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All My Children Update Friday 11/12/04


By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan, Greenlee and Kendall are at the Enchantment plant to witness how Enchantment perfume is made. Complete with a tour guide and hairnets, they walk through the plant and get explanations on how the perfume is created and packaged. Greenlee, once left alone, is staring at the bottles on an assembly line. Her vision gets blurry and she presses the start button, allowing the line to move and the bottles to crash to the floor. One by one the bottles fall until Kendall returns and grabs the bottles to keep them from falling. She orders Greenlee to turn off the assembly line. When Greenlee does, she says she's fine. The machine just got away from her. She asks Kendall not to go running to Ryan with this. Kendall says she went to Ryan because she was worried about her, and she still is. Ryan returns and asks what's going on. Kendall says Greenlee is upset because of what she told him. Ryan tells Greenlee they have to go see Maria, but Greenlee says she's fine. She just had an anxiety attack.

Krystal goes to Tad's house to see if he knows anything about Jamie and Babe. He tells her she's too late. She asks what's happened. Tad says if Krystal hadn't have screwed up they would not be in this situation. She and David let this get out of control. Brooke enters in time to hear what Tad says and demands to know what's going on with her son. She says her son is turning his life inside out because of Krystal's daughter. How did she let this get so out of hand. Opal enters to see if anything new has happened. She tells Tad she knew he would regret the day that he got involved with Krystal Carey and this is that day. She says Krystal and Babe are like a twister that blew into town. This is all Krystal's fault, she says. Krystal tells Opal that the only reason she's still standing is because she was taught to respect her elders. First, her daughter is in the same trouble as Jamie. Second, Jamie is a grown man. And third, she loves Tad and would cut off her arms before she caused him any grief. But nothing is going to change the past. Krystal notices something on the television and demands the remote so she can turn up the sound. It's a tape of Kevin and Kelly Buchanan making a plea for their kidnapped baby. Kevin asks the kidnapper not to harm Ace. He's just a little boy and they love him very much. A tearful Kelly says they'll do whatever the kidnapper wants. The announcer returns and says that the kidnappers have not contacted the family and there are no suspects or leads. Opal says this is a parent's worst nightmare. Whoever took that boy deserves to suffer the worst torture possible. Tad tells his mother she needs to go home. Opal leaves, warning him not to soften his feelings for Krystal again. Brooke leaves with Opal. As soon as they leave there is a knock on the door. It is Aidan, who tells Tad someone else is missing. It's Paul Cramer, and he's presumed dead. Aidan says no one has laid eyes on Cramer and pretty soon they'll be connecting the dots. Tad says Jamie should be safe for now.

Jamie and Babe are in their motel room looking for the missing $10,000. Jamie admits they're broke. Babe says someone must have slipped into their room while they were sleeping to steal the money. Jamie says they can't call the police. How could they explain having $10,000 in cash? He says he wished he had woken up. Babe says she's glad he didn't. She couldn't live with herself if something happened to him. Jamie says the manager will now come after them for money. She says that won't happen. She asks him to unbutton her blouse. He is dumbfounded by her request and doesn't do it. She unbuttons it herself and he tells her she doesn't have to do that. When her blouse is unbuttoned, she pulls cash from her bra. She says she got it after selling her engagement ring at a pawn shop. She takes the mini Brad, Kate and James license plates that Jamie bought and says they mean more to her than anything JR ever gave her. They prepare to leave the motel, and Babe says she knows they're going to make it.

At the Valley Inn, Erica tells Bianca that Babe is yesterday's news. Move on. Bianca says she won't move on until she tells her what was in Babe's note. Erica says it was nothing that she has to worry about. Bianca tells her mother she owes her an explanation. Jack approaches and says he couldn't agree more. Erica tells Bianca she doesn't need to know what's in the letter, but when Bianca presses, Erica says she'll tell. Erica says Babe said in the letter that she doesn't care much for Bianca anymore. She feels Bess is better off with JR and she's happy to be with Jamie. Bianca tells her mother that is a pile of baloney. She knows Babe better than her and there is no basis in reality for that story. Bianca tells Erica she'll give her a second chance but she needs to be honest with her. Erica asks what kind of a mother would she be if she lied to her face. A frustrated Bianca gets up and walks out. Jack tells Erica she needs to tell him the truth right now. Erica wants to talk about anything but. She tells Jack that Bianca is pleased with the progress of the Miranda center. Jack tells her she's diverting the subject. She asks him not to spoil this moment when she wants to ask him an important question. Jack says now is not the time to ask him an important question. He wants an answer to his question. Suddenly Erica remembers she needs to meet with a realtor about office space for New Beginnings. They part with a kiss.

Adam is stunned by JR's comment. He says his baby isn't dead, she's right there in that playpen. JR tells his father that according to Babe's letter, that is Bianca's baby. She wants to tell the whole world that his baby died. Adam asks if she's sure it's a lie. He asks if anyone else got a letter. JR says Bianca did and God knows who else. Adam asks what Bianca said after reading the letter, but JR admits that he destroyed it before Bianca saw it. Erica caught him so she knows what's in the letter but he doesn't know who else knows. JR says he can't leave his baby's side. Adam recalls the night of the helicopter crash how they leaned heavily on Paul Cramer, demanding to know where JR's baby was. Adam says maybe Paul just told them what they wanted to hear. He says this can be resolved with a DNA test. JR says Tad already did a DNA test and he won't allow another one to be done. If Adam has one done, he'll destroy him. This is his daughter, not Bianca's. Adam says he can see JR is passionate about this child. JR says he would be too, if he believes him. Adam assures JR that he believes him. JR says the baby that went into the river was trapped. His baby did not die in a place like that. JR asks Adam if he's with him or against him. Adam says he's with him. The doorbell rings and Bianca enters. Bianca says she knows that Babe left her a note too and her mother told her what was in it. She wants to know what JR has to say about it. JR whispers to Adam that he can handle this, and Adam goes into his study. Bianca tells JR she's sick of not knowing something everyone else knows. She demands to know what the note said. Didn't Erica tell her, he asks? She says her mother didn't tell her anything she could believe. JR says there's no magical answer to what Babe says. It's just a bunch of lies. Nothing more than a kiss-off note backed by lame excuses. Bianca says his version of Babe doesn't fly. JR says he would not have thought that either but he lived with Babe. Bianca picks up Miranda and says she's not leaving until he tells her what the note said. JR agrees to tell her the honest truth. "That baby you're holding in your arms – she says is your's."

Greenlee is running through the grass outside the Enchantment plant and Ryan is following her. She stops and says "they're after us." Ryan says there is nobody there, but Greenlee insists that they're waiting for them. She wants to go to the police station. Ryan suggests they go instead to the hospital. Greenlee looks at him with blurry vision. Suddenly someone is shown with a high-caliber weapon and points it at Ryan. The gunman fires a shot.

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