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Greenlee is still on the swing, scaring Kendall, looking like she’s going to fall. Kendall keeps urging her not to go through with her plan to swing on the trapeze and instead let Kendall catch her. But Greenlee ignores Kendall, hangs off the swing by her knees, like they do in the circus. Kendall tries to catch her and they both fall and are unconscious. They both come to later. Greenlee still does not know how foolish her behavior has been nor care that she’s scared Kendall. She says she’s ready to get back on the horse. But Kendall demands that she stops. At that moment, Ryan and Ethan enter. Ryan urges Greenlee to stop. Greenlee goes on babbling, sounding happy, and saying that Kendall has encouraged her to fulfill her dreams. But Ryan says Greenlee must go with him to a hospital. He holds her and tells her he loves her and asks if she trusts him. She “happily” replies that she trusts him with her life. He replies that in that case she must come with him to the hospital. At that point, they leave. Ethan asks Kendall if she is ok with all that has happened. Kendall admits that she is not.

Erica formally proposes to Jack. He doesn’t reply right away and instead reminds Erica of all of the children they have together, meaning not only her two daughters, but Reggie, Lily, as well as Greenlee. She asks if he’s stalling on his answer. But he asks her if she’s ready for the commitment with all of both of their children. She replies that she is ready. At that moment, she gives him a surprise by snapping her fingers and causing lights to go on all around them and romantic music playing. She asks him to dance.

At the restaurant, Bobbie finds Anita and tells her, sounding very casual and uncaring, that all she needs to do is sign the divorce papers and he will be out of there. He angrily tells her that she did a bang-up job in poisoning his relationship with Palmer and others. But he tells her he will no longer worry about that and is ready to move on. He tells her she may now talk all about how he’s ruined her dreams. She may scream and rant and do whatever she wants, as long as he no longer has to deal with it. Throughout this whole time she is silent. She, then, speaks up and tells him how sorry she is.

Bianca goes to the Fusion office, aware that there is somebody there. It’s dark. Jonathan appears. He snaps at her, sounding like he doesn’t appreciate her being there. She inquires what his problem is. He apologizes and informs her that he’s just buried in work and under stress. She informs him that she will not be around the office much longer and plans to leave town. At that moment, her cell phone rings. It’s Lena. Bianca inquires if Lena is ok, tells Lena she’s scaring her and asks what is going on.

Reggie goes to Maggie and Jamie’s looking for Jamie. He seems to act as though he’s unaware that Jamie’s run off with Babe and is missing his friend as well as wanting to know something about Maggie’s personal life. Maggie admits to Reggie that she misses Jamie also but Jonathan Lavery is ready to move in with her in Jamie’s place. Reggie admits to Maggie that he kind of pictured her with somebody else. She inquires of he’s talking about himself. He says no. He tells her he was hoping she could hook up with Bianca.

On the phone with Lena, Bianca protests that she needs to be there for Babe. It sounds as though Lena is having a problem with that. She tells Lena she is still in her heart. But at that point, she ends the conversation and hangs up. Unknown to her, Jonathan is overhearing everything. He gives her a tissue, knowing she may be crying. And he asks her what her plans with Maggie are.

Kendall expresses to Ethan that she’s very worried about what could have happened to Greenlee. He urges her to stop worrying because Greenlee is ok for the time being. Kendall hysterically tells him that there is something wrong with Greenlee’s mind. And she cries as she tells him that if Greenlee had fallen, she could have died. And she admits that regardless of how angry she’s been at Greenlee, she could not bare the thought of losing her.

Erica tells Jack that she knows he loves her and it’s unconditional. She cries, telling him that she realizes however that she cannot take it for granted because it’s not just about her, it’s about him and the two of them and their very “dynamic” family. They both laugh and smile. He replies that he would love to marry her, under one condition.

Bobbie says something to Anita about repaying her the money he owes her and letting her have the house. She replies that she has a job, does not need his money and he may keep the house. He expresses an attitude about her believing that he is trash, that he cannot provide and that she’s the “princess” scraping him off the bottom of her shoe. She tells him she has already signed the papers, wants no more arguments, nor confrontations nor any money.

Reggie asks Maggie if she really believes that Bianca and Lena are meant to be forever admitting that he doubts that. Maggie tells him that she believes that Bianca does not want her but Jonathan does. She tells Reggie that she’s glad that Bianca has somebody else because now she has somebody else.

Jonathan tells Bianca that he loves Maggie and so he wants to know what Bianca’s relationship is with her. Bianca replies that she does not see Maggie as her girlfriend. She loves Maggie solely as a friend and has no problem with Maggie’s romantic involvement with him. He tells her he thanks her for her honesty and support but also tells Bianca he has concerns due to the fact that Bianca “had” Maggie before he did, so he wants to convince Bianca that he would never do anything to hurt Maggie. Bianca informs Jonathan that she planned to visit Maggie tonight because it’s the anniversary of Maggie’s sister’s death. Right before Bianca is ready to leave, Jonathan tells her, sounding sincere, that he is very sorry for what happened between her and Lena and that he sincerely hopes she can have everything she’s ever wanted and deserved.

In the hospital, Ryan finds the doctor who prescribed Greenlee’s medication, believing that’s what’s caused her symptoms. He confronts the doctor, holding him responsible for what has happened to Greenlee and tells him he hopes he has malpractice insurance. At that moment, Greenlee is in the hospital room, going hysterical and nobody knows what to do for her.

Ethan tells Kendall that maybe she need no longer see Greenlee as the woman she once was. Kendall admits that she knows of all the abominable things Greenlee has done to her, but when she saw Greenlee on the trapeze ready to endanger herself, it brought back all the feelings she once had about her best friend. She says that she may have a similar relationship with Greenlee as she’s had with her family, so afraid to admit that she loved another person for fear that they’d reject and hurt her. Ethan asks Kendall if she believes Greenlee would have saved her if it had been she, instead of Greenlee, swinging on the trapeze. She does not answer but tells him she does not want anything to happen to Greenlee. Greenlee may be anything she wants, she can do all the terrible things she wants. But she wants to keep Greenlee here and not lose her.

Ryan urges Greenlee to stay in the hospital where she will get better, although she says she does not want to stay there, she wants to go home with him. Dr. Joe Martin urges Ryan to let his wife stay in the hospital because it’s the only way she can get any help.

Jonathan returns home to Maggie. He can sense that she’s upset. He tells her he knows she may have had a bad day and so he thought she might need a little “pick-me-up”. He gives her a big bouquet of flowers. He tells her that knowing about her sister’s death, he wants her to know that he hurts for her.

Bianca goes to the restaurant and runs into Anita. Anita invites Bianca to sit with her and have a drink with her. She tells Bianca that she is toasting to her “independence” and informs her she may now be called: “Ms. Santos”. Bianca admits that she is also single, having been officially dumped by her girlfriend. Bianca says she realizes that long-distance relationships cannot work. But she’s upset, knowing that Lena was her first love. Anita inquires why Bianca cannot leave and be with the person she loves. But Bianca admits that there are other people who love her and need her right now. She says that since a baby is involved who needs her, she cannot abandon that little girl.

Jack informs Erica that his condition for agreeing to marry her is that nothing will stand in the way of their wedding being a success. She tells him he has her word. He kisses her.

Kendall tells Ethan that she believes that Ryan believes that Greenlee’s situation is her fault, and maybe he’s right, maybe she wanted to hurt Greenlee. Ethan tells her he cannot believe or understand how Lavery can manipulate everybody and make them blame themselves for everything. He tells Kendall that she did a very heroic and unselfish thing in order to save Greenlee, just like she saved him.

Dr. Joe Martin announced to Greenlee that he must remove her jewelry. She freaks. But Dr. Joe tells her and tells Ryan that he must remove anything she could use to choke upon or hurt herself. Ryan tells Dr. Joe that he will take the necklace off her. He assures Greenlee that he will be right there for her. She calms down and he removes her necklace. He also looks at her hand, noticing her wedding ring, realizing he must take that also. He tells her that they will be together forever and before too long he will slip that ring right back on her finger where it belongs. She cries and tells him she is afraid and does not want to go with the doctors. But he urges her to believe she can do it. He tells her he loves her. At that point, they wheel her away. Alone in the room, Ryan looks worried and as though he’s ready to cry.

Maggie and Jonathan are kissing. But she pulls away to put the flowers in water and he looks like he’s discontented.

Anita informs Bianca that she has a feeling of freedom now that she’s rid of Bobbie and inquires if Bianca believes that sounds heartless. Bianca replies no, there’s nothing wrong with Anita being happy to have her freedom and independence. Anita proposes a toast to “night one” of the rest of their lives.

Ethan informs Kendall that when he first came to town he had one mission; to prove that he was a Cambias. He was in a very sick state of mind. But something convinced him that if people care about him and he cares about them, all the money and power are only window-dressing. She admits that she believes she wanted him to stay in town only for her selfish-reasons and informs him that she is known and knows herself as Kendall the bloodsucker. But he refuses to believe that and tells her he believes she is a wonderful and unselfish person. She seems to appreciate that.

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