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All My Children Update Monday 11/15/04


By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Anita approaches Maria at the hospital and chastises her for working too hard. Their conversation is interrupted when a police officer brings Ethan to the hospital, saying he hurt himself by smashing his fist in his jail cell. As Maria examines him, he complains of pain in his wrist. She tells him there are no fractures. He asks her how she knows without an x-ray. She says she doesn't need an x-ray to spot a fake. Calling him Mr. Cambias, she asks him if he's planning an escape.

Outside the perfume plant, Ryan tackles Greenlee and shields her as bullets wiz by them. From a distance, the gunman is shown and looks exactly like Zach. Ryan looks at Greenlee, who appears to be unconscious. He tries desperately to wake her up. When she does come to, they get up and run from the scene.

Kendall goes to meet Erica in the property Erica wants to buy for her new company, New Beginnings. Kendall asks her mother what was in the letter Babe left for Bianca, but Erica evades the question. She says only that Babe is showing her true colors by leaving town with Jamie. Kendall says Bianca feels cheated with Babe leaving town and maybe something in the letter will help her. Erica says Bianca will forget about Babe soon enough.

Erica raves about the new office space and says she can see it working for New Beginnings. Kendall tells her there are unlimited possibilities. Erica says it's settled. She's buying it. Kendall tries to leave but Erica stops her, saying she had an ulterior motive for asking to meet her here. Erica tells her she's not sure if Fusion is the best place for her, with Ryan and Greenlee there in her face constantly. Kendall admits that it's difficult but she knows they are together and she has to accept that. She says Erica's timing is spooky, since she just tried to sell Ryan her Fusion shares, but he wouldn't buy them. Erica tries to persuade Kendall to work for her, but Kendall says she needs more than a job offer from her. She wants to be Erica's first client. She wants a new beginning for herself. Erica seems touched her daughter is asking for this, and she says she'd be glad to help her. They embrace. Erica says she wants to start the purchase process but is still waiting for the owner to show up. She doesn't even know his name. Zach walks in, telling her "the name's Slater."

Aidan finds Anita at the hospital and can tell something is wrong. He asks her what's bugging her. They sit down and she asks him if she's ever done anything to lead him on. He asks where this is coming from. She admits that Bobby thinks he has a thing for her and she's encouraging it. Aidan says Bobby is half right. He does have a thing for her. Anita gets flustered and tells Aidan he can't. She runs off, saying she needs to go see a patient.

Greenlee and Ryan are now in a parking garage inside their bullet-ridden car. Greenlee is disoriented and complains of a headache. Ryan asks her if she remembers someone shooting at them and she suddenly does. She is fearful that someone is coming after them. He assures her that no one followed them and they won't be shot at again. Suddenly a shadow is seen on the other side of a garage doorway of a man holding something long and pointed. Jonathan appears in the garage holding a long case and a bag. He notices the bullet holes in the car and asks Ryan and Greenlee what happened. Derek quickly arrives to question them about the shooting incident. Greenlee tells Derek that Ethan was shooting at them. Derek says it couldn't have been Ethan since he's still in custody. Ryan looks in the car to get his coat for Greenlee and finds a bullet. Derek tells them he's ordered 24-hour patrol to keep them safe. Greenlee wonders who would do this. Ryan says he doesn't know, but he's going to find out. He asks Jonathan to borrow his car to leave. Greenlee doesn't want him to go but he says he'll be back soon.

Bianca seems sullen as she holds Bess/Miranda at Chandler mansion. JR is trying to talk to her about Babe's letter and urges her to understand what Babe is doing. Bianca tells him she's "this close" to committing murder. JR says he doesn't blame her. If Babe were here he'd put her in a choke hold. He says it's probably good that he protected her from her lies. He reminds Bianca of the DNA test. Bianca says she's aware of that. JR says Babe is saying that Bess is Miranda just to make him bleed. She's using Bianca to get back at him. Bianca says Babe is not the one she wants to kill, he is. Babe is not the liar that he is. Bianca tells him he forced Babe to give up Bess and leave town. Now he wants to make sure that she has no one behind her. That's why he's making up this bogus claim. Babe would never steal her child. She asks to see the letter. JR says he destroyed her letter and the one Babe wrote him. Bianca notes how convenient that is. She could have said anything in that letter. There's no way she would keep her from her child. That would be cruel and inhuman. JR is that way, not Babe, she says.

Aidan finds Anita at the hospital and wants to talk to her, although she's trying to avoid him. He tells her he feels something for her. He's never acted on it because he didn't think she wanted him to. Anita tells him he can't do this. He tells her Bobby is a jerk. He's lied and he's cheated.

He tells her he's not a Cambias and he wasn't planning an escape, although that's a good idea. She tells him she knows he feels cheated and angry but he shouldn't make himself look guilty by running. He needs to hold onto the support of his friends. He says he doesn't have many friends. She tells him he has Zach's support. She says Zach is a good guy and has reached out to him. He can trust him. Ethan tells her that Zach wouldn't even pay his bail.

Kendall tells Zach that her mother will take his offer. Then he'll have the cash in full. When Erica questions what Kendall means, Zach tells her that Kendall wants him to pay Ethan's bail. He tells them that there's been another attempt on Ryan's life and it couldn't have been Ethan since he's still in jail. A worried Kendall hurries out. Erica wants to complete the deal but Zach says the place is no longer for sale. He warned her not to cause trouble for Edmund and Maria and now that she has, he'll keep this place for himself.

Jonathan tries to comfort Greenlee, giving her a glass of water as they get into her car. With Greenlee behind the wheel, she asks him if he has any idea who shot Ryan. Jonathan says he thinks it's Kendall. Greenlee says it couldn't be Kendall. She swore she wouldn't hurt them. Jonathan says they can't believe anything Kendall says. She asks for a refill on the water and he gets out of the car. As she sits alone in the car, she has double vision as she sees Jonathan walking away. She thinks back on the just-happened shooting incident and this time sees Ryan with a bullet hole in his chest. Greenlee imagines seeing Kendall walking to them holding a huge rifle. Kendall taunts "I can't have him, but neither can you," then laughs wickedly.

Erica calls her attorney and tells him to draw up the contracts. She's sure the owner can be persuaded to sell. She takes the for sale sign in the window and rips it up.

Alone with Bess/Miranda, Bianca watches the baby sleep. She tells herself Babe would never keep her child from her. JR returns to the room and Bianca gets up to leave. "Don't think this is over," she says.

Maria tells Ethan she'll do an x-ray on his hand just to protect them from a lawsuit. Then he's going back to jail. She walks out of the room just in time to see Anita bump into the police officer guarding the room. Anita drops a tray of supplies. As the three of them are distracted and picking up the supplies, Ethan slips out. He walks outside but encounters Aidan, who asks him if he's going somewhere.

Ryan walks into Zach's office. He tells him to grab his gun. This time he has a clean shot.

Greenlee is crying in her car thinking about Ryan being shot by Kendall. Suddenly Kendall appears in the parking garage and is walking. Greenlee turns on the key and guns it right in Kendall's direction. Kendall turns just in time to see a car barrelling her way.

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