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Tadís house:

Tad listens over and over to a tape of Krystal and Babeís telephone conversation. Babe talks about her and Jamie following the sun. Krystal tells Babe that she doesnít blame Tad for despising her after all the lies. Tad finally takes the tape and leaves.

Pine Valley Inn:

Erica and Jack have rented out the whole dinning room for a huge family Thanksgiving dinner. Outside the dinning room, Erica tells Jack that she wants a whole Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving. Once they enter the dinning room however, it is clear she will not get her wish. Kendall and Ethan, Maggie and Jonathan, Danielle and Reggie, Derek and Livia, Ryan and Greenlee, Lily and Myrtle are all there. None of which seem happy about it. Greenlee isnít happy that Kendall brought Ethan, Derek wants to get Dani out of there, Bianca isnít happy that Jonathan is there with Maggie. Itís a mad house waiting to explode there. Erica takes control and with a microphone, announces that she and Jack have asked the honorary matriarch of their clan to say a few words before they get started with the dinner. A surprised Myrtle takes the mic and stumbles through a little speech reminding them all that even though they have problems, they all have a lot to be thankful for. She tells them all that they should all be thinking of ways that they could help those that are less fortunate. Erica and Jack thank her for a wonderful speech and Erica takes the microphone back. Myrtle remembers something she forgot to say and takes the mic back. She tells them all that if anyone there doesnít behave today, they will have to answer to her. Her speech only calms everyone down for a few minutes, then it is back to the bickering. Kendall excuses herself from Ethan and herds Bianca off to the bathroom for a discussion about J.R. Kendallís loyalties are being pulled between her sister, and her friend J.R. She feels like she is setting J.R. up, and that spells trouble for Bianca. She starts to call J.R. and give him a heads up, but Bianca stops her and begs her to trust her. Reluctantly, Kendall finally gives in and takes the leap of faith in her sister. Bianca assures her that she knows what she is doing. They leave to join the festivities in the dinning room again. On the patio, Ryan asks Greenlee if she is feeling better now that she is taking meds. Greenlee tells him that all is well. They discuss making a polite exit and going home to have a nice private dinner. Before they go back into the room, Kendall asks Ryan not to tell anyone that she is on medication. Inside, Jack and Erica confront Ethan and ask what his relationship really is with Kendall. Considering that he claimed to be a Cambias and that some people think he tried to kill Ryan, they have a right to be concerned. Ethan tells them that he is not the threat, the real threat to Kendall is Greenlee. Erica is shocked to hear that Greenlee tried to run Kendall down with her car. Erica immediately turns on Greenlee. Jonathan attempts to stand up for Greenlee. Kendall returns to the room and is shocked that Erica now knows what happened. Ryan tries to keep things under control but Greenlee and Erica really start to go at each other. Tired of all the yelling, Myrtle grabs the microphone again and makes it shriek with feedback. All grab their ears and turn to see what is going on. Myrtle tells all of them to either sit down and play nice or get out! Everyone looks duly chastised. Maggie asks Bianca if she is okay. Bianca tells her that she just feels weird. Maggie understands that she is missing Lena and Babe. The two start to bicker about Babe. Bianca standing up for her and Maggie obviously still bitter about Jamie leaving with Babe. Jonathon gets Maggie to sit with him. Bianca realizes that she is missing her cell phone and runs off to find it. Greenlee stands back and observes everyone in the room. As she looks around, everything looks surreal to her. Ryan asks if she is okay and reminds her that they were going to leave. She tells him she has to go to the ladies room first. She promises to be back quickly. Reggie and Danielle try to get away from a still outraged Derek. He follows the two of them into the ladies room. The two men donít realize at first where they are. Derek is still totally bent out of shape because the two of them kissed. They all bicker back and forth for a bit before Danielle storms out of the room with Reggie in tow. Derek canít believe that she just walked away from him. Back inside the dinning room, Kendall and Ethan tell Jack and Erica that they are leaving. Erica gets upset that her daughter feels threatened by Greenlee. Kendall tells her mother that isnít the reason, the two of them just arenít comfortable. Kendall tries to tell her mother to let things be and promises to tell her all that happened the next day. Kendall and Ethan leave. Jack tries to get Erica to sit down for dinner, but Erica insists that she canít sit down to a turkey dinner with a murderess. She approaches Ryan and tries to get Ryan to tell her exactly what happened. Ryan tells her that Greenlee is no threat to Kendall. Erica wants to hear that from Greenlee and demands to know where she is. Jonathan jumps in and tries to help. He tells them that it wasnít Greenleeís fault. Ryan tries to tell them that it was an accident and tries to keep Jonathan quiet. Jonathan, thinking that he is helping, blurts out that Greenlee and a breakdown and is having some psychiatric problems. Jack and Erica are shocked into silence.

?? Not sure where this scene took place:

Greenlee pulls a huge duffle bag behind her. She finally gets to a place where she is comfortable and starts taking things out of the duffle bag. She has a smile on her face and a crazy look in her eyes.

Chandler Mansion:

Outside the front door, David stops Krystal and makes sure she is up for this. He reminds her that they can in no way let on that they think Bess is Miranda. Krystal assures him she is up for this. Inside, Adam also reminds J.R. that this is a very important dinner. J.R. tells his father that Bess is his, not Biancaís. He will bury that stupid lie by the time dessert is served. The doorbell rings, and J.R. welcomes Krystal and David to his home. Adam shows Krystal and David into the front room where they find Mary waiting. J.R. offers to get them all drinks as Mary and Krystal spit insults at each other. Palmer, Opal and Brooke all arrive. J.R. continues to serve as bartender as the rest of them express their displeasure at being there. They all say they only came for sweet baby Bess. J.R. tells them that Bess is napping and will be down later. More claws come out between Opal and Mary. Palmer gets his digs into Adam also. J.R. announces that they could all just call this whole thing off right now. Opal doesnít think it sounds right to call of Thanksgiving. Marian comes rushing into the room and starts hitting Adam. She yells at him that Stuartís heart is broken because of him. He is a monster!! She continues to try to pound on Adamís chest until J.R. stops her. She then tells everyone that Stuart is so upset because for the first time since Adam and Stuart were boys, Stuart was not invited to Thanksgiving dinner. All agree that Marian has the right to be upset. Marian tells them that Stuart has been baking all day long to keep his mind off the pain he is feeling. Tad bursts into the room and announces that he is there for dinner. Adam tells Marian that she should be mad at Tad, as it is his fault that Stuart wasnít invited. All turn on Adam and tell him what a despicable man he is. Adam tries to defend himself by telling them all about Tad talking Stuart into pretending to be Adam and stealing the DVDís he had that proved that Jaime and Babe tried to have J.R. killed. They all let Adam know that none of them believed that snivel anyway. Marian announces that she is going back to have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with Stuart, and Adam can go straight to hell. Opal and Palmer applaud her as she storms out of the room. Adam continues to try to justify why he didnít invite Stuart, but everyone still agrees with Marian. J.R. interrupts them all and tells them that Bess is upstairs looking forward to her first Thanksgiving dinner with her family, and implores that they all just try to get a long for Bessí sake. They all turn the conversation to Bess and how lovely she is. Mary and Krystal continue to trade insults. Palmer flirts a bit with Krystal telling her that Bess certainly has Krystalís eyes. Opal tells him to put his eyes back in his head. A cell phone starts to ring, but no one knows whose phone is ringing. J.R. follows the ring to the couch and finds a phone behind the cushions. He answers it, but no one says anything. J.R. finally gives up and hangs the phone up. He tells all that he recognizes it as Biancaís phone. Krystal inquires as to why Bianca was there. J.R. tells them that she is planning a fund raiser in Florida and came by to ask J.R. and Bess to be there. He realizes that the call came from Florida. David quickly tells him that he will be seeing Bianca later and offers to return the phone to her. J.R. hands the phone to him. Adam announces that dinner is ready and apologizes for serving buffet style. Everyone starts to leave the room to get their plates. Krystal asks if David thinks it was Babe calling Bianca. David isnít pleased at all as he knows it was Babe calling.

Babe & Jamieís hotel room:

Babe is outside their motel room holding the baby and trying to will the pay-phone to ring. Jaime shows up carrying brown paper sacks and announces that he has Thanksgiving dinner for the two of them. They go back into the room and Babe tells him that she hasnít heard from Bianca. She worries that Bianca wasnít able to talk J.R. into coming to Florida and doesnít know how she is going to get Miranda back into Biancaís arms. She just knows that she has to do SOMETHING. They sit down to enjoy their meal and try to figure out what it is. It is some kind of food from India. Jamie apologizes for not being able to give her a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but Babe assures him that this is perfect, even though theyíve never seen anything like this. Jamie tries something, and realizes too late that it is very hot. Babe quickly hands him a bottle of water to help out. They laugh a bit, and then share a tender moment when Jamie goes to wipe something off of Babeís lip. Babe goes back outside and tries calling Biancaís cell phone again. She totally freaks out when she hears J.R.ís voice and slams the phone down. She tells Jamie what happened and as they try to figure out why J.R. is answering Biancaís phone, the pay phone starts to ring. Babe panicís thinking that J.R. figured out it was her and she has just blown the whole thing. Jamie picks up the phone and just listens to see if anyone says anything. When Jamie hears that it is David on the other end, he quickly hands the phone to Babe. David jumps her case for making a stupid move like calling Bianca. Babe defends what she is doing and tells David that she has to make things right with Bianca. Since the letters that she left didnít do the job, she has to do something else. Even if that means getting on the national news. David tries to calm her down, but she is pretty frantic.

Chandler Mansion:

David is in the boat house still talking to Babe on the phone. He tries to explain that he has come up with a plan to get Miranda back to Bianca without Jamie and Babe being in danger. Krystal has followed David to the boathouse. David isnít happy about it because he thinks it will be too obvious with both of them missing from the main house. Krystal quickly tries to tell Babe to stick to Davidís plan. Babe is confused and insists that she needs assurance that this will happen quickly. David tries to get the phone back from Krystal saying that they donít have time for all of this. Tad walks in behind them and demands that Krystal give him the phone. He wants to talk to his son. David takes the phone from Krystal and hangs it up. This angers Tad who calls him an S.O.B. Tad tries to get Krystal to tell him where the kids are. The three of them argue about what is best for Babe and Jamie. Tad finally gives up and says that he thinks it is time for Bianca to know the truth and storms off with Krystal and David in pursuit.

Meanwhile back inside the mansion, Adam, J.R., Brooke, and Mary return to the front room with their heaping plates of turkey dinner. Adam wonders where everyone else is. Mary tells them that Palmer and ĎMinnie Pearlí made their escape, but David, Krystal, and Tadís cars are still there. J.R. takes off to find them. Bianca shows up before he can look very far and asks if she left her phone there. J.R. tells her about finding the phone and the call from Florida. He also tells her that he had given the phone to David. Tad enters the room with Krystal and David following close behind. After exchanging holiday greetings with Bianca, Tad announces that her Thanksgiving is about to get a lot better. A lot worse for some other people. Krystal tries to stop him, but Tad announces that he is about to say something that is rarely heard in the Chandler mansion. He is about to tell the truth.

Babe and Jamieís hotel room:

Babe worries that something is really wrong in Pine Valley since David just hung up on them like that. Jamie assures her that her plan will work. If it doesnít they will come up with some other way to get Miranda back to Bianca. Babe is happy to have Jamie on her side.

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