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All My Children Update Tuesday 11/23/04


By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Babe and Jamie check into a motel and she wants to call Bianca. Jamie grabs her and pulls her into a kiss. Babe asks him what that was all about. Jamie tells her to sit tight. He'll be right back. When he returns, he tells her that a guy with a camera ducked down. However it's nothing they have to worry about. A man in a pair of briefs ran out of the next room. The cameraman was hired by the wife of the man in the briefs. Babe tells him she should make her call. Jamie warns that the more calls she makes the riskier it is.

Bianca and Kendall are at Chandler mansion, where Adam and JR tell Bianca to leave if she's there about Babe's letter. Kendall asks what the letter says, and Bianca says JR told her it said Bess is Miranda. When JR says it's just lies, Kendall says maybe it's not a lie. Maybe they should check it out. JR proclaims Bess is his daughter and Babe is a pathological liar. Adam reminds them of the DNA test taken by Joe Martin. Bianca asks if Babe really said in the letter that Bess is Miranda. JR tells Bianca he made it up. He was wrong and he apologizes. Bianca asks what did Babe write, then? JR says it was nothing about Bianca. She just trashed him. He says he just wanted Bianca to see how sick Babe is. Bianca tells him that Babe has lied to just about everyone including her. She doesn't see how anyone could trust her. When she walked away from her daughter, that told her exactly what kind of a person she is. Kendall tells Bianca she has much better friends than Babe. Bianca says she'll be OK, if she and JR can get through this. JR is happy Bianca is coming to his side. She says if they are friends again, she has a request and he can't turn her down.

Maria appears busting with joy when she sees Edmund with a therapist at the hospital, who reports that Edmund has feeling in his leg. Maria says it's a miracle that he's feeling something for the first time. The therapist tells her it's not for the first time. He's had feeling for awhile now. Maria's face drops as she realizes Edmund did not tell her this news. After the therapist leaves, Maria asks Edmund how long ago he started feeling something. Edmund says it's been about a month. It started in his toe. Today's the first day he's felt something in his leg. Maria asks him why he kept this from her when he knew it would mean so much. Edmund says the first day he felt something was the day he found out she was protecting her ex-lover. Maria accuses him of keeping this to himself as payback. Edmund says it wouldn't have made a difference. The odds are he'll still be in this chair. He tells her she has other things going on. Maria says she has nothing else going on. She wants to fight for their marriage. Edmund tells her he doesn't care and orders her to get out. Maria, upset, leaves the room.

Ethan is holding a heavy weight over Zach's neck at the health club and says that if he met the same fate as his brother there would be a big celebration. Bobby approaches but walks on by. Ethan continues to threaten Zach with the weight but eventually puts the barbell back on its stand. He tells Zach he's not worth going to prison for. He accuses Zach of trying to use Kendall to get him to jump bail. That would make him look guilty and let Zach get away with shooting Ryan. Ethan tells him if he uses Kendall to get to him he'll regret it. He then punches Zach. He warns him not to say anything more about Kendall. Jonathan physically runs into Zach before approaching Ethan. He tells Ethan he's been a jerk. He's only interested in who shot his brother and he was out of line toward him. Jonathan says he was wrong. It was Zach who shot him.

JR asks Bianca why he would go to Florida. Bianca says it's for a good cause. All the money raised at the concert will go to Miranda's center. She says he should go as a board member. JR says he's not a board member. Bianca tells him he is now. She needs a Chandler on the board. Adam tells her he can't do it. Bianca urges him to come and bring Bess. JR says he can't take Bess to Florida. She's a baby. Bianca says she's the perfect age, but JR insists he can't do it. Bianca says she won't take no for an answer. He hasn't heard the best part. She says Babe told her that JR has started writing music again. She knows he was a good performer when they were in high school. She wants him to perform at the concert to honor Miranda. Adam says they have meetings and obligations. JR says he won't do it.

Kendall takes JR into the next room for a private talk. She tells him this means a lot to Bianca and accuses him of being selfish and self-centered. He has his baby but what does Bianca have? He tells her she's not being fair. She asks him what he's so afraid of. JR says he can't run off when his company needs him. She asks him to consider the PR value. One good public deed for Bianca would wipe his slate clean.

Adam asks Bianca what she's really up to. Why does she want JR in Florida. Bianca asks him if he's afraid she's going to take Bess because she thinks she's her's. Adam asks her if she still thinks she could be. Bianca wonders how he could ask that. There was a DNA test. Does he not believe the results? Adam says he does, but he wonders if she does. He can see Bianca is seeing Bess more. That's OK as long as she knows who she belongs to. He offers Bianca some refreshments and she asks for a glass of water.

Jamie tells Babe that she needs to keep a low profile and let him deal with JR and Bianca. Babe won't go along with that plan. She says she won't let him give up his life for her. Jamie says if JR sees her with the baby he'll figure everything out. She says he can stay here with James and she'll go talk to them. She has to tell Bianca the truth face to face. They talk about JR and what he believes to be the real reason they took off together. They say JR must think they're having sex at every stop. As they talk, they look at each other more longingly. Babe says he's giving everything up for them. Jamie says he wants to. She tells him he deserves someone great. He says the same about her.

Brooke is in her office when Edmund enters. She tells him about her worry over Jamie. She says she thinks Tad is keeping something from her and she hates secrets. Edmund says he knows secrets can drive you crazy. He tells Brooke that Maria found out he's getting feeling in his legs. Brooke is appalled he didn't tell Maria. She asks him if he's trying to push Maria into Zach's bed. Edmund says he didn't want to tell her because she might have stayed. And the feelings in his legs may not last. He doesn't want her to choose him because of his situation. Brooke says she won't try to convince him he's being a fool. She has secrets of her own to think about.

Maria is at the boathouse crying. Zach finds her there. Maria asks Zach to love her. Zach asks her what's wrong. She says nothing but grabs him and kisses him. He asks her what did Edmund do now? She says she doesn't want to talk about Edmund. She says she knows he wants her. He says he doesn't want her because she's mad at her husband. Angrily she pulls away from him. He says he will push away people he loves if it's best for them. She asks, like Ethan? He says it's best for Ethan. Maria asks what about her. He says it's her choice. She says if he doesn't want her she'll go.

Bobby watches and listens as Ethan and Jonathan talk at the health club. Jonathan tells Ethan he hopes he can clear his name. He offers to work with him to incriminate Zach. Ethan says if he wants to do anything against Zach, he's on his own. Later, Bobby gets on his phone and tells someone that he saw him or her shooting Ryan. He demands $50,000 in cash.

JR returns to Bianca and tells her that her sister talked him into going. Bianca is thrilled and tells Bess that she'll have the time of her life. They leave, and Adam tries to sneak out with the glass that Bianca was drinking from. JR orders him to stop and drop it. Adam drops the glass to the floor and it breaks. JR says he knows he was trying to take it to get another DNA test done. If he does anything to try to prove Bess isn't his, Adam can kiss them goodbye, JR says.

Bianca tells Kendall that she was brilliant. Kendall asks what she's after. Bianca says she'll tell her when it's all over.

Babe tells baby James that soon he'll meet his mother's best friend again. She tells Jamie she keeps thinking about what Bianca's face will be like when she learns Miranda is alive. It will be the biggest miracle of all. Her own baby, home at last.

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