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All My Children Update Thursday 11/18/04


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Erica is at the airport welcoming Jack home from a trip to a conference. He kisses her and says he wants to go home.

Meanwhile, Reggie and Danielle are kissing at Jack's place. Reggie tells Danielle he wants her so bad. She's all he thinks about. He tells her he's ready to take this to the next level. Is she? She asks if he has protection. He says he does, and she agrees to go into his room. They go in and shut the door. Just then Jack and Erica enter and he says he wants to check on the kids. He goes to Reggie's room, knocks on the door and opens it. "What the hell is this?" he asks.

Jack returns to his living room and tells Erica he walked in on them half naked in Reggie's bed. They were about to do ... Erica interrupts, "what we're about to do?" But they're just kids, Jack protests. Reggie and Danielle walk sheepishly into the living room to face Jack. Erica starts talking, asking Reggie what he thinks they should do for Thanksgiving dinner. She suggests an intimate dinner at her house. Reggie asks if there's something Jack wants to say to him. Jack says he'll let him do the talking. Reggie says this isn't close to what he was thinking. They were just hanging out when Danielle fell asleep on the couch. He decided to let her sleep in his bed. He went to check on her, and that's when Jack walked in on them. Reggie says Danielle has never been there past 8 o'clock. Lily walks in and tells Reggie not to lie. She produces several pictures of Reggie and Danielle kissing and shows them to Jack. "I'm a dead man," Reggie says glumly. Danielle says she supposes Jack will be calling her dad. Jack says he thinks Reggie should do that. Reggie says he can't – Danielle's father hates his guts. "I can show him pictures if it helps," Lily states innocently.

Reggie and Jack go into his room for a talk. Jack tells him he is not being responsible. Reggie lied to him and Derek. He left him in charge to supervise things and his sister. Reggie says he was responsible. Nothing burned down. Jack says he got burned when Reggie lied to him. In the living room, Lily states that Danielle doesn't dress like a hot girl but still looks ready for sex. Danielle protests that she is not. Erica asks Lily to leave her and Danielle alone so they can talk. Erica asks Danielle if she meant it when she said that she's not ready for sex. Danielle stammers. Erica says she suspects Danielle is a virgin, and she confirms that fact. Erica believes Reggie doesn't know she's a virgin, however, and Danielle doesn't want him to know. Erica tells Danielle she needs to tell Reggie this would be her first time. Oh no, Danielle protests. She doesn't know what it's like to be the only girl. Erica says Reggie would not think any less of her if she's not ready for sex. Danielle says that's not how other people see it. Erica tells her to be proud that she's not like other girls. She needs to make the call about her own body. Reggie tells his father that this is not just a physical thing, he's falling for her and wants to take it to the next level. Jack says he respects his feelings, but if he has to sneak around he's not ready to take it to the next level. Erica tells Danielle that she shouldn't try to prove something when she makes love. It should only happen because she wants it deep in her heart. If she doesn't feel that way, she's not ready. Jack and Reggie return to the living room and Reggie escorts Danielle home. They both agree that things are cool between them and he tells her he really cares about her. Erica tells Jack she's glad they came home when they did. Jack asks her to pick up where they left off. They kiss.

Greenlee and Ryan are at the hospital waiting for her test results. He tells her she's going to be OK. Maria approaches them with the results. Maria reports that the results show things are perfectly normal. Greenlee wonders, then, what's wrong with her. Maria says she'd like Greenlee to see Dr. Ashborn for a psych consultation. Greenlee says she won't. She's not crazy. Ryan says simply meeting with the doctor won't be so bad. When Greenlee protests, he asks Maria to give them some time alone. Greenlee tells him they have nothing to talk about. They embrace. She tells him she doesn't want him to worry. She's been over-stressed. She will fix what's wrong. If she turns out to be crazy, she will have to walk away from him. Ryan asks her what part of "I love you" does she not understand. He says her health and happiness are all that matter to him. Greenlee says she doesn't want to depend on medicine for the rest of her life. He says they can work through it. She asks what if it doesn't help. He replies what if it does help. He asks her to talk to Dr. Ashborn, and she agrees. Maria returns and tells Greenlee that Dr. Ashborn can see her today.

Bianca is at the boathouse, thinking about a conversation she once had with Maggie. The conversation related to what Bianca and Babe went through together when they gave birth. Krystal arrives at the boathouse and Bianca asks her if she's heard from Babe. Krystal says she has not. Bianca tells her she finally understands why Babe had to leave town without Bess. If she's right, Babe could never come back again. Bianca says she knows Paul Cramer has given Babe so much grief. If he threatened her she had no choice but to hurt him back. Krystal asks Bianca if she thinks Babe killed Paul. Bianca says a police detective came to see her and when he left everything fell into place. Krystal is touched that Bianca is still protecting Babe. Bianca tells her if she talks to Babe, tell her she's there for her. Krystal tells Bianca she's the best thing that's ever happened to Babe. Krystal promises her everything will work out for everybody.

Babe and Jamie are driving in the car, having fun playing a game with candy. Babe turns it serious when she tells them it's time to face the truth. "You could be my brother," she says. Jamie chokes and pulls the car over. He asks her if she knows something he doesn't know. Are they brother and sister? Babe says she hopes so. She explains if her mother and Tad have worked things out and gotten married, they would be step-brother and sister. Jamie says he feels a lot of things for her, but he's never felt like her brother. He doesn't want to even go there. Babe says she doesn't either. He asks Babe where she wants to go. She says she wants to go somewhere she can take her little boy to the park where they can be free with nothing to fear. Jamie says he can take her there. He'll make sure that she and Baby James are safe and never have to be afraid. Babe tells him that she's happy, and Bianca and Miranda are happy. All that leaves is momma, she says. It doesn't feel right being happy knowing her mother might not be. Wouldn't it be great if she has a new husband right now? Jamie says his father and her mother will get married when hell freezes over. Tad will not be forgiving when he learns that Krystal switched the DNA results, Jamie says. Babe insists that she's the one who kept the lie going, not her mother. Jamie says it still won't be easy for his dad to forget.

David is alone at his home in the dark when there is a loud knocking on the door. David won't answer and tells the person to go away. Tad breaks the door open and enters. Tad tells David that he's screwed with him for the last time. Tad explains that his computer was crashed and his tires were slashed. Did David think he wouldn't figure out that he did it to stop him from going after Jamie and Babe? David tells him his search for them is officially over. Tad says he won't stop him. David says he better reconsider before he disables him. Tad asks if he's going to ship him halfway around the world. David maintains his belief that Babe and Jamie can't be found or they would be in legal trouble. Tad asks if he never wants to see his daughter again. Of course not, David says, but right now he has no choice. Tad asks when Bianca will get what's her's. Krystal enters the room and says "right now." She says Bianca has suffered long enough. Krystal tells them she ran into Bianca at the boathouse and she has the biggest heart in the world. David says it's too soon to tell Bianca. They can't do it until someone else is convicted of killing Paul Cramer. Tad asks him how he'll explain to Bianca why he waited so long to tell her. David says he won't have to. He'll blame it on a DNA mistake made by a lab tech. But what about Babe's letters, Krystal asks. Adam has told her that if he finds out they are the truth he'll hunt Babe down. David says he'll handle Adam. Tad sarcastically tells Krystal that David has a plan that involves them never seeing their kids again. "Over my dead body," Krystal exclaims. Tad pledges that he's going to find a way to make things right. David says Babe can't lose her son to JR. Tad asks why. JR deserves to know he has a son. David asks Tad why he cares about JR's feelings. Then it hits him it's because of Dixie. Tad wants that boy back because he's Dixie's grandson and that's a way he can hold onto Dixie. Krystal asks if it's true he's willing to sacrifice Jamie and Babe because of Dixie. Tad tells her she never got him at all, and walks out.

Bianca is still at the boathouse thinking about a happy time with Maggie when they're jumping into the water. She looks up and sees Maggie is standing in the boathouse. Maggie tells her that she can leave if she's having a private moment. Bianca tells her it's OK, and that she was just thinking about how she once made her jump into the freezing water. Maggie says she knows Bianca has some problems with Jonathan and that he hasn't been real nice to her. She tells Bianca that she told Jonathan she was in love with her. Maggie says Jonathan knows her feelings were one-sided. Jonathan was not unhappy that she had feelings for another woman, but rather because he wanted to come first, Maggie says. Maggie tells Bianca that she should be with Lena. Bianca says she and Lena had a fight about her not coming to visit her, but she feels like she still cannot because of Babe and Bess. Bianca says she can't explain it, but she feels like she's on the verge of something. She wishes she could talk to Babe.

Babe tells Jamie to pull over so she can call home. She says if things gto mixed up with Bianca she needs to know.

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