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Jamie awakens to hear Babe up and about with the baby. She informs Jamie that she’s been up all night taking care of the baby who has not been able to sleep. He urges her to get some sleep. She tells him she cannot do it. She is afraid to close her eyes for fear that JR will come and take her baby. He reminds her that that was just a nightmare she had. But she says she needs to stay awake and keep the baby safe.

At the Chandler’s it looks like JR and Bianca are getting along. He’s agreed to go with her to the Miranda Foundation. She seems to appreciate it. Suddenly Adam walks in with the baby. Although seeming happy, Adam urges his son not to take the baby to the foundation meeting, but instead leave her with him

Kendall and Ethan arrive in the hospital. They run into Ryan who is with Jack and Erica. Kendall inquires to Ryan why she’s been unable to get a hold of him. He tells her the only person he wants to hear from is locked up. Jack asks Kendall just what happened between her and Greenlee when Kendall discovered Greenlee on the trapeze. Kendall informs them all that she discovered Greenlee on the trapeze, ready to hurt herself, she tried to help Greenlee and they both fell. Ryan doesn’t seem to buy Kendall’s story about trying to help Greenlee. Erica tries to assure Kendall that Ryan is not accusing Kendall of anything. Kendall protests, however, that Ryan must have some belief that she is seeking revenge upon Greenlee in response to Greenlee’s attempt on Kendall’s life. Ryan admits that he has a bit of difficulty believing Kendall. Jack also seems to doubt that Kendall really cares about his daughter. But Ethan tells them both that they have no right to be angry with Kendall, she put her own life on the line in order to save Greenlee. When Erica is alone with her daughter, she tries to console Kendall so she does not believe that anybody is accusing her of anything. She tells Kendall she loves her. Kendall leaves with Ethan. He tells her that she needs to stop worrying about Greenlee and instead be with Bianca.

Jamie assures Babe that although they know that JR will be going to the benefit concert for the Miranda foundation, which is not far away, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll be able to find them. But she tells him she’s very worried due to the recurring nightmare she keeps having about JR busting down the door and taking her baby from her. She tells him they’ve already had too many close calls, what with the state trouper, the nosey guy in the diner, and the fact that the cops and authorities are hot on the trail to find Kevin Buchanan’s baby. He tries to encourage her to get some rest without nightmares. He tells her that before he hits the sheets, he thinks about something happy. He also knows that Baby James does that, thinking only about his mommy loving him and drifts off on a cloud of happiness. He tells Babe that’s what she needs to do before she goes to sleep; think about something happy. Babe replies that that is easy. She can think about Bianca getting her baby back.

Back at the Chandler Mansion, Bianca tells Adam that she was hoping he’d be over his “fear” of her being around Bess. She leaves and Adam tells his son that he has very bad feelings about JR and the baby going with Bianca to the concert. JR tells his father that he notices bad vibes and his father’s fear that Bess is Miranda. Adam protests to his son that he just wants to prevent losing her the way he’s lost Colby. JR protests that it is not true that Bess is Miranda, they must not even think that nor believe that his baby has died. He seems to be suspicious that although Adam is not admitting it, that he wants to keep Bess away from his son in order to find out whether or not she is Miranda. JR tells his father that his baby, Adam’s grandchild is safe in their home with them because of him. He admits that it almost cost his brother his life, but it happened. And he inquires if he is not worthy of some credit for that. He tells his father that whether he approves or not, he plans to take Bess to Florida and might bring him back a sack of oranges.

While Kendall is on the flight with Bianca she informs her sister that she’s happy to get out of Pine Valley for a while. Bianca tells her sister she appreciates her convincing JR to let her take Bess with her. Kendall urges Bianca to skip the distractions and tell her what her plan really is about going to Florida. JR comes out of hiding and tells Bianca he’d like to know the same. Bianca admits to both Kendall and JR that she realizes she is busted. She admits to them that the reason she is going to Florida is because of Babe.

In the hospital, while Erica and Jack are in the waiting room, Erica approaches Ethan and asks him why he is still there. Ethan informs Erica he is there for Kendall. She inquires just what his expectations are in regard to her daughter. He tells her he wants all the best for Kendall and really cares for her. She protests that she loves he daughter and wants what’s best for her. Ethan informs Erica, that in that case, she must let Kendall be and let her make her own decisions.

Suddenly, Mary Smyth appears at the hospital, asks Jack what has happened to “their little girl” and immediately demands to know what Ryan has “done” to her, as if she knows or cares about Greenlee. Everybody is very uncomfortable with Mary being there. But at that moment, a doctor enters and informs Ryan that his wife is a very sick woman and something is seriously wrong with her.

Babe, Jamie and the baby are in Florida at an amusement park on the rides, having a good time. They apparently know they are going to reunite Bianca with her baby but have no clue that JR is with her.

Bianca admits to JR that she believes she is doing the right thing by bringing him to Florida to meet Babe. She tells him that she hopes that it will enable them all to put things behind them. She still has no clue what Babe and Jamie have done and what they are doing now. Suddenly, unexpectedly, Tad Martin enters.

After the doctor has given everybody the grave news about Greenlee, Ryan confronts Ethan and tells him that he believes that it is due to the stress of wondering if Ethan intended to kill him that Greenlee has ended up the way she has. He tells Ethan that if it is ever found out that he is behind it, he will kill him.

Tad informs JR and Bianca that he knows how to accomplish a lot with a fake ID and knows what they may not want him to know. JR inquires why Tad snuck on board without having the common courtesy to let him know ahead of time. Tad reminds his stepson that they are not exactly on friendly or on trusting terms so he didn’t see any point in doing that. JR invites him to join them, coldly; still having no clue what Tad is on to. Tad talks privately to Bianca. She asks him what he’s up to. She reminds him that he told her that he was on Babe and Jamie’s side and if that’s true he must not do anything to hurt them. He assures her that he is on Babe and Jamie’s side, but reminds her he’s also on “her” side. She still has no clue what he’s talking about.

Stuart urges Adam to stop watching over JR and let him make his own decisions. Adam tells his brother that he lives in a fantasy world and doesn’t understand why he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. But Stuart reminds his brother how his hate and spiteful attitude lost him Liza and Colby and that he should be aware that it will also lose him JR and Bess.

At the hospital, Mary protests to the doctor that if her daughter has “snapped her twig” it is not her fault, nor relevant to her family tree. Erica takes Mary aside and tells her that she must stop believing everything is about her, and instead Mary needs to be there for Greenlee.

Jack expresses to Ryan that he’s worried about his daughter. Ryan protests that Greenlee is not psychotic and whatever is going on with his wife, she is not crazy.

While JR is sleeping on the flight, Bianca takes Bess, holds her, remembers how he first introduced her to Babe when she and JR were good friends, the time Babe found out Bianca was gay and had no problem with that, and how Babe saved hers’ and Miranda’s lives and they gave birth together at the cabin. Tad has flashbacks of Babe admitting that she lied about Bess being her baby because she loves JR more than she loved Bianca. JR sleeps and has flashbacks of falling in love with Babe, then feeling betrayed by her in regard to Jamie, Paul Kramer, the baby, how Jamie almost got killed because of her, and what is happening now.

Jamie is having flashbacks of his history with Babe, dating her then suddenly finding out that she was already married to JR. He remembers her revealing to him that Bess is really Miranda and that her baby boy is really alive. At that moment, she enters the room. She has a flashback of telling her mother she must take the baby with Jamie and run regardless of whether her mother or anybody else approved or not, her lies to Bianca and many other things.

Suddenly the flight’s captain announces that the flight is taking off and they will be in sunny Florida shortly. JR awakens and puts Bess in her safety seat. Bianca watches over him, hoping she can reconcile her friendship with JR and that he will do the right thing in regard to Babe and Bess.

JR, Bianca, Kendall and Bess/Miranda arrive in Florida. Not far away, Babe and Jamie are with baby James. Babe and Jamie seem to be ok with seeing the three of them. But suddenly and unexpectly, Tad approaches Babe and Jamie and startles them.

The doctor reveals that Greenlee has been medicating herself with something that has poisoned her. Ryan protests that he does not believe his wife would do that and that somebody must have poisoned her.

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