They don't know what he's talking about, and Tad tells Babe to take the baby into the bathroom and run the water so she can't hear what he's about to tell Jamie. If she hears it, she could be forced to testify against him.

With Babe out of the room, Tad tells Jamie the other felony is murder. He asks if he killed Paul Cramer. Tad says David told him he saw Jamie standing over Paul's body and running away. Jamie says he showed up at the cemetery, heard a shot and saw Paul lying on the ground. He had no pulse or heartbeat, and he didn't see who shot him. He says Paul deserved a slow and painful death for what he did, but it looked like he went quickly. Jamie says the only crime he's guilty of is taking that baby away from someone who should not have even had him. James is now where he belongs and Tad needs to stay out of this, Jamie says. Tad tells Babe she can come out of the bathroom. He then tells the two of them that they have to tell JR that his son is alive.

Bianca, JR and Kendall are in a Florida hotel room. Bianca leaves the room and JR accuses Kendall of working with Bianca against him. He tells Kendall that he won't be able to kill Babe's plan if she's not siding with him. Kendall says Babe is Bianca's best friend and if she wants to hang out with her it's OK with her. JR tells her she doesn't care about Bianca half as much as she claims. He says Babe ditched Bess and Bianca and wrote in her letter to Bianca that Bess is Miranda. Kendall asks why Babe would want to drag JR to Florida to keep the lie going. JR says she just wants to make him suffer. Kendall says Babe can't think that he would just hand Bess to Bianca. "Over my dead body," JR replies. He says Babe will go after whatever she wants. He thinks she's now going to blackmail him with her lie. He says Bianca is going to get hurt and Kendall needs to keep her away from Babe.

David and Krystal have arrived at a Florida hotel and are concerned about Babe telling Bianca the truth. David says Babe can't tell the truth in front of JR. Krystal says if Babe thinks she needs to do this they need to stay out of her way. David asks her why she didn't tell him about this flip-flop on the plane. There's a prison waiting for their daughter, he says. As soon as Bianca and JR learn the truth, one of them will dial 911 before Babe knows what hit her. Bianca finds David and Krystal at her hotel and asks them what they're doing there. Krystal and David pretend that they're happy to find Bianca. They say they're there to support the Miranda Montgomery center. Bianca doesn't believe them and thinks they're there to stop Babe from doing what she intends to do. David asks Bianca if she knows what Babe plans to do. Bianca says she doesn't, but it must be important and she'll help her no matter what she has planned. She won't let them stand in Babe's way. She says she got JR to come to Florida with Bess and that baby will be in her mother's arms soon. Bianca tells them to stay out of the way. If they do anything that tips JR off Babe's plan will go south. David and Krystal agree to cooperate. Bianca leaves and David frets that Ace is going to connect Jamie and Babe to Paul Cramer.

Bianca returns to her room and sees JR and Kendall huddled together. She asks what's wrong. Kendall tells her they're talking about her. It's about Bess. She says they're concerned that Bianca is staying in the hotel to take care of Bess when there is so much going on outside. Bianca tells them not to worry. She's perfectly content taking care of Bess. JR leaves to talk to the stage manager and Kendall walks out with him, whispering that she'll keep Bianca away from Babe. When Kendall goes back into the room, Bianca tells her that everything JR told her is a pack of lies. She says JR will do anything to stick it to Babe and if Kendall helps JR do it, their relationship is over. Kendall leaves, saying she forgot her water bottle. Bianca picks up Bess and tells her soon she'll be back in her mother's arms.

David asks Krystal what are they supposed to do now? Just sit and wait for something to happen? He suggests they get out of there. They run into JR, who asks them if they're there to watch him perform.

At the hospital, Erica confronts Ethan about Greenlee's poisoning. She tells him that shooting Ryan obviously wasn't enough, now he has to go after Ryan's wife. Ethan asks the group gathered what he would have to gain by poisoning Greenlee. It doesn't make sense. He no longer has any stake to the Cambias fortune. Mary suggests he did it for revenge. Jack tells the group he thinks Ethan is telling the truth. Ryan asks if Ethan is innocent, who's guilty? Jack says they need to consider that Greenlee took the drugs on her own. Ryan insists that Greenlee did not self-medicate herself. Mary asks Jack how he could dare call their daughter a drug addict. Erica suggests that sometimes when people are under stress they forget what they're taking. Ryan says the drug found in Greenlee's blood is not the drug that Dr. Ashbourne prescribed. Jack says maybe Greenlee got the drug from another doctor. Maria approaches the group with some test results and Ryan asks to see Greenlee. Maria says that is not possible. Ryan then asks Maria to go see Greenlee and find out where she got the drug. Maria says she'll do her best. At least they know what's causing Greenlee's problems and she'll be her normal self soon.

Greenlee is restrained in her hospital bed and is seeing double vision when Maria enters the room. Still, Greenlee tells Maria she's doing fine and she understands where she is and why. Maria asks Greenlee to tell her everything she's been taking. Greenlee says she went off the birth control pill and is only taking the pill prescribed by Dr. Ashbourne as instructed. Suddenly Greenlee is seeing double again and instead of Maria, sees Kendall, who is telling her that Ryan is dead. Greenlee goes out of control, writhing and slapping. Maria tries to restrain her and calls for help. Maria is cut on the cheek and Dr. Ashbourne comes in to check on Greenlee. Now Greenlee is seeing Kendall and Ethan restraining her hands and legs. She hears Ethan saying that he and Kendall are going to take it all. She hears the two of them laugh. Greenlee starts to cry and Maria goes out to see Ryan. She tells him that Greenlee thought she was Kendall and attacked her. And she thinks Ryan is dead. Jack says that since Greenlee is close to David, it's possible she got the other drug from him. Ethan asks Ryan if that could be possible. Ryan walks over to Ethan and tells him he's not wanted here. Ethan leaves, telling him he hopes Greenlee is OK. Ryan tells Jack that it doesn't make sense, but he supposes it is possible. Jack and Erica leave to search David's cabin. At the cabin, David finds a spare key and they enter. They look through David's drugs. Jack says if David slipped Greenlee some drugs, he'll take care of David. Erica looks through David's mail and finds the note Babe wrote to David and Krystal.

Meanwhile, Ethan goes to Kendall's place and looks around. He finds some pills. Behind him Ryan has entered. Ryan asks him if he found the drugs used on his wife.

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