AMC Update Friday 11/19/04

All My Children Update Friday 11/19/04


By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan and Greenlee are at the hospital awaiting her appointment with Dr. Ashborn. The doctor greets them. As Greenlee goes into the doctor's office, Jonathan arrives and asks Ryan if Greenlee is all right. Ryan angrily says no and grabs Jonathan by the collar. He tells him this is his fault. How could he be so stupid? Ryan says he asked Jonathan to watch Greenlee but he left her alone and she nearly ran Kendall over. Jonathan says he just went to get Greenlee some food. Ryan didn't tell him that she was psycho. Ryan grabs Jonathan again and says his wife isn't psycho. Jonathan tells him that if he wants to hit him, go ahead. Jonathan tells Ryan he reminds him of their dad. Ryan apologizes and says he's just worried about Greenlee. Jonathan says he had no idea she's gone so far over the edge. He should have never left her alone. Ryan tells him the MRI showed that everything is fine, but someone has to stay with her 24/7. Jonathan offers his help and tells Ryan to hang in there.

Greenlee tells the doctor about her man-chasing mother and drunken loser of a father, Roger. She says she knows people from screwed up families but they never tried to run people down with their cars. Greenlee talks about Kendall and tells the doctor that they used to be close for a little while. He asks if she ever entertained fantasies of killing Kendall. She says yes, but that's all they were until yesterday. She can't understand why she ran her down. She thought Kendall killed Ryan. She could have killed Kendall. She looks at the doctor and has double vision. She then thinks she sees Ryan standing behind her. She gets up and holds her hand out to Ryan, who is not there.

The doctor asks if something is wrong. Greenlee snaps out of her trance and tells the doctor her vision gets fuzzy sometimes. She talks about how she found love again after Leo died and the thought of losing Ryan terrifies her.

Ethan is making breakfast for Kendall at her place when there is a knock on the door. It is Bianca, and she happily greets Ethan and tells him she's glad he's out of jail. "So am I," says someone entering behind her. It is Zach. Zach tells Ethan that he has some funds that have just become liquid and can pay his bail. Noting that Ethan is already out of jail, he offers to reimburse Kendall for the money she put up. Kendall turns down the offer. Ethan tells him he's too late, so he might as well go and refreeze his liquid assets. Zach offers help in any way but an angry Ethan tells him no. Ethan steps outside with Bianca.

Inside, Zach says to Kendall that now that she bought Ethan, is she going to keep him? Kendall says she just posted Ethan's bail. Zach tells her Ethan needs to get out of town before he's sent to jail. He won't jump bail and have Kendall lose her money. She just gave him a reason to stay. Now she needs to give him a reason to go. Kendall says he can't skip town because it would make him look guilty. Zach asks her why she's put her hooks into Ethan when everyone knows she can't hold onto a man. Ethan is staying because of Kendall and will go down because of her.

Bianca asks Ethan if it ever occurred to him that Zach may be lying about not being his father. She tells him he should run another DNA test. It would give him peace of mind. Ethan says if Zach is his father, he's not only denying him as a son but is letting him take the rap for a crime Zach probably committed. How is that peace of mind? Bianca says she just wants him to be happy. Ethan says he wants to clear the charges against him and get out of town. What about Kendall, she asks? She says Kendall's feelings run deep and she has a fragile heart. Ethan says he has the best intentions toward Kendall and he thinks they know where the other stands. Bianca tells Ethan she'll be with him every step of the way. She'll even go into court with him.

At a diner, Babe tells Jamie that something is wrong. She can't reach Bianca. She calls Krystal and senses her mother is worried about something. Babe says she can tell something's wrong by her voice. Krystal is mum, however and tells her nothing is wrong.

Babe asks if something is wrong with Bianca. She asks her to tell her that Miranda is back in Bianca's arms. Krystal says everything is dandy. Babe doesn't give up and asks if it's something about Tad. Krystal tells her she deserved to lose him. Loving Tad the way she does doesn't make up for the lies. David has returned home just in time to hear Krystal talk about loving Tad. He listens to her conversation, but she has her back to him and doesn't know he's there. Krystal tells Babe that Tad lost his son because of her. Babe tells her mother not to worry about them. David takes the phone from Krystal and talks to Babe. She asks if he's mad at her. He says he's not, but she can't call home again. Babe says she understands, but misses and loves him. He tells her he loves her and hangs up. Krystal is upset that he hung up before she had a chance to say goodbye. David says every second she was on the line increased the chance of the call being traced. They can't put Babe in jeopardy. He tells Krystal she has to let go.

Krystal talks lovingly about Babe, how she never complained about always getting hand-me-downs. Now that she tried to give her a great gift, everything exploded. She's pushed Babe out of her life forever. David hugs her and tells her everything she did was out of love. He urges her to ease up on herself. She asks if they'll ever see their daughter again. He says he doesn't know. David tells Krystal that she won't be alone. He'll be with her as long as she needs him.

They kiss, but she gets flustered and walks out.

Babe tells Jamie something is not right. She says he was right about Tad. He kicked her to the curb. But there's something else. She's afraid it's about Bianca. They go somewhere where they have access to a computer and look for information about Bianca on the Internet. They read a story about the upcoming concert fund-raiser in memory of Miranda. They realize that Bianca still thinks Miranda is dead. Babe makes a call to someone and poses as a reporter looking for information about the Miranda Montgomery center. She asks if there's any new information to report and is told there is not.

Bobby is at a restaurant with Palmer and Opal and asks for a $50,000 investment into a new deal he's working on. Palmer sounds promising and says he'll consider it. Anita walks in and asks to talk to Bobby in private. She hears Palmer and Opal sounding interested in making the investment and tells Bobby he can't take their money. Not after what happened the last time. She tells him his friend Huggy called about the money he lost. She asks how he bought the house if his investment tanked. Bobby accuses her of blowing this out of proportion and tells her again that he did not sleep with Greenlee. Why is she taking a steamroller to his life. Opal asks him how close he came to sleeping with Greenlee. Palmer says his faith in him was displaced. Bobby says Palmer never had faith in him. He asks Anita if she got what she wanted. She says this is not what she wants. What does she want, he asks? She tells him she wants him to sign the divorce papers when he gets them. He agrees to sign them.

Later, still at the restaurant, Bobby looks at a newspaper headline about the shooting attempt toward Ryan. He gets on his phone and tells someone that he saw him or her shooting at Ryan.

Ethan returns to Kendall and tries to kiss her. She stops him and says they need to talk. She asks if they're doing the right thing. Maybe he needs to get out of town while he has the chance.

Bianca is sitting alone at a restaurant when her phone rings. It is Babe.

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