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All My Children Update Thursday 11/11/04

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Ryan tells Greenlee that he has a surprise for her. She looks excited, until he tells her that he’s scheduled a doctor’s appointment for her. She tells him she does not need to see a doctor.

Babe awakens in the motel room to see Jamie and the baby awake and interacting. He tells her that he and the baby were having a discussion how beautiful his mom was when she slept. Remembering her awakening from a bad dream the previous night, he asks her if she’s had any more bad dreams. She replies no. All the bad times are now behind them.

JR is in his home when Kendall enters. He tells her he does not need any visitors nor to be told he needs to let Bianca see the baby.

Bianca goes to tell Zach Slater that they have unfinished business to discuss.

There is a fundraiser meeting for Bianca’s foundation. Erica and Maria are in the dining room where Erica is acting happy and as if nothing has happened nor that she has anything to discuss with Maria. Maria inquires if Erica does not have something to say to her. Erica says she does not know what Maria is talking about. Maria says: “like hell you don’t.”

Greenlee tells Ryan that she was only tired and crashed out and rested and is now feeling fine. He asks her how she knows whether her “symptoms” have ended. She reminds him that throughout the time that has passed since he was shot, sleep has not exactly been her friend. But now she is well rested. He tells her she still needs to see Dr. Maria Gray. She reminds him he is her husband and not her CEO and he cannot control her. But he tells her that it is his responsibility to look out for her well being and if she is not willing or able to do that for herself, he will take all 6 pounds of her over his shoulder and carry her to see the doctor.

Erica tells Maria that she simply accurately reported to Edmund what she saw which was Maria in the arms of Zach Slater in the graveyard, or should she say Alexiander Cambias Jr.? Maria says how dare Erica go behind her back and talk to her family or her husband about her business. Erica tells Maria that she has every right to let everybody know about the Cambias’, one of whom raped her daughter, the other of whom lied and betrayed her and she has every right to be concerned about Maria’s involvement with the brother of that monster, who has proven to have his own problems himself.

Bianca tells Zach that she does not trust him, maybe Ethan is better off not accepting his help or his money and if she’d known who he really was, she would never have taken a dime from him.

Kendall tells JR that she needs to borrow money from him in order to bail out Ethan, which she will repay him as soon as possible. He tells her the answer is no, so she should think about leaving.

Babe tells Jamie that he still needs to learn new things about babies, such as the differences between girls and boys. He asks her what is really wrong. She says she is amazed that he has sacrificed his whole life to run off with some girl in the boonies. She admits that she believes she does not deserve him but she is very grateful to have him. Again, as soon as they turn on the television, there is another news report about the investigation into the disappearance of the Lieutenant Governor’s baby. Again, the reporter states that no more evidence has been found about the baby or the kidnappers but everybody is certain he will be found soon. Jamie turns off the television and they both sound like they need not worry The discuss how she would be able to cook if they had more time. She says she could cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner if she had the time. But for right now she will just settle for a simple breakfast. And she tells Jamie that everything she needs is right in this room.

Bianca informs Zach that she has seen evil right up close and knows it was not in Ethan. She always thought that Miranda would not have to be tainted by her father. But she realized it was still in her. And she thought that if she had a good person for a cousin, it could make it right. But now finding out that Ethan is not a Cambias, after all, none of his decency can cancel out the Cambias curse. And that is where Zach comes in. He asks her how he can prove that he is not evil like his brother. She says she saw him betray Ethan, refuse to help him and let an innocent man go to prison for a crime he did not commit. She says her daughter deserved to have a good man for an uncle. But instead, she got him. He tells her that he never meant to hurt Ethan. And right when Bianca is heading out the door, Zach asks her what Miranda looked like. Bianca turns to face him and says that Miranda was more beautiful than she could imagine. And before she knew it could not be true, she thought Miranda looked just like Ethan.

Erica tells Maria that this charity is for Miranda, who was an innocent victim of the sick and despicable Michael Cambias and his dishonest brother, whom Maria’s had an affair with. Maria protests that Zach is Miranda’s uncle and has the right to be there. Erica says to Maria, and later to Brook who has just entered, that she hopes that one or both of them can pick up the pieces of Edmund’s broken heart, or should they more accurately call it “recycling”? And she walks out. Brook tells Maria that since she “took a direct scratch from somebody else’s cat fight”, she hopes Maria will hear her out. She informs Maria that she talked to Edmund. Maria says that Edmund will not reconsider the divorce, broke Maddie’s heart, and she’s given up on him. But Brook tells Maria that she believes she got through to Edmund and that Maria should see that he loves her. Maria however reveals that there may be more complications than that. Hearing that, Brook inquires if Maria has had involvement with Slater, and concludes that if so, was she totally wasting her time trying to convince Edmund to get back with Maria.

Bianca asks her mother about the confrontation she had with Maria. Erica tells her daughter she simply stated the truth to Maria and exposed what Edmund has the right to know about his wife. Bianca says she does not believe Maria deserves that.

JR inquires why Kendall has this obsession about helping her new boyfriend. She replies it has nothing to do with that. It’s simply a case of an innocent man being charged with a crime he did not commit and that JR knows she is good for the money if he lends it to her. He still tells her no way. She tells him the last time they spoke, he acted as if she was his best friend. He tells her not any more. He says Bess is his new best friend. Kendall concludes that JR is hopeless.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she is fine. He tells her that that is what he wants to hear from Maria. He tells her that not long ago, she was not in a great state and feeling very weird. She tells him that if he knows so much, he should tell her how she feels right now. He says he can tell that she feels too scared to find out what’s really going on and would rather tell him off. Right when they are holding each other, a person views them through the window with binoculars.

Erica admits to Bianca and to Opal that she does not like nor trust Babe. Bianca protests that her mother does not even know Babe. Erica protests that she knows that Babe abandoned her baby girl and has lied about way too much. She says good-bye and good riddance to her and if she calls Bianca, then Bianca should just hang up on her. Bianca protests that Babe has been a loyal friend to her, saved hers’ and Miranda’s lives and let her bond with Bess. Kendall enters and says she hopes that Bianca is not talking about Babe. Bianca says she is not having this conversation with Kendall, given her hateful attitude about Babe. Kendall protests that instead of worrying about Babe, her mother and sister should be concerned about helping Ethan. Erica tells her daughter that Ethan is in jail where he belongs. Kendall protests that that is not true. But Erica firmly tells them both that they need to wake up and see that Ethan is no good.

Babe prepares French toast for Jamie and the baby, informing Jamie of how she was taught homemaking skills by the great Krystal Carey.

Erica, Bianca, Kendall and Opal get into a verbal fight against the other “team” of Brook and Maria, until they are all silenced by Myrtle. She tells them all they need to stop arguing and backbiting and to focus on the charity and on Miranda and Bianca. Bianca makes her speech, welcoming everybody and encouraging everybody to work together.

The person spying upon Ryan and Greenlee through their window apparently makes a call to Zach Slater. Zach replies that he’s “got it”.

When Adam Chandler returns from his meeting which JR refused to accompany him to, JR casually asks his father “how’d it go?” Adam demands to know how his son can refuse to help him in his dirty business deals. JR tells his father that Bess is his first priority right now. Adam demands to know what is going on “between him and that baby”. JR tells his father that “that baby” is his daughter and Adam’s granddaughter. Adam says he knows that there is something more to the equation than that and demands to know what it is.

Bianca asks Kendall what it was that she noticed Kendall finding and not telling her about, from under her doorstep, the other day. She asks if it was a note from Babe. Kendall replies yes, that’s what it was. Bianca says she would like to have read it. Kendall seems to want to smooth the situation over. Erica asks Bianca about her conversation with Kendall. Bianca tells her mother she must have been able to hear every word they said. She is able to tell that both her mother and sister know something about Babe’s letter to her and asks Erica what she knows about it. Erica does not seem to know how to answer her daughter’s question.


While attempting to prepare breakfast, Babe accidentally burns the French toast and sets off the smoke detector. At first, neither she nor Jamie are worried about anything. But at that moment, it sounds like the police or fire department are banging on the door and demanding they let them in. They open the door to discover it’s the motel owner who tells them he does not want a fire in his motel and that they missed their check-out and owe him for another night. Jamie says no problem. They don’t seem to worry until Jamie reaches for the money and discovers that the 10 grand they had is gone.

Erica tells Bianca that there is nothing she needs to know about the letter Babe wrote her. She says she needs not know what kinds of lies and dishonorable deeds that girl is capable of. But Bianca demands to know what is going on. Erica slips by saying: “we just wanted to protect you”. Bianca demands to know who “we” are. Erica tells her daughter that she’s talking about herself and JR. She confesses that he saw the letter, discussed it with her and they both decided they didn’t want her to see and it nor know about it in order to protect her from having her heart broken.

Adam demands to know the nature of his son’s obsession over the baby. JR blurts out to his father that he is very worried that his baby is dead.

Maria tells Myrtle that she is very worried about what’s going on with Erica. And if Erica will listen to anybody, it will be Myrtle. Burt Myrtle indicates that she does not believe that Erica’s behaviors and suspicions are out of line.

As Ryan and Greenlee are walking through the parking lot to the doctor’s office, the person with the binoculars follows and continues to spy upon them.

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