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All My Children Update Monday 11/29/04


By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall and Ethan go into the Fusion office and Kendall is upset with him for telling people about Greenlee's actions. She asks if there isn't someplace he'd rather be. He says there is not.

At Erica's Thanksgiving dinner celebration, Ryan tells Jonathan that he has said enough. Jack questions Ryan about Greenlee's problems. He wants to know what's wrong with his daughter. Meanwhile, Greenlee is on the roof of Fusion. She thinks she's a circus performer. In her mind she hears applause. She throws off an afghan covering her and she is seen wearing a fancy leotard. She throws out her arms and declares "Showtime!"

Babe and Jamie are in their motel room. Babe is worried that she hasn't heard from Bianca and also thinks that David sounded strange when she talked to him. She is worried that JR is somehow keeping Miranda from Bianca. She wonders if he has locked her up at Oakhaven or in the tunnels. Jamie assures her they will show up at the concert and Bianca will leave with her own baby. Babe says she doesn't deserve to have her son while Bianca is still without Miranda. She says she has to call JR and tell him his son is still alive. That will be the only way that he'll give Miranda to Bianca. Jamie says he can't let her sacrifice James. Babe says if she doesn't hear from Bianca soon, she'll make that call and he can't stop her.

At Chandler mansion, Tad ignores Krystal's and David's concerns and tells Bianca he didn't want it to come out like this, but she needs to hear this more than anyone. Brooke walks in with the baby. Bianca tells Tad she wants to hear what he has to say, but wants to be alone. She suggests they go outside. After they leave, JR gloats to Adam that Bess has almost said "da da." Krystal whispers to David that she needs to call Babe and warn her, but David says they can't do anything suspicious now. They decide to act like doting grandparents to Bess. Adam takes JR aside and asks him if Tad knows something about Babe's baby switch story.

Outside, Bianca tells Tad that she knows what he is going to say. IT's about parents and children and who belongs to who. She says Babe wants to make things right and she trusts her to do it. Tad asks her what she's trying to say. Bianca says she knows for a fact that little girl will be going where she belongs. Tad asks her if she has spoken with Babe and if she knows what's in the letter. Bianca says she has spoken with her but doesn't know yet what was in the letter but she knows Babe will tell her. Tad realizes Bianca plans to hook up with Babe at the concert. Bianca says Babe wants to fix things and she trusts her. She knows everything will turn out the way it's supposed to. She tells Tad to be patient and stop talking about this. He says he will if that's what she wants. He tells her she is a rare person and he is proud to know her. JR comes out and tells Tad to go crash someone else's holiday. Tad says he came here to say something and he's going to say it.

Kendall tells Ethan that she has worked hard to move on and be over Ryan. Ethan says the intensity they had doesn't just dry up and go away. Kendall says she is done with wanting to be with someone who doesn't want her. Ethan says she's still upset for someone who claims to be over Ryan. The phone rings and Kendall is informed that the Enchantment holiday set has sales in the stratosphere. She is thrilled and instantly gets on the phone and dials. She hangs up when she realizes she is calling Greenlee with the news. She says she wants to get Greenlee out of her mind and won't waste another second on her. Ethan asks if she doesn't have Ryan and Greenlee, what has she got left?

At Ryan tells Jack that Greenlee has went to the ladies room. Meanwhile, Erica apologizes to Myrtle for the failed dinner. Myrtle says she has some doggy bags and plans to go home and watch football. Jack asks Ryan if he's sure Greenlee is all right. Ryan says she has her medication and him and she'll be fine. Ryan goes to the ladies room and knocks but hears nothing. Jonathan and Maggie approach and Maggie asks if he wants her to go inside. Ryan doesn't want their help and says Greenlee doesn't need an audience. Until Greenlee decides she wants to share, this subject is off limits, he tells them. Ryan goes into the ladies room but finds it empty. He tells Jonathan and Maggie that Greenlee is gone.

Greenlee has set up her trapeze equipment over the Fusion roof and imagines seeing Ryan swing over to her on the trapeze. She asks him if he's ready to catch her. Her phone rings and she answers it. It is Ryan, who asks where she's at. She says she's exactly where he left her and is at the only possible place she could be. She drops the phone and Ryan realizes that he lost his connection with her. He sets off to look for her.

At Erica's party, Autumn walks in with her father. She points at Reggie and tells her father he is the boy who stole her car and crashed it. Reggie denies any such thing. Autumn's father informs Jack that Reggie had threatened to steal Autumn's car and now the car is gone and wrecked. Lily approaches her "hot girl" friend and asks her why she's lying. Autumn refers to them all as a "loser family." Danielle approaches Autumn and thanks her for saving her life.

Back inside Chandler mansion, Tad makes a speech chastising David and Krystal and the Chandlers for not caring about hurting someone else. He says it's been a long time since he has felt ashamed and it breaks his heart. JR says it's his turn to talk. He says there has been too many lies. He tells Krystal and David to get out. Bess doesn't need them. Tad walks out followed by Brooke, who wants to know what he really meant to say. He says he wants to tell her but can't. There's too much on the line. He asks Brooke to trust him and she says she always does. JR tells Adam that David and Krystal don't believe Babe's lies either. It's smooth sailing ahead for him and Bess. David tells Krystal that Babe needs to stay on track if she wants a life.

Ethan suggests he and Kendall get some food and he leaves to get it. Kendall notices something fall from the room and goes to investigate. Meanwhile, Ryan goes home to look for Greenlee. He notices the afghan and the trapeze gear are gone. At Fusion, Kendall sees Greenlee swinging ont he trapeze. She pleads with her to get down, but Greenlee says she needs focus and control and the right person to catch her. Kendall asks that Greenlee let her take her home to Ryan. She tells her she can't fly without her. She's part of the act.

Danielle takes Autumn into the ladies room and criticizes her for trashing Reggie. She insists that Autumn tell the truth and pulls her into a stall, where she puts her head in the toilet. Meanwhile, Jack asks Reggie if he stole the car and Reggie declares firmly he did not. Danielle returns with a wet Autumn, who cries to her father that she's the one who crashed her car.

Babe realizes it's time to call Bianca but just then the phone rings and Bianca is calling. Bianca tells Babe that JR will be at the concert with Bess. Babe is relieved and tells Jamie it will be over soon.

As Erica's party breaks up, Livia thanks Erica for the roll and tells her she'll go to the drive-thru. Lily tells Jack that the hot girls are not her friends because friends don't lie. Jack tells her she'll make new friends. Reggie takes Lily home. Erica walks over to Jack and asks "will you marry me?"

Ryan tries to figure out where Greenlee could have taken her trapeze gear. He runs out the door. Kendall urges Greenlee to swing over to meet her. Kendall gets onto the edge of the roof and asks Greenlee to let her catch her. Greenlee says Ryan is the only one she can count on. As Kendall tries to reach Greenlee, they both fall.

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