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All My Children Update Monday 11/8/04


By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Pictures by Maria can't believe that Edmund has called Zach to Wildwind to come and get her. She accuses Edmund of treating her like a sack of dirty laundry. Edmund admits he called Zach to do what he can't do – get her out of here. Zach tells Edmund that since they're being blunt, he does love Maria as much as he did when they were together. But her old life came rushing back along with her memories of Edmund. Zach says he fought for her but she told him to back off. He lost her to him. He's a fool if he won't believe her. Edmund says if he's a fool, so be it. Zach turns to Maria and asks if there's anything he can do for her. She says she's sorry he got dragged into this but asks him to leave. He walks out and she charges back to Edmund. He's gone and she didn't go with him, she cries. Does that tell him what he wants to know? He responds by reciting places that she did go with him. She sarcastically tells him he has an answer for everything. He says their marriage is over. A frustrated Maria tells him if he wants his damn divorce he's got it. She walks out of the room but returns and tells him she'll give him the ugliest divorce he's ever seen. She'll fight him point by point. And he better not think he can take the kids because she'll never leave them again. Brooke arrives and Maria angrily walks out, telling Brooke that "he's all your's."

David and Krystal are at his house bickering about Babe and Jamie kidnapping Ace. David says it's a federal offense and they're going to get in lots of trouble. Krystal defends Babe's actions and says Jamie will protect her. He's savvy enough to stick to the back roads to get away. David asks her how long can they realistically run when they have the lieutenant governor's son. Krystal corrects him, saying it's Babe's son. If they're caught there can be a DNA test which will reveal that fact, Krystal says. David says a DNA test won't clear them of these crimes. The letters Babe wrote will land them in more trouble, he says. David says he has to do some damage control and walks out.

Meanwhile, along the road, an officer has approached Babe and Jamie, who play innocent as they hold the baby. Jamie asks if something is wrong and he tells them they know what's wrong. The officer asks for some ID and Jamie produces the fake ID that shows them to be a young married couple. He tells them they have their vehicle parked on a blind curve. Jamie says the baby was fussing so they pulled over. The officer asks if they're from out of town. Babe says they are and are driving south to find a place to start a new life. The officer coos over the baby and asks to hold him. Babe hands him over. He says the baby's face is familiar, and that they have a problem here.

Tad has found Bianca holding Bess at Chandler mansion and assumes Bianca knows the truth. Bianca, who does not know, tells Tad that it's OK because JR has let her stay with Bess. Tad tells her he's truly sorry it took this long but at least it's over and she knows. Bianca asks what's over and what is she supposed to know. She realizes it must be a shock for him to find her alone with "my little angel girl" but JR did in fact leave Bess with her. Tad says he wouldn't blame Bianca for hating Babe for what she did. Babe says she doesn't hate Babe and misses her already. Tad says Babe wrote letters. Bianca says she knows that. JR got one but he told her it was a pack of lies. Bianca admits JR was acting strangely – first telling her she couldn't have Bess then letting her stay alone with her. Bianca asks Tad if he knows what's written in the letter. Tad says he doesn't know if he has the right. He has to do this correctly. She says he can tell her anything. He asks Bianca to put the baby down for a few minutes so they can have a serious talk. He tells Bianca to sit down. Tad says JR was acting strangely because he was hit in the face with the truth and could not handle it. He says he knows Babe loves Bess but that doesn't excuse what she's done. David walks in and tells Babe that whatever Tad has told her it's not the whole story. He asks Bianca to come to the cabin with him. Bianca says she has to change Bess's diapers and walks out of the room. David tells Tad that he can't tell Bianca the truth. Tad says if David doesn't have the guts to do it, he'll do it and the only way to stop him is to kill him. David says if he tells Bianca he can kiss his son goodbye. Jamie will be sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Erica, who has just found JR at Bianca's residence, asks him how he got in and what he's doing there. He admits he broke in to steal a letter Babe wrote to Bianca. He tells Erica the letter states that Bess is really Miranda. JR says the letter is classic Babe. She's trying to nuke as many lives as she can with her monster lies. He says she cooked up this lie to ruin his life. He wanted to spare Bianca so he stole the letter to protect her from the lies. Erica asks him when he became so concerned for Bianca's feelings. JR says Bianca doesn't deserve to have her hopes raised and then smashed. Erica asks how he knows what Babe says is not true. JR tells her that Tad and Joe Martin had a DNA test done that confirms two things – Babe is a world-class liar and Bess is his child. Erica is surprised to learn that Tad suspected Bess was Miranda and did the DNA test. JR tells her not to blame Tad. Babe is so desperate she needed to get payback. He says he could not bare to see Bianca lose Miranda again. How dare Babe do to this Bianca, Erica mutters. She's using Bianca as her own personal weapon. Erica tells JR there's some hope for him yet. Bianca is still grieving, she says. She had such a wonderful life planned for Miranda. He's lucky he didn't lose his child. Bianca will mourn for the rest of her life. As Erica talks JR continues to remember Babe's statements in the letter about Bess being Miranda. He tells Erica he has to go. Bess needs him.

Erica makes a quick call to Joe Martin to confirm the DNA test and is convinced of what JR is saying. Krystal arrives. Erica asks her how it feels to know her daughter betrayed Bianca in the worst possible way. Krystal says she's the one who talked Babe into going along with this. Erica says there is no way anyone who cared about Bianca would give her false hope that her baby is still alive. Krystal asks her what she's talking about. She has things twisted and needs to hear the whole story, she says. Erica says they didn't fall for the lie and neither will Bianca because she won't know about it. Thank God she never has to know about the horrible lie. She asks Krystal to leave. Speechless, Krystal walks out.

The officer has been wet on by baby James and Babe apologizes as she takes the baby from him. As he wipes his shirt, the officer says he knows why the baby looks so familiar. He says he's the spitting image of his nephew. After the officer leaves, Babe comments to Jamie that they make a great team. They get back in their car en route to a new life.

JR goes to the site of the fake helicopter crash where there is a memorial set up for the lost baby. Memories of Babe's lies come flooding into his head, including the lie about having sex with Jamie and her first marriage to Paul Cramer. He angrily rips up the note Babe wrote to Bianca.

Edmund tells Brooke that Maria lied to him and betrayed him and there's only one solution. Brooke tells him he's making the dumbest mistake of his life and she hopes he can undo it before it's too late.

Maria flees into the stable and is clearly distraught. Zach walks in, saying he was waiting outside for her. He says she didn't deserve to be treated that way. He asks her to come away with him. He'll love her the way she deserves to be loved.

Tad tells David his son won't go to prison, but he, Krystal and Babe are another story. David says Babe will end up in prison with him for kidnapping and murder. Bianca returns and asks for the truth about Bess.

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