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Bianca goes to find her mother in her new office and informs her that she talked to JR and that his “version” of what Babe wrote in her letter was totally different than what Erica told her. She informs Erica that JR informed her that Babe wrote that Bess was Miranda. Hearing that, Erica does not know what to say.

Ryan goes to Zach’s office and dares Zach to shoot him, believing that he must be the shooter who almost got him and Greenlee the previous day. Zach tells Ryan he did not shoot him. Ryan says he has proof and pulls the bullet out of his pocket that was fired into his car. And he informs Zach that he had the bullet tested and knows it came from Zach’s gun. He says to Zach: “Sorry, but you lose.”

Greenlee sits in Ryan’s car alone; having a “vision” that Kendall admits that she shot Ryan and laughs about it. At that moment, she sees Kendall walking, drives toward her and mows her down. Right at that moment, Greenlee again passes out. Jonathan enters and attempts to revive both unconscious women.

Ethan runs into Aidan while attempting to escape from the hospital and from jail. Noticing them, Maria inquires what’s going on. Aidan tells her it’s his fault, he asked Ethan to step outside with him and have a private conversation. She tells Aidan she wonders why he’s lying and covering for Ethan

In the hospital office, Anita observes that her sister is very tired, burying herself in work and refusing to deny what is really on her mind. Maria admits to her sister that she might not have any “fight” left to save her marriage with Edmund. But Anita encourages her to stop and talk over coffee and compare notes on both of their marital problems with their husbands. But Maria tells her sister that it’s not that simple. She admits that she loves Edmund. But she confesses that she also loves Zach.

Bianca demands to know why her mother lied and prevented her from knowing what Babe really wrote in her letter. Erica protests that she just tried to protect her daughter. And she also reminds Bianca that Babe is not to be trusted because she left her baby behind with JR, ran off with Jamie, and abandoned everybody including Bianca. Bianca asks when her mother discovered and read the letter. Erica admits that she did not exactly read the letter herself but discussed it with JR and found out from him that Babe wrote that Bess was Miranda, and that is a big cruel and vicious lie that would only hurt Bianca and something she would only say to prevent JR from having his daughter. Bianca protests that she knows Babe would never lie to her. But Erica also reminds her daughter that she knows that many DNA tests were done and supervised by Dr. Joe Martin that confirm that Bess is the child of Babe and JR’s and she’s not Miranda. But realizing she did not read the letter herself, Erica realizes it’s entirely possible that JR lied about it.

JR takes Bess to Tad’s home. Knowing that Tad believes that Bess is probably Bianca’s child, JR protests to Tad that he only wants what is best for his daughter. He says regardless of any circumstances involving Babe or Jamie or Bianca or whomever, he loves Bess. Tad tells JR that when somebody really loves somebody, they look beyond their need to hang onto them and are not afraid to know the truth about who they really are, and they act accordingly. JR tells Tad that it’s a little late for a stepfather-and-son chat. Tad says he hopes it is not too late. At that moment, Dr. Joe Martin enters which sends JR running out the door in order to avoid him.

When Kendall and Greenlee come to, Kendall lashes out at Greenlee that she tried to kill her. Greenlee lashes out that Kendall killed Ryan and he’s dead because of her. Jonathan holds Greenlee in an attempt to calm her down and assures her that Ryan is not dead, he’s all right. Kendall hysterically tells Greenlee she will not get away with trying to kill her. But Jonathan protests to Kendall that it was an accident, Greenlee had no intent to kill her and Kendall must not accuse her of that. Kendall angrily leaves and Jonathan asks Greenlee what’s wrong with her. Greenlee hysterically admits to him that she really wanted to kill Kendall.

Ryan informs Zach/Alexander Jr. for the first time that Alexander Sr. got the mistaken impression that his son died. But one thing that Zach/Alexander Jr. did not know is that Ryan just happened to run into his father, bonded with him, and Alexander Sr. willed everything to Ryan instead of to his real son. Ryan admits that he knows all about father-and-son problems, he’s lived with it himself. And he knows that Alexander Jr. must have staged his own death because of his belief that he failed daddy’s expectations. And he tells Zach/Alexander Jr. that he knows all too well that he had intent to kill him, because he failed to be the “golden son” and Ryan took his place for his daddy. Zach smugly tells Ryan he’s made an interesting but laughable theory. Ryan tells Zach that there are some good shrinks in maximum security who can help him with his daddy complex and compulsion to murder. Zach tells Ryan he wishes him good luck in his “investigation”.

Maria admits to Anita that she had no intent of looking for anybody outside the marriage and loved Edmund. But Zach walked into her life, and although she thought she could just be his friend, she could not control the reality that she is still in love with him. She says she’s really tried not to love him, wanted him out of her life and out of her heart but she realizes now that she couldn’t control it. Anita reflects to her sister she remembers Maria cleaning up hers’ and the other children’s’ messes when they were growing up and now she is there to help Maria. At that moment, an attendant informs Maria that the test that’s been run on Ethan Ramsay has come in. She notices that there was no fracture on Ethan’s hand, he does not need medical care and she needs to send him back to jail. She tells Anita that she is swamped in paperwork and will see her later.

Kendall goes to the hospital and runs into Ethan informing him that Greenlee tried to kill her in her car and Greenlee still believes it was she that shot Ryan.

Jonathan tells a clearly troubled Greenlee that she needs to stop worrying about Ryan. He assures his sister in law that Ryan is a winner and a survivor. He has a successful company and the only place he’s going tonight is home to her. And he tells her she needs to get some rest. When she drifts off, she has a flashback of the gunshot and herself and Ryan falling to the ground. At that moment, Ryan enters and calls to her. But she sees a burry vision, apparently assumes he’s somebody who would hurt her and says “stay away from me”.

Erica admits that JR might not have any credibility in his word and might have intent to hurt Babe, but it’s all over now and there’s nothing anybody would do about it. Bianca emotionally tells her mother that there’s no way Babe would lie to her and keep her from her baby. She also reveals that she has many times bonded with Bess and felt something that was so intense. Erica asks her what that was. She becomes expressionless and has nothing to say. Seeing her daughter silent and still, Erica urges Bianca not to torture herself. She tells Bianca that she knows that this vision that she will have Miranda again will only hurt her because she’s clinging to false hopes. Bianca admits that she knows Miranda is gone for good. Erica puts her arms around her daughter, tells her she’s sorry and that she wants her to be happy. It sounds as though, now Bianca has convinced her mother that JR is the cruel and dishonest one who would drag anybody down in order to hurt Babe. Bianca inquires how JR could do something like that. Erica says he’s probably very upset and angry with his wife for sleeping with Jamie and lying to him, and he is now seeking revenge. Erica also reminds Bianca of how her father behaved when he found out about Erica and Bianca’s uncle Jack. And she tells her that betrayal is a no-win situation for all involved.

Before getting herself checked out in the hospital, Kendall discovers that since Ethan was either in jail or in the hospital at the time when Ryan and Greenlee were most recently shot at, that is Ethan’s: “get out of jail free” card.

Not recognizing her husband, Greenlee breaks down, crying hysterically and saying that somebody has hurt Ryan and taken him away from her.

Anita treats Kendall’s injuries in a businesslike and cold manner. Knowing that Kendall “bailed out” and paid off Bobbie, Anita tells Kendall she need not worry, Kendall will get her money back. But Kendall tells Anita she does not care about any monetary debt. She tells Anita that she really understands how she felt about Bobbie betraying her. She admits that she was completely out of control with the very same feelings when she “sicked” Bobbie on Greenlee.

Tad asks his father why Jamie would cover for Babe. He says he will never forgive Babe or Krystal for knowing all along that they were keeping Bianca’s baby from her and said nothing. He also inquires whether Joe believes that Jamie might have actually killed Paul Kramer. Joe tells his son that Jamie might be reliving Tad’s history. Tad says he remembers himself going to drastic measures to keep his child from a bad father, not unlike Jamie. And he says that it is absolutely unforgivable for anybody to keep Bianca from her own child. Joe asks his son if he believes he should inform Bianca of the news. Tad admits he’s not sure if it’s his place and no matter what he does, people are going to be hurt. He asks his father what he believes he should do. Joe replies that he believes that Tad already knows the answer to that.

Erica and Bianca end on a happy note, where they are both encouraged about Erica setting up her office and her new business. Erica says the only obstacle now is to persuade Zach Slater to sell her the building. Bianca tells her mother she’s on her own with Zach because she no longer speaks to him. Erica tells her daughter she has no fear of Zach Slater and she tells her also, that she is setting up her company called New Beginnings because she believes that there can be new beginnings for both Bianca and Kendall as well as for herself.

Tad discovers from Aidan that Jamie and Babe have assumed the false identity of Brad and Kate Anderson and he tells him he now needs to find them.

Kendall calls Livia and asks if she can now clear Ethan of murder charges now that it’s proven that he could not have shot at Ryan and Greenlee in the park. Livia tells her most likely she can.

While Greenlee is sleeping, Jonathan enters and informs Ryan that Greenlee attempted to kill Kendall by driving into her. Ryan gets upset and demands to know why his brother did not tell him. Jonathan protests that he wanted only to calm Greenlee down. But at that point, Ryan picks up Greenlee and carries her out the door, telling her she has to get checked out by a doctor.

Talking to Zach, at first Maria assumes that he will be happy to find out that Ethan can be cleared of the charges of intent to kill Ryan. But at that moment, she realizes that that can only mean that the shooter is right there and she’s looking right at him.

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