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Waiting for Ethan’s court hearing, Ryan expresses to Aidan that he is getting impatient about obtaining the information he needs about Zach, which could prove that Zach shot him. He admits that he saw bullets in Zach’s office, yet is frustrated that it may not be enough. Hearing that, Kendall responds that bullets should be all the proof they would need that Zach is guilty.

Greenlee goes into a bar and orders Champaign. She appears happy but she’s having blurry vision and appears delusional. At that point, she runs into her mother and Adam Chandler. Seeing her daughter and expecting hostility, Mary asks Greenlee to please not make a scene. But Greenlee surprises her mother by smiling and giving her a big hug.

Bianca goes to David’s and informs David, Tad and Krystal that she is tired of hearing them say they “need more time”. She says she wants answers. Tad admits to Bianca that nobody deserves answers as much as she does. She reminds them that she came for the truth and that’s all she wants. However, Tad cannot quite get it out that the baby Bianca knows as Bess Chandler is really her Miranda. All he can tell her is that he’s worried that Babe and Jamie are in trouble. She says she needs to know more about it and would like to help. But Tad tells her that it’s too dangerous and urges her to trust them. David tells Bianca that later on, when the time is right she will get all the answers she wants. Krystal promises Bianca that it will not be long and she will get all the answers and everything else she deserves. Assuming that the three of them are simply concerned for Babe and Jamie, she concludes that she will not push them anymore for information about that.

Kendall tells Ryan that he needs to be careful about the shooter being loose out there. She also inquires whether Greenlee has been there for her husband. Ryan does not know how to answer that but concludes that his wife has a lot on her mind. Kendall says she does not intend to “trash” Greenlee, but Ryan should realize that his wife is losing it. Kendall informs Ryan of her most recent observation of Greenlee lying on the couch like a zombie, in a catatonic state of being. She also tells him about the time she ran into Greenlee right be the mineshaft, looking like she was losing it. Ryan still does not believe that Kendall has sincere concern for Greenlee and assures her that he will take care of his wife.

Greenlee happily encourages her mother and Adam to consider getting married. Brook enters and Greenlee inquires whether Brook believes they make a lovely couple. Brook says she can see that. Adam privately talks to Brook, telling her she has some things to be concerned about involving her son running off with “that little tramp”.

Greenlee privately talks to her mother, all “happy happy” not sounding like herself in regard to Mary. She switches from happily telling her mother that she may be pregnant very soon. She then later snaps at Mary in regard to the worthless childhood she had being raised by her and she gets up and leaves.

Livia Fry represents Ethan and informs him he must beware of Zach Slater. Zach says he’d like to talk to Ethan alone. Livia agrees but says if he harasses her client, he will be sorry. Zach tells Ethan that he realizes he has every right to be angry at him for not being straight with him. He reminds Ethan that he could bring him down and take everything from him, including his life. Ethan says he realizes that Zach did not come there to comfort him. He says he is not Zach’s son; he’s nothing to Zach. Zach says yes he is. Although Zach confirms that Ethan is not his biological son, he says that he does care for Ethan. He tells him that if he were really a Cambias, he would have gotten the same treatment that Michael got. Ethan protests that Michael was not a “victim”, he was a vicious rapist. Zach says he feels guilty that he failed to help Michael. Ethan tells Zach that he must save his confession for the priest. Ethan seems to totally distrust Zach. But Zach says he would like to help him. Ethan asks Zach if he really believes he can so profoundly change lives. And if so, he wishes him good luck.

Maggie goes to see Jonathan but he wants to cool things down with her. She protests that she does not want to cool anything down and wants, instead to have him move into her apartment that was once hers’ with Jamie. He asks if she really wants him to move in with her. She confirms yes. Right at that moment, his expression turns to being very happy and it sounds like he wants that as much as she does.

Bianca tells David, Tad and Krystal that she does not plan to leave until they tell her how she can help Babe and Jamie. David is able to reassure her that they don’t plan to keep any secrets from her. She is ready to walk out. But right at that moment, Tad urges her to wait. But again, he cannot get it out to her what the big secret is. She tells the three of them that she still does not understand why Babe would go away and leave Bess. Krystal replies that it’s because it was the right thing to do. She goes on to tell them what a great friend Babe has been to help her have the short amount of time she had with Miranda and to let her be a part of Bess’s life. She goes out the door and Tad tells David and Krystal that if there is a God in heaven, he will open the gates of hell to swallow both of them alive.

After Zach is done talking to Ethan, Livia tells him she does not trust him and advises him not to incriminate himself by talking to Zach. They sit together in the courtroom waiting for the judge. Kendall enters with Aidan and tells him she knows he must have a way to prove that Ethan is innocent of the charges of shooting Ryan. The judge enters and asks Ethan how he pleads to the charge of attempted murder. He says he pleads not guilty. But right at that moment, Greenlee enters and states that she objects and believes Ethan is guilty. Ryan who is in the courtroom but not with her, looks baffled at what has just happened. The judge demands that Greenlee stops disrupting his courtroom. But she tells them all that she is Greenlee Lavery, wife of the victim. This man shot her husband and should be punished and she’s very lucky she’s not a widow. But at that moment, Ryan physically moves her outside the courtroom, grabs a hold of her and demands that she stops.

Adam urges Brook that he will do whatever he can to help Jamie if she gets through to Tad. She asks what he expects her to do in regard to Tad. He says he knows that Tad enabled Liza and Colby to leave him. She says she refuses to work with him and as far as she’s concerned, getting Liza and Colby away from him is the smartest thing Tad has ever done.

Tad tells David that he believes that lying as a way of life for him. David yells back. Krystal ask the two men to stop. Tad demands to know what she believes gave her the right to change the DNA test or decide whose baby lived and whose died. He admits that he would expect that behavior from David. And he says his son is in big trouble because of both of their lies and kidnapping the Lieutenant Governor’s son. He tells David that he will make him sorrier than he’s ever been in his entire life if Jamie gets hurt.

Bianca goes to Maggie’s home. She asks if Maggie has heard from Jamie. Maggie replies she has not. Maggie asks Bianca if she could do her a favor, in the future and call before coming over, just to give “us” a warning. Bianca inquires who “us” is. Maggie replies it’s herself and Jonathan and announces that he is moving in.

The prosecution attorney points out that Ethan came to this country from England under false pretenses, giving false identity. Livia protests that her client had every reason to believe that he was the son of Alexander Cambias Jr., that he has been honest and not broken any laws and she requests that he be given the same right as any other law-abiding citizen.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he appreciates the fact that she is worried for him, but he believes that her behavior in the courtroom was a little over the top. She inquires whether it could cause the judge to rule in Ethan’s favor. He tells her he could care less about Ethan, he cares about her.

The judge says that bail is set at $1 million for Ethan’s release. Livia protests that he cannot do that. But he says it’s not open for discussion and this court is adjourned. Kendall promises Ethan that she will come up with the million dollars. She notices Ryan and Greenlee staring coldly at her. Greenlee demands she goes away for wanting to help the psycho who tried to kill her husband. Kendall tells Greenlee that she should be happy to have her wish come true. Greenlee tells Kendall she does not know what her wish is. Kendall says she is willing to sell out all her shares of Fusion so that Greenlee can be rid of her, in order to help Ethan. She tells them all she asks for in return is that Ryan drops the charges against Ethan. Ryan tells Kendall that she should think before forking all the money over for Ethan. She says she is convinced that Ethan is not violent in any way. He tells her that Ethan is very lucky to have a friend like her but tells her they have no deal, he cannot risk it.

Krystal tells David that she is very worried about what could happy to Babe and Jamie, she grieves for Bianca in her agony, and believes Tad has good reason to hate her.

Tad goes to find Brook and informs her about the terrible trouble their son has gotten himself into.

Bianca tells Maggie maybe she should hold off on living with Jonathan. But Maggie says she knows she is in love with Jonathan and asks she what does she need to wait for? At that moment, unaware that Maggie has company, Jonathan enters, announcing: “Honey, I’m home” But when he notices Bianca there, he appears to be very uncomfortable. Maggie happily greets him and asks how the trial went. He seems happy and tells her that she and Bianca need time alone. But Bianca offers to leave and Maggie tells him that this is his home too.

Krystal admits to David that she’s very worried. He tells her that he will find a way to protect Babe and to get Miranda away from JR. He puts his arms around her.

Brook tells Tad that she had every reason to believe that their son understood why he needed to cool it as far as Babe, that he would not be helping her with her divorce or her custody or anything by getting involved with her right now. She says she believes her son is smarter than this and reveals that she believes her ex-husband knows more about it than what he’s telling her. She tells Tad she knows the expression he gives when he’s not being completely upfront. He admits he cannot tell her the whole truth right now. But she protests that it is her son they are talking about. Tad assures his ex-wife that he will bring their son back, one way or another.

Kendall assures Ethan she will do everything in her power to help him. Ryan assures Greenlee that he will do everything he can to help her.

Right at that moment, a hand with a black glove pulls out bullets from a sophisticated murder weapon and looks like he’s holding a deck of cards.

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