AMC Update Tuesday 11/9/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 11/9/04

By Jenn
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Maria tells Zach that she is very upset that Edmund called him just to take her away. And she tells Zach that if he thinks he will get her back just because of that, he’s an even bigger fool than Edmund.

Tad and David are both confused about how to tell Bianca that Bess is really Miranda. She still has no clue about the bombshell they do not know how to drop. She concludes that their “secret” must have something to do with JR doing something to Babe. Right at that moment, JR enters and smugly tells them that he is just dying to find out what Tad is about to tell Bianca about “his daughter”.

While Babe and Jamie are in the car and she’s happily talking about their plans to head to Florida, Jamie suddenly runs off the road.

David warns Tad about how “dropping the news” to JR could affect Jamie. Bianca urges Tad to tell them what is going on, if it involves Babe or Jamie getting into trouble. JR confidently tells them that he’s very happy that his wife has left him with his daughter. Hearing that JR is very calm and not freaked out by the “news” about who’s baby that really is, Tad asks him if he got Babe’s letter. He says he did and has nothing to worry about.

Jamie, Babe and the baby are all ok after he runs off the road. She concludes that they are very tired and have been running on nothing but adrenalin. And they agree to find a motel somewhere and get some rest before driving again. He sounds like a father to the baby, telling him that he just learned a lesson about not driving when one is tired. She says she will make certain that her child understands all about traffic safety, wears a seat belt and everything.

Bianca keeps urging Tad to reveal the secret. He tells her he wishes he could be the one to tell her. She first inquires why he sounded like it would be “good news” to her and is now sounding like it’s something negative. He tells her that he is a little confused and needs to get his facts straight by having a private conversation with David. They step outside and Bianca asks JR what he did now.

Brooke tells Edmund that he needs to rethink divorcing Maria. But he tells her that Maria made her choice by lying to him about Slater and everything. She reminds him that she has “trumped” what Maria did in the lying department and he forgave her. She tells him she can tell that he’s consciously looking for excuses to divorce Maria and is coming up with the silliest reasons he can find that she’s done wrong. He tells her that he did not “bring the reason into town”, meaning he had no control over Zach’s and Maria’s involvement in the past or in the present.

David and Tad are both not certain whether JR knows that Bess is Miranda. Krystal comes in and informs them that she was able to tell that JR convinced Erica that Babe lied to Bianca about Bess being Miranda. They inquire whether JR got the letter Babe wrote him about who their baby really is. Krystal assumes he may not have or maybe just doesn’t believe it or maybe just doesn’t want to believe it. They all three conclude that Bianca must not have gotten Babe’s letter, since she clearly has no clue that Bess is Miranda. Krystal informs the two men about her conversation with Erica where she was able to find out that JR is working on Erica, and probably others, to believe that Babe is a terrible wife and mother and would hurt Bianca just to save her own skin and stick it to JR. The three of them all seem a little confused as to what to do now. And Tad demands to know what more lies and secrets David and Krystal have amongst themselves.

Babe and Jamie check into a motel. She asks the attendant if he has any cribs for the baby. He tells them he’s about “four stars short” of having that kind of thing but they have a color TV. Jamie says that a place to shower and sleep is all they really need. When Jamie goes to shower, Babe turns on the television and sees another news broadcast about there being no reported information or evidence about the kidnapping of Lieutenant Governor Kevin Buchanan’s child. She smiles and tells the baby that for now, things are ok because nobody suspects them.

Brook tells Edmund that she knows he is shoving Maria out of his life because of his fear of her rejecting him first, due to his paralysis. He angrily tells her she needs to shut up and he does not want to hear it. She tells him he’s going to hear it whether he wants to or not. She tells him that if he does not “face his fear” and loses Maria because of that, then he will grow old, alone and bitter in the wheelchair without the woman he loves.

Zach tells Maria that Edmund is pompous and disrespectful to her but he understands that she needs to make her own decision regarding her husband. He does tell her, however, that if she goes back to Edmund, it should not be out of pity or obligation. He tells her she must not blame herself nor feel as though she’s betrayed him if she makes the decision to leave him. She tells him she’s already betrayed Edmund by lying to him.

JR informs Bianca that he has no idea what’s “up” with Tad and David. They are probably just upset about David’s daughter and Tad’s son running off together. He still sounds very confident and smug but doesn’t have a problem with letting Bianca hold her daughter. Yet he still does not tell her that. He does, however tell her that now that Babe is gone, Bianca is an “appropriate mother figure” for Bess. He gives Bess (really Miranda) to Bianca. She sings to the baby the song “Dreams are the flowers and bloom in our hearts.”

Babe, Jamie and the baby boy lie in the bed together while she feeds him. He tells her that they need never again worry about losing their baby, but this place is a “far cry” from the Chandler mansion. She tells him she couldn’t be happier.

David informs Tad and Krystal that he knows that Paul Kramer is dead. Tad asks if David accuses his son of killing Paul. David says he really has no clue but he remembers both himself and Jamie having that very intent and both setting out to find Paul a few weeks ago. He reports that when he left the scene of Jamie confronting Paul, he heard a gunshot and when he returned he saw Jamie standing over Paul’s dead body. Tad protests that his son could never kill anybody. David says he’s still very worried about what could happen to Babe and Jamie if they have kidnapped the baby. Having no clue about Ace Buchanan, Tad tells David he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Bess/Miranda is back at the Chandler mansion. How could Babe and Jamie get falsely accused of kidnapping a baby who is not even with them? Krystal clarifies Tad’s confusion by showing him a big photo in the newspaper of the kidnapped Ace Buchanan and informs him that that is Babe’s baby and the reason why she and Jamie have run off together and not told anybody where they are. Tad says he does not believe that that the baby boy lived and got taken to Llanview. But Krystal informs him that Paul had motives to take Babe’s and JR’s child away from them. David tells him that Paul was motivated to lie to Adam and JR by telling them that Bianca’s child was theirs’ after they threatened and scared him, and that’s how the babies got switched.

Adam Chandler walks into the room where he notices his son appearing to trust Bianca with the baby and demands to know why. JR tells his father that he and Bianca have patched up their differences and she gives him no cause for alarm. Adam protests that Bianca is his tramp-wife’s friend and has kidnapped their baby. Adam tells his son that he still has ways to get Jamie and Babe in trouble and blackmail Tad into finding Colby for him. But JR seems to have an “act of conscience” and tells his father he refuses to help him hurt Liza or Colby or Jamie or Tad and he will go on the witness stand in court and incriminate Adam if he has to.

Maria emotionally tells Zach that she needs to stay and fight for her marriage. But she breaks down crying and telling him that it’s just so hard. Zach offers to go with her on a horse back ride. He says he just wants to help her feel a little better because he hates seeing her so upset. But she tells him she cannot and leaves.

Tad tells David that the only reason they are in this position in the first place is because Krystal lied about Bess/Miranda and David did not do the right thing. David tells Tad that regardless of that, they still have some damage control to do and that it won’t be very difficult for the authority to “connect” Babe and Jamie with a baby, so coincidentally after a baby the very same age got kidnapped from Paul’s sister. Krystal agrees that they could be found out pretty easily. David tells Tad that they all need to put their heads together and figure out what to do about what his and Krystal’s daughter and Tad’s son could be up against.

Maria goes back to the house and notices Edmund talking to Maddie. He tells Maria that he’s just informed their daughter that he’s going to stay at the lodge. Maddie still seems to believe that her parents have just had a fight, which will pass and that they are not getting a divorce. They both do not know what to tell her. She inquires to her mother about the rule they taught her about not going to bed mad. But Maria tells her daughter that it might be better for her dad to go to the lodge. She leaves but pleads with them to try to work out their differences. When Maria’s alone with her husband, she tells him he’s way out of line to have that conversation with Maddie and upset her so and she inquires if he’s going to interrupt their son’s trip overseas to tell him. Maddie runs off crying hysterically saying no, no, no, her mom and dad cannot be splitting up.

Adam inquires why JR would not help him with his plans. JR tells his father that if he gets in his way, he will never see his granddaughter again. He tells Adam that nobody is going to take his baby from him, she is his.

While sleeping, Babe has a nightmare about JR coming into her room and taking her son.

Bianca appears at David’s, interrupts his conversation with Tad and Krystal and demands that somebody tells her the truth now.

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