AMC Update Monday 11/22/04

All My Children Update Monday 11/22/04


By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall tells Ethan he should get out of town while he still can. He asks her why she wants him to dump his responsibility and leave her holding the bag. He suspects this has something to do with Zach and asks her what he said to make her want him gone. Kendall says she'd rather gargle glass than take orders from Zach Slater. She insists this request is her own. She tells him someone is doing a good job framing him. This is his window. He can leave while he still can. Ethan asks how Zach insinuated himself into the conversation. She admits that Zach made her see how selfish she was being. She's been wanting Ethan to stay here for her own reasons. Ethan says Zach is trying to screw up his life. Kendall says she's just wants him to be free and happy. He doesn't owe her anything. He says he does owe her something. He owes her the truth. Kendall suggests they hold off on the whole truth thing. Ethan persists, telling Kendall that she is amazing for what she has done for him. She has no boundaries when it comes to helping other people. She turned her whole world upside down for him. He says he won't jump bail because he doesn't want to lose his best friend – Kendall. He is staying in Pine Valley and will find a way to stay out of jail. He wants to be around and gloat when he's found innocent.

Maria is on her back at a health club struggling to lift a barbell. Hands come out of no where and help her lift it. She sees that it is Zach. He tells her there are some things she can't do alone. Their conversation turns to Kendall and Ethan, and Zach admits that he used Kendall's insecurities to get her to convince Ethan to leave town. Maria continues working out, and while doing so daydreams about her being alone in the club with Zach. They approach each other slowly and come close for a kiss. Then she snaps out of it.

Krystal returns to David's house and before she can do anything else he grabs her and kisses her. JR walks in on them and sarcastically tells Krystal that he's glad to see her bouncing back from the agony of losing her daughter. David angrily asks JR why he's there. JR says he wants to invite them to Thanksgiving dinner. They are stunned he's making such an invitation, but JR says he is doing so because they're Bess's grandparents and he wants his daughter to be with them on her first Thanksgiving. Noticing their hesitation, he asks if there's a reason they don't want to see their granddaughter. David says of course they want to see their grandchild. But they'll have to think about his offer. Krystal says she's concerned he will pull back the offer once they count on coming. David says they'll be in touch, and JR leaves. Krystal asks him what he makes of the offer. David says JR is fishing to find out what they know.

Babe and Jamie are at a diner, where Babe has tried unsuccessfully to call Bianca. She tells Jamie that Bianca hung up on her. She is hoping Bianca calls her right back but Jamie tells her they need to keep moving. Bianca does call back and is relieved to reach Babe. She says she hung up because her mother showed up. Bianca says she has so many questions to ask her. What was it that Babe wants to tell her? She asks that she tell her now. Babe mentions leaving Bianca a letter. Bianca says she never read it because JR snagged it before she could get it. Babe says there were some important things in the letter she needs to know. Bianca says JR told her the letter said that Bess is really Miranda. She says JR fed her horrible lies and tried to get her to turn against Babe. Babe says nothing in her letter was a lie. A police officer comes into the diner and a nervous Jamie watches him over his shoulder. Bianca asks Babe what was in her letter that made JR freak out. Babe says she doesn't want to talk about this on the phone. They need to meet face to face. She wants to make it right face to face. Babe says she may lose Bianca's friendship as a result. She knows Bianca is coming to Florida for a benefit concert for the Miranda center. Babe asks Bianca to bring JR and Bess with her. Bianca says her friendship with JR is beyond shredded, but she'll do her best. Jamie continues watching the officer, who leaves without incident. He tells Babe that was close. Babe says it will all be over soon. He asks her how she's going to tell Bianca the truth. She says she's praying the words will just come. She says she couldn't have told her on the phone because Bianca would have went right to Chandler mansion and JR would have hid the baby. Jamie says he'll immobilize JR so he can't escape with Miranda.

At Chandler Mansion, Adam notices Stuart going through some photo albums. Stuart explains he is painting a family tree with the family's faces in the tree and the photos will help him get it right. Adam picks up a photo of Bess and asks Stuart who he thinks she resembles. Adam names several members of the Chandler family. Stuart realizes Adam wants him to say that Bess is all Chandler. Babe is part of her too, he says, even though Adam hates her. Stuart encourages him to love Bess no matter who's chin she has. Love her so she doesn't... Adam interrupts. Does he mean so she doesn't leave him like Colby did? Adam angrily tells Stuart to get out of his house.

When JR returns home, Adam asks him what he was thinking when he asked David and Krystal over for dinner. JR says he had to find out if they believe Babe's lie. Adam says that was slick and he is impressed. JR says he couldn't be sure by their reaction, so they'll have to play it out and have them over. Adam says he may be ill. Adam asks what happens if they believe Babe's lies. JR says he had a backup plan. If they gave any indication that they wanted to take Bess from him they would leave the country immediately.

David tells Krystal that JR doesn't have a clue about what they know. Krystal says it will be all she can do to keep from hurling between courses. David says they have to do this for their daughter. Krystal tells him that Babe has never had anyone in her corner before. She asks him about the kiss. David says he cares for her a lot and the kiss shows that she cares for him as well. But they need to keep their focus on their daughter to save her from the monsters in the mansion.

Maria is back at the hospital and goes into a room to see someone working with Edmund, who's lying on the floor. The worker tells Maria that Edmund has feeling in his legs.

At the health club, Ethan runs into Zach, who is on his back lifting a barbell. Ethan makes a threatening move toward Zach.

Bianca pounds on Kendall's door and tells her she needs her help right now. Kendall goes with Bianca to see JR with Bianca telling her that she'll tell her along the way. When they arrive, Bianca tells Kendall to go along with her. JR opens the door and Bianca says she needs something from him. It's about Miranda.

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