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Maria informs Zach that “somebody” has shot at Ryan. And knowing that both Ethan and Kendall are now in the clear, that only leaves one more suspect. She protests to him that Ryan is her friend; she’s concerned about him, and asks if he’s crazy. Zach admits that he had to protect his son.

Before Ethan’s trial, Ethan talks to Kendall, concerned about Greenlee trying to kill her the previous night. He tells her he knows she is innocent of shooting Ryan, but he knows Greenlee willfully tried to kill her and he tells Kendall Greenlee needs to be put away. Livia enters and walks into the courtroom with her client.

Ryan rushes into the hospital carrying Greenlee and demands that the front desk clerk gets Dr. Maria Gray. The woman says she is busy. Ryan pounds his fist and demands she gets Dr. Gray. The woman says she will not tolerate such behavior in “her hospital”. Ryan says this is not her hospital; he needs to get some help for his wife and needs Dr. Gray.

Still on the run, Babe, Jamie and the baby stop at a restaurant. A strange man approaches them, appears “friendly”, talking about the baby “having football in his future” and asks if he is theirs. Right away, they both are suspicious of the man’s “friendliness” and nosiness. Jamie stands up and tells him he does not know who he is or what he’s trying to pull. But the man keeps talking. Jamie tells him they are just passing through, don’t have time to talk and need to get back on the road. The man says, with his southern accent that he has a real concern for the welfare of babies and introduces himself. Right at that moment, Babe sounds as though she recalls that she knows this man since he comes from the same neck of the woods and she becomes friendly. But the man wants to call the sheriff and Jamie is still suspicious and wants him to leave them alone.

Adam informs Krystal that he heard from JR that Babe informed JR and informed Bianca that Bess is really Bianca’s child. He asks Krystal if it’s really true. She asks why he’d ask her or want to hear the truth from her. He replies it’s because he can tell that she knows all her daughter’s secrets. And he demands to know whether the baby both he and she have believed is their grandchild is really Babe and JR’s or if she really is Bianca’s.

Ryan finds Dr. Joe Martin and tells him that his wife’s well being is more important to him than being “polite” to the front desk clerk. Dr. Joe instructs the woman to go and get Dr. Gray. Drs. Martin and Gray both talk to Ryan who informs them what has happened to Greenlee. Maria informs them she already knows about the shooting. Ryan says he’s not worried about that but he is concerned about Greenlee’s condition of passing out, having delusions and having blurry vision. Maria suggests the possibility of a brain tumor. Hearing that, Greenlee is very worried that that is what it is and that she is going to die. Maria says she will run an MRI in order to find out what is really going on. Joe says they can do it right now.

In court, Livia tells the judge that there is no proof that her client has even brought the gun into this country and the other day, shots were fired at Mr. Lavery while her client was in custody. She says she does not know what the DA’s personal attitude about Mr. Ramsay is all about, but she wants her client released from jail and exonerated of all charges. But the DA protests that he believes that some “copy-cat” shot at Ryan and Greenlee, in order to divert suspicion from Ethan and he believes Mr. Ramsay still poses a threat to Ryan Lavery. The judge denies Livia her request for the release of Ethan from custody. However they set bail.

Babe and Jamie fake an argument, phony southern accents, and a problem about his suspicion that the baby is not his, and her protests that he certainly is.

Krystal informs Adam that he cannot demand information about a letter she did not even know about. She inquires whether he really trusts what JR believes he read. Adam tells her that he believes that JR does not want to believe that Bess is Bianca’s because he would be devastated by the mere thought that his baby died. He tells her he knows that she and her daughter are all about money and extortion and he will pay them whatever they want to leave town and leave his family alone. She says she resents his talking to her like that. He tells her he demands to know whether their mutual grandchild is alive or dead.

Jamie tells the strange, nosy man that he believes his “wife” hooked up with him on the Internet and he might very well be the father of her baby. Believing they are serious with their argument and suspicions, he protests to Jamie that he’s never met this woman before. And Babe fakes outrage that her “husband” would accuse her of messing around with the man.

Zach talks on the phone to someone asking to find out about the outcome of Ethan’s trial. At that moment, a messenger enters and asks for Dr. Maria Gray. Zach asks if there is something he can help him with. The man replies that he needs to deliver this personally to Maria.

Maria and Joe start the MRI procedure on Greenlee. Maria admits she still cannot rule out the possibility of a brain tumor. They move Greenlee into the MRI “tunnel” and she freaks. Ryan demands that they get her out. Maria and Ryan tell Greenlee that it’s ok that she was not comfortable with the MRI. Ryan demands that he is able to stay while Greenlee goes into the MRI tunnel. Maria says she will let him stay whether or not other doctors approve.

Although the judge does not grant Ethan release, he sets the bail at $10,000 and Kendall immediately goes to sell her Fusion stock to obtain the money. Livia tells Ethan that things look a lot better for him since $10,000 is a lot less, and a lot less suspicious for him than $1 million. He thanks her for her help. She says all she asks of him now is to not get into any trouble while out on bail and to stay away from Ryan Lavery.

Maria protests to Zach that it is never easy for any parent. She urges him to see that he needs to help his son by being there for him and setting a better example than what he’s just done.

Ryan stays with Greenlee, talking to her about the promising future they will have together. She stays calm while she goes into the MRI tunnel and even breaks out laughing at his humor. He tells her they will be together forever, until they are old and their wrinkles are dragging behind them. He tells her that all of the greatness about her inspires her husband to work harder and be a better man than he is. And he tells her the story of the green butterfly.

While Babe and Jamie continue their phony southern-redneck-style argument, the man still stays and listens. She then turns on the jukebox and they “reconcile” their romance as they play a love song. At that point, he is motivated to leave them alone.

Maria tells Zach that she knows he has well-meaning, misguided intent to protect Ethan from the Cambias curse, but he’s going about it all wrong, not unlike what his father did to him. He walks out, avoiding the conversation, telling her he knows he’s nothing like his father. But she tells him he needs to face up to what is going on and how he’s continuing the pattern with his son.

Kendall posts bail for Ethan and invites him to stay with her at her home. Neither are certain of what the terms of their relationship or commitments for the future will be but they both seem to want to celebrate with caviar and Champaign.

Adam tells Krystal that he’s discovered the alter and shrine that she and Babe may have attended in regard to a baby who died. She confirms that she knows about that. He tells her that if Babe’s and JR’s baby has died, then they should all be allowed to grieve. And if Bess is really Bianca’s, then she should be returned to Bianca. He tells Krystal that he is not about to get revenge upon Babe and Jamie if the baby did in fact die. And he tells her that if the roles were reversed, he would never hide the truth from her. Again, Krystal lies and tells him that JR lied about Babe “alleging” that Bess was Miranda. Hearing that, Adam tells her that he would not believe Babe capable of such a lie. Krystal tells him that is true that her daughter is not capable of lying about Bess being Miranda but she is. She tells him it was all her idea to make up the lie.

Right when it looks like Babe and Jamie have gotten the nosy man out of their hair, Jamie picks up a newspaper and discovers an article about Paul Kramer being found dead.

Adam asks Krystal if she really wrote a letter of lies about Bess being Miranda. He tells her if that is the case, he will not seek revenge upon her or upon Babe or Jamie. She sounds surprised that he would not have a problem with that. But he warns her that if Babe did write the truth, that Bess is not her child, then Krystal will be sorry. She tells him that she almost wishes it would be true. She says although it would rip her heart out to know that her grandbaby died, the thought of the likes of him and his son raising her grandchild make her equally ill. She admits she does not know which is worse.

Kendall admits to Ethan that the last time they were together, she was ok with there being no strings attached. But now she believes that she feels differently. She admits that now things could get “stringy”. He tells her that “strings-attached” could either pull you apart or bring you closer together. She inquires what kinds of “strings” they have. He tells her they will find out. He kisses her and asks her if she is willing to test it. She replies yes. They continue kissing.

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